Chickpeas are better fried, right? Find the best falafel near you and discuss what makes the dish great with other passionate eaters.

This Vegan Falafel Is a Party in a Sandwich

The 2011 film “Forks Over Knives” helped start a food revolution—one anchored in the conversion to a plant-based diet. The documentary launched the idea that those who switched from an animal-based...

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Hudson Falafel

by iron frank 18 years ago

I don't make over to Hudson St. but I noticed this Falafel place that was closed late night. It looked like it's been there a long time. Is it worth going back to? I've been frequenting Rainb...

Specific Midtown Falafel Sought

by pita paul and mary 18 years ago

On the southwest corner of Fifth Avenue and Fifty-Third Street, there used to be a standard-issue food cart selling falafel, gyros, etc. Nothing special there, except that instead of stuffing the ...

Jamaican/Falafel/Hispanic joints in West Midtown?

by megan 18 years ago

any reccomendations? Preferably someplace cheap (a rarity in midtown) where an 18 year old girl won't feel too intimidated to eat alone. (like not the 21 club..lol) thanks! megan--who i...

"deserted" falafel cart

by Loeb 18 years ago

In keeping with a previous thread somewhere on the NY boards, the usual falafel guy at 168th and Ft. Washington is gone this week, and a non-middle-eastern man has (temporarily, I hope) taken his p...

Decent falafel sandwich

by SL 19 years ago

I have been in Manhattan for a year and still can't seem to fund the right combo of pita and golden falafel balls coated in hot sauce that makes this the world's greatest lunch. Any thoughts?

Need recipe for BEST FALAFEL ever in NY history

by Berl Kaufman 19 years ago

When I was going to NYU I used to pass a stand that made the most amazing falafel. No one has ever come close, and I've sampled MANY MANY places in NY and abroad, including Israel over the the pas...


by jls 19 years ago

Can someone PLEASE recommend a good falafel in the Northern Ma / Southern NH area ??

Best Falafel Sandwich only $3.00 !!

by Paul Tyksins 19 years ago

I challenge anybody to find a better falafel sandwich than the one at Sultan's Market in Wicker Park, 2057 W. North Ave. (1 block West of Damen). The sandwich: first, a generous slather of hummus...

Falafel w/ Hot Sauce?

by Gerard 19 years ago

Does anyone know where falafels are served with a hot sauce like in Israel?

Best Falafel Take-away in London please

by Almond Baxter 19 years ago

Where can I find the best falafel sandwich take-away in London? I don't mind location or price. Thank you

Falafel in the Garment District

by Chris Dalrymple 20 years ago

If you've heard of PITA PLACE, stop me now. Not being a habitue of New York's Garment District I just found it. Though the address is 247 West 38th Street, like many kosher restaurants in midtown M...

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