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Family reunions can be fun or stressful, but good food always helps. Get ideas for a great menu and find out the 'Hounds' favorite food traditions for feeding their families.

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Celebration place for 90th birthday - 20/25ppl?

by bmsyko 7 months ago

I live in the Southern Calf area and while I am closer to South Bay area I don't mind Orange County, Inland Empire, o...

Westerly, RI - Need Suggestions for Dining August 2016

by EASMSS 1 year ago

Planning a family reunion in Westerly for the 1st week in August. We will be a mixed group of adults and children. ...


EASMSS commented 1 year ago

Virginia Beach family reunion (foodie needing help)

by CaliG8 1 year ago

Traveling to VB in a few weeks, family reunion. Easy to figure out high end ($100 per person) spots, but I want to g...


queenkbr commented 1 year ago

Family Reunion Labor Day weekend

by DolceFarNiente 2 years ago

Looking for a place to hold a family reunion for about 50 people. The challenges are that it is the Saturday night o...


DolceFarNiente commented 2 years ago

Family reunion at the beach — How to handle the food?

by work2eat 2 years ago

Hi Chowhounds, I've managed a large family group in the past, but this time around the group is larger and more diver...

LaLa commented 2 years ago

Informal dinner challenges

by Bada Bing 2 years ago

I'm attending a familly reunion (actually meeting my remote relations via my father's second wife). We number abou...


P_penelope commented 2 years ago

Family reunion food ideas on a very tight budget.

by josephlapusata 2 years ago

Looking for ideas for food items for a family reunion that don't cost a ton to make. I usually bring things like Calz...


prasantrin commented 2 years ago

Ogunquit dinner for 23 in June

by dee811 3 years ago

We are having a family reunion in June - staying at Anchorage by the Sea. Any recommendations for a place that can ac...


Earle commented 3 years ago

Sunday Lunch/Brunch Family Reunion Suggestion

by valmar 3 years ago

Can anyone suggest a casual restaurant for a Sunday lunch and/or brunch that would be good for a group of 15-20? A pr...

ipsedixit commented 3 years ago

Place for family reunion dinner in or near (within 10 mi.) of Princeton

by Lgalen 3 years ago

We'll be getting together with 30- 40 family members of all ages, budgets, and food preferences, during the July 4 we...

Foody4life commented 3 years ago

Vancouver Hotel Brunch Buffet for family reunion

by caitlink 4 years ago

Searched some old threads. Not from the area. Any good Sunday brunch buffets for a family reunion. Found some ...


Georgia Strait commented 4 years ago

Family Reunion Chinese Food Recs

by pkkz124 4 years ago

We are having a family reunion this summer. WIll be focused on the Markham area. As I'm not from Toronto, looking for...


caitlink commented 4 years ago

Dinner options for first family reunion in years

by ukinny 4 years ago

Hi there! My family is flying in from LA and Spain in a couple of weeks time for an extended weekend. It is the fi...

Ttrockwood commented 4 years ago

Family Reunion Dinners

by Candyk10 4 years ago

Family from all over the country are coming to Phoenix for MLK weekend, participate in Rock n roll marathon (some of ...

firecooked commented 4 years ago

Affordable private dining room on the Peninsula for Family Reunion/Remembrance

by melissaorloff 4 years ago

We are looking for a place to hold a family reunion dinner and remembrance for a member that passed away last year on...

pamf commented 4 years ago

Family Reunion Dinner

by herb0021 5 years ago

Hello all, We are organizing a family reunion to be held in July. People will be coming from all over the United ...


bkmnus commented 5 years ago

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Recommendations for a quick family reunion

by cornFusion 5 years ago

I am spending a few days in London and attempting to arrange a reunion with a few cousins who live in Holland - and d...

Summer picnics and family reunions.

by Ruthie789 5 years ago

Last night we had a family gathering and picnic at my Aunt's and today at my house we also had a special visit from ...

Ruthie789 commented 5 years ago

Family Reunion Park Cookout Favorites

by RLMagnus 5 years ago

Organizing for a family reunion for 100 family members. Whats the best park and amenities in the greater Washington a...

tcamp commented 5 years ago

Family Reunion Meals - revisiting our past

by cstout 6 years ago

How is your family reunion orchestrated? Each family bring enough to feed their own or do you just bring one big dish...

Tehama commented 6 years ago