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Converting Vanilla Bean to Vanilla Extract?

by Tehama 12 years ago

So.... if a recipe calls for a split vanilla bean, can I substitute an amount of liquid vanilla extract? Thank you so much for your advice!

making vanilla extract with vodka

by Gooseberry 12 years ago

Hello, I want to make my own vanilla extract by infusing split vanilla pods in vodka for a couple months (using 8-10 beans per litre vodka). All the recipes I've read recommend vodka, because of...

Trader Joe's MIA: Vanilla extract

toodie jane
by toodie jane 13 years ago

They moved everything in my local store around, including the spices. They now are a small section near the packaged flour and baking mixes, which actually makes sense. But no more pure vanilla ext...

Making Vanilla Extract [Split from Quebec board]

by phedre 12 years ago

Buy the others to tide you over, but the best thing you can do is make your own! It's so easy. Get a bottle of vodka, and a few vanilla beans (I get one each of the Tahitian and Bourbon beans). T...

Coffee Extract?

by Candy 12 years ago

Someone was asking about coffee extract in the recent past. I just found that Nielsen Massey who make the good vanilla makes the coffee extract. You might want to ask at your favorite independent g...

Extract vs. Oil vs. Flavor

by cookiegirl 12 years ago

What are the differences? Are there specific uses for each? For my first batch of peppermint bark, I used an old bottle of McCormick peppermint extract. It turned out quite well, but I thought t...

Coffee Extract?

by pbo2444 12 years ago

does anyone know where I can order or buy coffee extract? I am in eastern north carolina.

Peppermint Extract

by calla0413 12 years ago

In my quest to try to make some new holiday goodies among the many is peppermint bark. The ingredients call for peppermint extract. Where can I find such an item? I've checked the usual suspects...

Can you add extract to chocolate?

by digkv 12 years ago

I'm planning on making Heidi Swanson's thin mints again and last time I added some peppermint extract (from TJ's) my chocolate seized on me but I did put it in the microwave. Is it possible to add...

Rum extract vs. real rum

by houndlover 12 years ago

I have been seeing a lot of recipes this holiday season that use rum extract. Would it work to use real rum instead? Can you use real alcohol in your baking or does the flavor "bake out"? I'd al...

Where can I find walnut extract?

by ethylandgeorge 12 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find walnut extract in or around San Mateo. I want to make a Mocha walnut cake with mascarpone cream for Thanksgiving but I can't find walnut extract.

Where can I find good Vanilla Extract

by Cerise828 13 years ago

I'm looking for some good vanilla and maybe some almond extract. The ones at the supermarket arent too tasty. I've been to the Jean Talon market and but nobodies seems to have it in extract for...

ISO coconut cake with almond extract (or almond flavoring) as an ingredient

by zook 13 years ago

My son has requested a coconut cake that contains almond extract (or almond flavoring) as an ingredient for his birthday this year. I've scrolled through many prior posts about coconut cakes; but ...

Recipes using Almond Extract

Cheese Boy
by Cheese Boy 12 years ago

I've got an unopened bottle of Almond extract sitting around and collecting dust. Can anyone suggest some tried & true recipes ??? Cookies, cakes, whipped creams, drinks, ... you name it, I'll ...

Vanilla beans to vanilla extract

by GrillNextDoor 12 years ago

Making a recipe that calls for vanilla extract this afternoon. I have some beans, but have never used them before. Can I steep them in the coffee that is also called for in the recipe or should ...

question about maple extract..

by british_girl 13 years ago

I've got a recipe for cookies that calls for maple extract. I don't think we can buy maple extract here in England, I could be wrong. So, does anyone know if I can buy it (if so, where?) if not, wh...

Almond Extract, Cake Flour, and Gelatin in Seattle

by Amy_C 13 years ago

Are there any stores in Seattle that sell almond extract, cake flour, and gelatin at an affordable price. I've seen all three at my local Safeway but I'm just wondering if there is somewhere I can...

Vanilla extract in Bremen

by yummers 13 years ago

No kidding. I am hoping to make something that calls for vanilla extract, which is completely unavailable in the rural region of Germany I'm staying in. Folks here just don't use the stuff. But ...

Replacements for almond extract?

by windycity 13 years ago

I am going to make the NYTimes' Lemon Confit Shortbread Tart (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/31/dining/311lrex.html) with meyer lemons this weekend for a friend with nut allergies, but the crust ca...

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