Family Protocol

My family doesn't support my baking

by orlybabe 1 year ago

I am an avid baker who bakes very often, and I've got really good at it and love it, but my family totally doesn't su...


masha commented 1 year ago

Handling the bill at a "family dinner"...who is right in this case?

by phil123 1 year ago

My sister arranged a birthday dinner at a restaurant for Dad. There would be ten people in total. Including my two ...


masha commented 1 year ago

Making Dinner for a Picky Family

by mixtapepanda 1 year ago

...the rules look like this: we have two people with heartburn, both are triggered by fried things, one is triggered ...

LaLa commented 1 year ago

Hosts with pets - BIG pets

by Auspicious 2 years ago

We have hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas for many years. We're tired. Relatives have offered to step up (which is lo...


sandylc commented 2 years ago

Sister vising often doesn't offer to wash dishes

by Romana33 2 years ago

I know that certain people, including my mom, would say it's petty. Here's the situation: for now, I live with my chi...


pursueliving commented 2 years ago

Does It Bother You to Be Photographed While Eating?

by kaleokahu 2 years ago

I have this middle-aged first cousin who, for reasons only a psychiatrist could divine, feels compelled to photo-docu...

Robin Joy commented 2 years ago

DIrty Family Secrets

by Steve 3 years ago

Ok, so let's dish. I am sure some of us have seen a family member cook something just for themselves, maybe a late-n...

gmm commented 3 years ago

People who bring their own food

by girloftheworld 3 years ago

My dear sister has become somewhat serious with someone so our families have began socializing quite often. Well, the...


rachelfromatlanta commented 3 years ago

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