Chickpeas are better fried, right? Find the best falafel near you and discuss what makes the dish great with other passionate eaters.

A Fresh Falafel Burger with Tangy Tzatziki in Less Than 20 Minutes

From time to time, I make an attempt to cut back on meat with a valiance that's matched only by its shocking brevity. I don't ever really foresee myself going whole hog (vegetarian) but a well-written...

Make ahead falafel dough?

by zackly 3 months ago

Can I make falafel dough ahead of time and store in the refrigerator even though it contains leavening in the form of baking powder? I have the time now but I'm planning a last minute labor intensi...

Q's Halal Mediterranean | Vallejo

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Last weekend I made a pit stop at Q's Halal Mediterranean in Vallejo for a quick dinner and a break from driving in the rain storm. This location has been open for 10 months. I'd been enjoyed the R...


by JerkPork 1 year ago

Any secrets to making a moist falafel? I've been making them from scratch lately, they aren't bad but I want them to be more moist? More onion? Baking soda? Thanks

Gluten free falafel NYC?

by lisaleira 12 months ago

In Israel there’s some yummy GF falafel places with gluten free pita. Anyone know if that exists in NYC? I could buy the falafels and assemble at home w GF pita but there’s something fun about a f...

Charcoal Town Shwarma

by tcamp 1 year ago

My son and I dropped by this little place for lunch last weekend. It's on 11th right above U street. I can't recommend it enough (for food, not necessarily atmosphere). The falafel was the best I'v...

Looking for the best falafel in BK

by JustJ4now 1 year ago

Looking for suggestions on the best falafel in Brooklyn, preferably Bay Ridge area, but open to other areas. Disappointed so far...

Wilda's Grill | Redding

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Recommended by one of my local team mates, Wilda's Grill was the answer when I needed to find an eatery for one of our vegan members. Besides vegan cuisine, Wilda's serves up decidedly carnivorous ...

Parkway Mediterranean Grill in Buellton?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

After abandoning my breakfast plate at Ellen's https://www.chowhound.com/post/ellens-danish-pancake-house-buellton-1069561 , I walked across the street to see what the Mediterranean Grill in Parkwa...

Got dry falafel mix, need instructions

by Alice Patis 14 years ago

So on a whim, I bought about a pound of dry falafel mix (just scooped the mix from a bin into a bag). I love falafels but have never made them so I thought this would be easier than making it from...

Falasophy | 4th Street Market - Santa Ana

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Earlier this month I had a chance to grab a bite at Falasophy's brick-and-mortar counter at the 4th Street Market in Santa Ana. An order of Falafel Bites, $4.50, served with tahini dipping sauc...

King Falafel?

by magic 2 years ago

Does anyone know if King Falafel will reopen? In 2015, when she was closing up shop, the owner was considering possibly reopening in the same neighbourhood after some time had passed. Well, some...

Fantastic Falafel & Mid-Eastern --- Millburn

by ChowJon99x 2 years ago

Excellent Falafel, Mid-Eastern Food --- Millburn... Pita on Essex 182 Essex Street Millburn, NJ 07041 http://www.pitaonessex.com/ Check out the menu: http://www.pitaonessex.com/menu...

Great falafel at Queen of Falafel in Bushwick

by Blumie 4 years ago

Ok, let me first disclose my bias: I am a huge supporter of, and donated to the kickstarter campaign for, the adjacent and somehow affiliated House of Yes performance space. They (the performance ...

Quick Soak Method for Chickpeas for Falafel, will it work?

by Alemonhead 3 years ago

I want falafel tonight and I do not have any soaked chickpeas, so... There's the 'quick soak' technique for beans. Use dry beans, boil them for a few minutes, take them off the heat and let them...

Please look at what happened, my falafel disintegrated?

by mushroomaffairs 3 years ago

I followed Food Wishes YouTube channel to make falafel, but mine literally disintegrated right before my very eyes......should I have added an egg to the mixture? The chef did not. I am now bakin...

Falafel Competition: And the winner is...

by Indy 67 4 years ago

To celebrate the international year of the pulse, the Global Pulse Federation held a festival and cook off at Borough Market, (London). The competition pitted falafel Egyptian-style VS Israeli-styl...

Falafel Hut, San Rafael

by Mick Ruthven 14 years ago

I had lunch at the new Falafel Hut in downtown San Rafael on Saturday, and had the beef and lamb Shawarma ($6.95 as I recall). I expected to really like it, and I watched the top half of the kitche...

Is good *BAKED* Felafel an Oxymoron?

by brooklynsabra 4 years ago

So I usually make Joan Nathan's lovely fried felafel recipe with some small tweaks, including replacing the regular flour with chickpea flour and adding more spice. But I am just not up for frying...

Falafel FREIHA

by 30sr30s 11 years ago

We were guided to eat a very good falafel in Montreal. Actually it was in Laval near boul Curé-Labelle on boul. perron. Right next to marché Adonis in Laval. There's nothing like eating somethin...