Non-Fast Food Between Mpls and Fargo

by Krista E. 18 years ago

Hello! My husband and I will be making a cross-country trip to Fargo, on good ol' 94 West, and, timing as it is, will be eating on the road. Does anyone know of any good greasy spoons (or un-grea...

Fargo to Grand Forks to St James,MB recs??

by toofat 7 years ago

Heading that way next week and am wondering about any 'interesting' stops along that corridor---actually anywheres from Wisconsin west along the 'I'---that deserves attention--will stop at Sandys d...

Is there anything in Fargo?

by Winer 8 years ago

Headed to Fargo in March, from Portland OR and we have a great food scene.


by hopelessmuffintop 11 years ago

Coming to Fargo in a couple of weeks for a short stay. Need recommendations for 1 dinner and 1 breakfast. Want a protein fix after finishing the Fargo Marathon, someplace interesting and non-chain ...

Do you know of any great places to eat in Fargo/Moorhead area?

by sheshe12 9 years ago

We would like to find a restaurant (Not a chain) with great food to celebrate our son's college graduation. Thanks, Shelia

Green Market in Fargo

by jlestos 10 years ago

Anyone have an opinion on this place? I drive by it fairly regularly but never seem to think of it when I'm going to go out for a meal or take away. Haven't heard anything about it, but with the po...

Fargo peeps--Detroit Lakes, MN--any suggestions?

by sarahvagaca 10 years ago

I know this doesn't technically fit on this board, but since Detroit Lakes is an hour outside of Fargo and populated in the summer by mainly Fargoians, I thought I'd check here. I will be in Det...

Kosher in Fargo, North Dakota... Hello??? [Moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul Board]

by Moimoi 10 years ago

Am I in the right Board? This is short notice, but travelling to Fargo, North Dakota on business for a couple of days... leaving Sunday, Feb 28. I realize it's a long-shot, but just asking if t...

Food Gift Baskets in Fargo, ND?

by blue_skiesMN 11 years ago

Hi all... I am originally from Fargo, but haven't lived there for more than 15 years. I have been wrapping up parts of my father's estate with several businesses in Fargo, but one in particular has...

Mexican and Middle Eastern in Fargo-Moorhead, ND

by prasantrin 11 years ago

I'm hoping to be in Fargo-Moorhead (bet no one ever says that!) for the Vienna Boys Choir performance next month. Should I make it down, I'd like to find some good Mexican food. Many Winnipegers ...

Looking for recommendations - MSP -> Watertown, SD -> Fargo/Moorhead [Moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul Board]

by greghoffman 11 years ago

I'm taking a short trip - leaving the Twin Cities early Friday morning, getting to Watertown, SD about lunchtime, and then leaving Watertown for Fargo in the evening, and then back to MSP Saturday ...

Fargo Essentials

by rschwim 11 years ago

I'll be in Fargo for the first time and would love to know what I must try--I'm open to anything but I'm mostly interested in local specialities... however common or unusual.

Fargo ND/Moorhead MN area restaurants

by Quince 11 years ago

Does anyone have any recommendations on where to eat in the Fargo/Moorhead area, or on the way from St. Paul to Moorhead? I tried to do a board search but not much popped up. Thanks Oops, I shoul...

Passage to India (Fargo, ND)

by tvdxer 13 years ago

Sunday morning I left for an 800-mile trip across the state, past the MN/ND and MN/SD borders, and back home a different route to come closer to my goal of visiting or passing through all 87 Minnes...

Fargo Lunch Suggestions

by chadradchad 13 years ago

A bunch of us are driving through Fargo and looking for a great lunch spot. We are a group from Minneapolis and not looking for a chain. There are vegetarians in our group, any recs for a cute sp...

Middle America Road Trip Cuisine - Need Advice for Fargo and Madison

by imaginejem 13 years ago

My husband and I are driving from Nashville, Tennessee to St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, up through Wyoming to Bozeman, Glacier National Park, Calgary, Moose Jaw/Regina in Saskatchewan, Fargo, Min...

Sarello's; Fargo,ND

by galleygirl 13 years ago

I had to come to Fargo, ND to have the best scallops I’ve ever eaten. I didn’t expect this. After reading the boards, and scanning the rocs, I was hoping to find ‘decent’ And when I realized the...

Food in Fargo, ND

by slance 14 years ago

Help! What was I thinking? I booked a speech in Fargo, ND for Mon/Tuesday of this week. They're willing to take me out to dinner Monday night but they have NO suggestions as to a funky (or even goo...

Heading to Fargo, ND

by kitchenknife 14 years ago

I'm heading to Fargo, ND in September for a conference, but would also like to find some of the good food i'm sure is out there. Any suggestions?

Fargo, ND

by Sara Linnie Brownell 20 years ago

In about a month, the dance company I work for will be performing in Fargo, ND. Any suggestions on food or activities? We'll have a Saturday off, and we're adventurous people who live in San Fran...