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Fairway Market

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Fairway Pelham now has Lobster Rolls

by jcmods 11 months ago

The last two times I went to Fairway Pelham, they had Lobster Rolls in the prepared food section. Considering they o...

Not Happy With Fairway

by toby1355 3 years ago

When FW opened here about 18 months ago(?) I was overjoyed. In recent months that feeling has slowly diminished. ...


trumpster commented 1 year ago

Exotic Fruit

by bsmeltzer 1 year ago

I live in burbs, work in NYC - i cannot for the life of me find a great place to buy exotic fruit - a couple of marke...


Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

Fairway Market...Paramus, NJ...EPIC FAIL!!!

by fourunder 2 years ago

urunder just now If my experience this morning is an indication of normal Customer Service, I don't see any hope f...

The Chowhound Team

The Chowhound Team commented 2 years ago

Fairway is Finally Trying Again

by zhelder 2 years ago

After declaring Fairway the greatest grocery store ever, I gave up on them. Why? Their prices became ridiculous, and ...


ebchower commented 2 years ago

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Fairway, Lake Grove, going out of business next month

by coll 2 years ago

July 15. Guess I'll go scavenge before then, not a big surprise though.

Fairway bankruptcy

by DGresh 2 years ago

Was surprised to read this; guess I don't pay enough attention to the business pages! Though I live in Westchester I ...

The Chowhound Team

The Chowhound Team commented 2 years ago

Fairway Slumps as Epicure Options Grow

by EM23 3 years ago

I'm sure this won't come as a surprise to anyone who has observed the decline in quality and service over the last fe...


ratgirlagogo commented 3 years ago

Pre-packaged vs freshly hand-sliced smoked salmon at Fairway

by nycguy20011 3 years ago

Is there a major taste difference between the pre-packaged smoked salmon and freshly hand-sliced smoked salmon at Fai...


51rich commented 3 years ago

Fairway going downhill?

by hamiltonheights 3 years ago

The Harlem Fairway seems to be a shell of it's former self. Has anyone else noticed this? I know they got rid of thei...


hamiltonheights commented 3 years ago

Kosher catering at Fairway (NY area)

by iris 6 years ago

Just discovered that they have recently begun a Kosher catering dept.


jonig commented 3 years ago

Fairway Market - Woodland Park

by CWY 4 years ago

So are all bakery products kosher or just those with Mehadrin Kosher symbol? Which, by the way, there are none.


moonlightgraham commented 3 years ago

Abnormally long lines at Fairway UES

by snowgirl51 4 years ago

Hello, I have noticed that fairway on 86th street between 2nd and 3rd ave has become very crowded in the last month....


lproyect commented 4 years ago

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