Family Protocol

Thanksgiving Turkey Snob Dilemma

Dear Helena, My mother-in-law is cooking Thanksgiving, and I think she's probably going to get a grocery-store turkey injected with weird saline and chemicals. How can I steer her towards...

My family doesn't support my baking

by orlybabe 5 years ago

I am an avid baker who bakes very often, and I've got really good at it and love it, but my family totally doesn't support me. They say it's a waste, my mum thinks I should stop, my sister doesn't ...

Handling the bill at a "family dinner"...who is right in this case?

by phil123 5 years ago

My sister arranged a birthday dinner at a restaurant for Dad. There would be ten people in total. Including my two sisters and their husbands. I come alone. The last time we did this my sister ...

Making Dinner for a Picky Family

by mixtapepanda 5 years ago

...the rules look like this: we have two people with heartburn, both are triggered by fried things, one is triggered by meat, the other is triggered by tomatoes (they say they can take heart burn r...

Hosts with pets - BIG pets

by Auspicious 6 years ago

We have hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas for many years. We're tired. Relatives have offered to step up (which is lovely - we are grateful). They have two really BIG dogs in a small home. The dogs...

Sister vising often doesn't offer to wash dishes

by Romana33 6 years ago

I know that certain people, including my mom, would say it's petty. Here's the situation: for now, I live with my child and my mom. My sister comes to visit at least once a week, either when my mom...

Does It Bother You to Be Photographed While Eating?

by kaleokahu 6 years ago

I have this middle-aged first cousin who, for reasons only a psychiatrist could divine, feels compelled to photo-document every moment of family gatherings. It's bad enough that every conversation...

DIrty Family Secrets

by Steve 7 years ago

Ok, so let's dish. I am sure some of us have seen a family member cook something just for themselves, maybe a late-nite snack or quickie dinner, that is so anti-Chowhound that you just want to scr...

People who bring their own food

by girloftheworld 7 years ago

My dear sister has become somewhat serious with someone so our families have began socializing quite often. Well, there is a sister who is not a child(young teen) has no health concerns or allergy ...

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