Father's Day

How to thank your dad: Cook him a great meal. Ask the Chowhound community for perfect Father's Day recipes, plus find out which restaurants are best for taking your dad out and celebrating him properly.

The Grate Debate: Gas vs Charcoal for Grilling

Gas or charcoal grilling: It's the grate debate, according to grilling guru Steven Raichlen, but what is the difference between gas and charcoal for grilling, and which is better? Gas grills are good...

Father's Day for a Picky Dad and his SO

by yumfactr 2 years ago

Hello! We are having Father's Day at our house this year and my father will be over with his GF. Their eating habits are very, very different from ours and last time they were over they were cle...

Help with Father's Day Pork Shoulder Menu

by LMK 2 years ago

I'm feeling defeated trying to plan a menu around a large, 8.5 pound pork shoulder. I decided to make our Father's Day dinner for 10 easy this year with pulled pork since it can be made in advanc...

Frederick, MD: Father's Day w/ 7 mo. baby. Where to go?

by JenJones24 2 years ago

Hi Guys, I'm looking for some Father's Day ideas for a trip to Frederick, MD with a 7 month old. We live in Kensington, MD -- it's an easy drive up there (45 min-1 hour) but we've never been. We...

Burlington, VT suggestions for father's day weekend

by davmar77 4 years ago

i'll be up in burlington with my wife for father's day weekend. we're planning to see a concert at the flynn center sunday night at 7pm. we plan on going to the ben & jerry's factory tour on the wa...

Clam Chowder on Father's Day?

by JTPhilly 4 years ago

I would like to take my Dad out for dinner on Father's day. Given the limitations below it is more about the time spent and conversation than the meal but a nice place and good food would still be ...

Father's Day Brunch at Pican in Oakland

by Shrinkrap 4 years ago

This is basically a copy and paste of my review on Opentable. Found Pican here, so I thought I should do a follow up. Can I plagerize my own review? I wrote.. The food was good; perhaps some ...

Fathers Day BBQ

by jrvedivici 4 years ago

I'm fortunate to be able to still celebrate this day with my father, father in law and my own two children. I'm hosting the day with a BBQ at my home. (Hoping the weather forcast changes) Happy ...

Father's Day recommendations ??

by Luvtooeat 4 years ago

Father's Day recommendations ?? Prefer a toronto location Any special menu's for Dad ? YES bbq / steak prefered but not a must

Desert Recmomendations for Father's day Brunch (low cal, low sugar)

by x5love 4 years ago

Hey guys, My dad has to watch his sugar and calorie intake. Help me brainstorm a good desert I can pick up? I'd like to get something classy. He likes fruit. Tarts are good. Light cakes are goo...

Special Brunch on Father's Day?

by nsxtasy 4 years ago

I'm looking for a place that does a really special brunch for Father's Day, something beyond the standard Sunday brunch you find most places. Price is not a concern. I'll have a car, and anywhere...

Casual Father's Day Dinner - Napa Region

by attran99 4 years ago

We'll be traveling without our kids for the weekend, but I still want to take my husband out for dinner. While TFL and Auberge would be ideal for me, he's a lot more casual. We're staying in down...

Wine Club Ideas for Father's Day

by soniasw 11 years ago

I was interested in subscribing to a wine club for Father's Day. There seem to be so many and it's hard to tell which ones are actually good / really make a nice gift. I also want to give my dad so...

Help for first ever Beef Wellington for Father's Day

by Siegal 5 years ago

My husband always wanted me to make/try beef Wellington after seeing it on Gordon Ramsey's show. And i wanted to treat him on Father's Day. I never made it before! I have 4 individual fillets in my...

Shout out to all BBQ geniuses -- BBQ Boneless Rib Steak - I need help for Fathers Day

by three_margaritas 5 years ago

Hey all you wonderful cooks! I've gotten some great advice and recipes here so here I go again. I bought some lovely boneless rib steaks from Costco for Fathers Day, nice marbling but boneless...

5pm Father's Day Dinner in LT, need recs 60pp all in. Must take res.

by ns1 5 years ago

So I need a res for Sunday @ 5. I called Kagaya and they're booked up until 7 :( Need recs for not-so-adventurous parents. Would also prefer to avoid sushi. I'd try b.o.s. but that's way too ...

Fathers Day Breakfast

by stevied41 5 years ago

Anyone have a breakfast spot north of Boston that will take a reservation for tomorrow? Plain, fancy. Doesn't matter. I just don't want to wait in any lines. Thanks in advance.

Vail for Father's Day

by Susancampbell79 5 years ago

Hello! We'll be in Vail for Father's Day, can anyone suggest a great place for brunch or lunch? We'll have our three-year old with us, so kid appropriate is important, but obviously on Father's Day...

Bergen-Passaic Father's Day dinner with 20+ craft beers on tap.

by Sdenred 5 years ago

Any ideas? A friend suggested Taphouse Grill in Wayne. Has anyone been? The group will include parents/teens, 10 total.

Father's Day dinner w/ young kids

by rakeypakey 5 years ago

Hi everyone I was looking for a restaurant that we could take my husband to for Father's Day dinner. We have a 4 and 2 year old who are used to eating in restaurants but are still children. I wou...