Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

by wineloverdc 4 months ago

Had no inkling that I would like this place so much. A group of friends saw they had a birthday special and my birth...


wineloverdc commented 4 months ago

Shawarma Express in Fairfax - Report

by Steve 8 months ago

If you like your shawarma or felafel with your choice of a varity of toppings, then Shawarma Express just may be the ...


Steve commented 7 months ago

Nanjing Bistro in Fairfax - Report

by Steve 3 years ago

Only open about a month, this may be the only place around to try out Nanjing Cuisine. I was happy to find out that ...


Foodgeek commented 8 months ago

Marumen in Fairfax - Report

by Steve 10 months ago

Marumen in Fairfax is known mostly as a ramen shop, but they have a few other popular Japanese dishes that don't show...


Steve commented 8 months ago

Thanksgiving take-out NoVA

by merrieg 1 year ago

I'm going to be having surgery next week and will be out just before Thanksgiving. My sister and dad will be travelin...


merrieg commented 1 year ago

Fish & Chips at ABC Canteen, Fairfax

by Steve 1 year ago

Just a quick shout out to the excellent fish and chips at ABC Canteen in Fairfax. Gorgeous job on the frying, not to...


VaPaula commented 1 year ago

Hunan Taste (Fairfax branch)

by Worldwide Diner 3 years ago

Hunan Taste is trying to bring some upscale Chinese food to NoVA. I think most people will be impressed with the tra...

Kurtis commented 2 years ago

Bringing a Book to a Restaurant - My Lunch at Bawarchi in Fairfax

by Steve 2 years ago

Thia is an odd, hybrid post about a particular lunch, but globally about the practice of bringing a book to read at t...

Kurtis commented 2 years ago

Fairfax Brew Pub/Craft Beer

by Lenox637 2 years ago

We are traveling down to the DC area and staying in Fairfax at the Marriott Fair Oaks. I was wondering if there was a...


mjanssen commented 2 years ago

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Paradise Biryani Pointe in Fairfax - Report

by Steve 3 years ago

This is a large, sleek place off Jermantown Rd. that tries to look hip yet serve traditional food. All items can be o...

Chuy's Fairfax Tex Mex

by Worldwide Diner 3 years ago

I know very little about Chuy's other than it's a Texas chain. I went with very little expectation and ordered the b...

luckyfatima commented 3 years ago

Saba, Yemeni Food in Fairfax - Report

by Steve 3 years ago

Eight Chowhounds got together to test out the Yemeni food at this new restaurant in Fairfax. The menu seemed lim...

Kurtis commented 3 years ago

Ricos Tacos Moya 2 Fairfax

by Worldwide Diner 3 years ago

It's been awhile since I've been here. I had a bowl do menudo and 3 tacos - asada, lengua, and al pastor. The lengu...

Worldwide Diner commented 3 years ago

Bread - The Real Thing - in Fairfax

by Meg 8 years ago

As a fan of hearty, artisan bread with that hard to find thick, crunchy crust, and an avid supporter of small, local ...


bmorecupcake commented 3 years ago

Fairfax (near Chantilly) Recs

by WestsideLisa 3 years ago

My elderly cousin just moved from Queens, NY to Fairfax. Based on her address, it looks like she's off Hwy 50 a littl...


WestsideLisa commented 3 years ago

Fairfax Inn Restaurant - Filipino Breakfast

by MarietteB 8 years ago

Has anyone eaten here? My husband just drove by and saw a sign saying "now serving Filipino food". I googled it and f...

Worldwide Diner commented 3 years ago

DCA to Fairfax, looking for one lunch and one dinner with these criteria

by dimsumfan 3 years ago

I'll be flying into DCA and renting a car to eventually get to Fairfax, willing to detour a bit, but with no real des...


Steve commented 3 years ago

Smashburger in Fairfax

by maypo 5 years ago

Very good first experience....good food, service, prices a bit higher than I would have liked


CoveredinGrace commented 4 years ago

Western fairfax county for special occasion

by mary0201 4 years ago

My husband's birthday is coming up in mid December and it is a big one. We want to do something special but don't wan...

chowser commented 4 years ago