Root Beer Extract

by Transplanted Texan 9 years ago

Does anyone know where I might buy root beer extract in MoCo or Frederick Co.? Penzey's doesn't carry it, nor does the Harris Teeter on Darnestown Rd.

Some help in choosing a quality vanilla extract

by DonaldT123 3 months ago

Hi all, I do realize this topic has been covered before, but considering it's been some time since this subject was discussed, it may be worth revisiting it. The reason I started this topic is I gu...

Malt question: Horlick's vs. malt extract vs. Carnation

by angusb 11 years ago

I love chocolate malts, and I always have to ask for EXTRA EXTRA malt in order to get enough of the delicious malt flavor I am looking for. Unfortunately, most places us Carnation Malted Milk powd...

Best Vanilla Bean For Extract?

by Emmnemms 8 years ago

Hiya! So I have decided to make my own vanilla extract. I have heard many good reviews of the ebay seller "Vanillaproducts" and he has very good prices to boot! My only thoughts is, I have no ...

QUALITY ALERT : Trader Joe's 'Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract' 4 oz

toodie jane
by toodie jane 13 years ago

Earlier in the season I picked up some TJ Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract. Like a fool I didn't taste it. Weak vanilla aroma, bitter, and harsh alcohol. Not at all like good vanilla should be. I...

ISO : Jasmine extract/essence and/or other flowers

by uberathlete 10 years ago

Hi all. This may seem a bit weird but does anyone know where I could possibly find Jasmine flower essence/extract? It's sometimes used to flavor tea but in my case I'll use it to add fragrance to a...

Homemade Vanilla Extract

by FoodWacky 6 years ago

A couple of years ago I started making my own vanilla extract at home, and wow, what a flavor difference! It was so frustrating buying those tiny bottles of extract at the grocery store, spendi...

Almond Extract and Nut Allergy

by SaraASR 11 years ago

Does anyone know if people who are allergic to nuts (like almonds) also have an allergy to Almond Extract. I am making sugar cookies and the glaze I want to make calls for Almond Extract. Any extra...

How much Vanilla Extract equals one Vanilla Bean?

by elmomonster 13 years ago

I've got a recipe which calls for one vanilla bean, but I've got a lot of Bourbon Vanilla Extract I'd rather use. How much of the Vanilla Extract shall I use to equal the flavor of one vanilla b...

What is Blueberry flavor?

by JRC14 2 years ago

We've all eaten blueberry muffins, pie, ice cream, etc., and experienced the flavor we associate with blueberries. Recently I've tried my hand at making blueberry compotes with fresh berries and th...

Can Lorann Flavoring Oils Last Indefinitively

by lukfam 5 years ago

I found some Lorann oils that I used use for chocolate making quite a long time ago. I am wondering if they are still useable? Is there any way to tell if they've gone bad - smell test?

Your favorite vanilla extract...?

by CindyJ 13 years ago

A friend of mine went to Mexico recently and brought me back a bottle of the most tantalizing vanilla extract I've ever experienced. Every time I open the bottle, I make everyone within shouting d...

Where to get cherry extract and cherry concentrate in Los Angeles?

by santamonica811 3 years ago

I used to see cherry extract in the baking aisles of most major supermarkets. No longer. Within the last week, I searched at about 15 of the following: Vons/Pavillions, Ralphs, Albersons, Bristol...

Vanilla extract: Store in eyedropper bottle?

by Enso 3 years ago

I'm tired of vanilla extract dribbling all over the bottle when I pour some out. I'm thinking of storing it in a bottle with an eyedropper cap. Pros and cons? (factual ones, please; assumptions ...

Now that Costco's vanilla extract isn't even marked as Kirkland any more...

by jnk 3 years ago

at least not in N.J. and the reviews of their "new" vanilla extract are rather poor, what would be my "next best" alternative other than Nielson-Massey, or is that what I should use. Thanks.

Sherry Extract?

by lifecomm 9 years ago

Hello, I need some sherry extract for a white fruit cake. This stuff is no longer easy to find. I found this: http://spicebarn.com/sherry_flavoring.htm Is this the same thing? Can I make s...

lemon oil and lemon extract

by spuds 14 years ago

what's the difference between lemon oil and lemon extract? i am interested in making lemon cake.

What vanilla extract should I buy?

by walker 3 years ago

I always buy Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract in the glass bottle (I don't want to buy it in plastic.) Today at the store, I saw some other brands and they don't have sugar in the ...

ISO almond extract

by lilaki 3 years ago

Hi hounds, Where can I buy a not-dinky bottle of almond extract? I've looked at loblows, metro, longos and bulk barn...and they all carry a tiny bottle (Mccormicks, around $5, 43 ml). I just r...

Mint extract - making

by jounipesonen 3 years ago

Anyone have any ideas for a non-alcoholic solutant for fresh mint leaves? Glycerol would be good but extremely expensive here in Finland for food-grade product as only available in tiny bottles ...