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Family Traditions

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Traditional Jewish-style Christmas Day at Vietnaam, Manhattan...

by gutreactions 29 days ago

Keeping up the tradition, we gathered with family in Manhattan on Christmas Day for a Holiday movie and Asian dinner ...

Yeast and Cream Cheese Rugelach Dough

by jerseydiner 1 year ago

My grandmother passed away about 7 years ago, and with her went her cold yeast and cream cheese rugelach dough. Nothi...


acgold7 commented 1 year ago

Danish flæskesteg?

by awinchester 1 year ago

Hi, all. I'm bringing my Danish boyfriend home to the US for Christmas, and want to make it special and "like home" f...

Karl S

Karl S commented 1 year ago

Pie Crust top crust designs, any family traditions?

by Kevin Andrew Murphy 12 years ago

I just made three pies last night, remembering my grandmother who'd taught me how to make pie crust years ago. One o...


animaltalker commented 1 year ago

BBQ season, all year every year

by HipHop 1 year ago

Anyone other BBQ fans around here? My favorite thing to do on the weekend is to get the whole, big, extended family t...


PhotosAndFood commented 1 year ago

What is the origin/ true name of my Grandma's "Chalamata Salad"?

by Dmzimmermd 1 year ago

When I was a child my Grandma, who spoke yiddish, slovak and hungarian, and lived there in varanno hungary (born in 1...


agika commented 1 year ago

Zwieback in Twin Cities

by roosterjen 3 years ago

Has anyone seen Zwieback toast for sale in the Twin Cities? I am craving the old fashioned cheese torte my grandmoth...


prasantrin commented 3 years ago

my family has a strange tradition when we are sick.

by vixenchild333 3 years ago

Since I was a little girl, every time I got sick my mom would either poach or soft boil eggs, put them in a mug, and ...


nlgardener commented 3 years ago

Do you pray before a meal?

by hairylegshoolihan 3 years ago

Now, my mother was a Sunday School teacher, my father was a deacon in the local Baptist church, and my brother was th...


MattHooper commented 3 years ago

Ethnic origins & cooking

by recipesinmydreams 3 years ago

What are your ethnic origins & how much do they influence your cooking ? My mom was Dutch & Irish & most of all south...


Harters commented 3 years ago

Are you THE cook in your family?

by Regnes 3 years ago

As in, are you the person in the family that when people think of as the most talented at producing great dishes. If ...


Dogboa commented 3 years ago

When do you eat your salad?

by Jpan99 3 years ago

Before the entree? With the entree? After the entree? We grew up eating salad with the main meal, as a veget...


kobuta commented 3 years ago

carrying on a family tradition

by Markari 8 years ago

For 15 years my father made a flour-less, chocolate, scotch, bundt cake for Christmas that looked like it had two lay...


Antilope commented 8 years ago

Family traditional Easter eats

by berkleybabe 18 years ago

Ham and lamb are traditional foods for Easter, but do others have interesting other traditions? My brother-in-law, wh...


berkleybabe commented 18 years ago

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