Luxury Food Gifts for the Valentine with Expensive Tastes

Looking for the best luxury food and drink gifts for Valentine's Day 2020? You're in luck, because we've rounded up a drool-worthy collection for those with an expensive palate. So show your girlfriend...

Peninsula Pastries | Palm Springs

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

Back in Palm Springs in November, I stopped by Peninsula Pastries to try the kouign amann. The crisp and flaky spiral of buttery laminate with a glorious caramelized bottom hewed closer to croissan...

Rec for a splurge dinner for visitors from NYC

by prima 3 years ago

In addition to Edulis, Alo, Scaramouche and Canoe, and perhaps Actinolite (rustic farm to table fine dining ;) ) , which fine dining restaurants would you recommend? Would prefer contemporary ...

Restaurant Dream

by jwjojo 3 years ago

A wealthy friend is taking me out to any restaurant in Manhattan that I would like to go to... price is not an issue!! I would love your suggestions! Thank you.

High End Lunch / Dinner

by Banell 3 years ago

We are coming in to Vegas Monday September 18th and staying at The Pallazo. We would like to do a nice lunch on or around the strip. We have done Milos and Lago in the past which were good bu...

What is Toronto's most expensive restaurant?

by chefhound 7 years ago

Can anyone name Toronto's most expensive meal these days? I'm having dinner at Momofuku Shoto in a few weeks and I was just wondering if there are any other restaurants in Toronto in the same pr...

Toronto's Most Expensive Restaurants

by SaiyanQueenLily 3 years ago

The Top 50 most expensive restaurants in Toronto are as follows 50. La Cascina 49. Quinn's Steakhouse & Irish Bar 48. Aria Ristorante 47. Hy's Steakhouse 46. Montecito 45. Bosk 44. Weslodg...

Buca Yorkville - overhyped

by MichelinHound 5 years ago

So, we went to Buca after all the hoopla and raves we heard. It was a lunch. Hit and miss throughout. The good: service was excellent, no attitude, knowledgeable sommelier, view on the kitchen...

Virginia's, New upscale restaurant on Ave C

by gabandgobble 5 years ago

I wanted to report back on my meal at Virginia's, the new restaurant on Ave C and 11th run by two former alums of Charlie Trotter's. I was very surprised to find a restaurant of this caliber openin...

T.W. Food: An Expensive Adventure Pays Off

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

This was our first visit to T.W.Food and we were very excited to be taking part in their annual 6 course Mushroom Tasting Dinner. (A few years ago, we had not enjoyed the disastrously 'meh' mushroo...

Expansive (and Expensive?) Views: Wolfgang Puck forays into Downtown L.A. with WP24 [LONG REVIEW]

by J.L. 10 years ago

Hi gang, We got a chance to finally try Wolfgang Puck’s WP24 at the newly-opened Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Downtown L.A. We made a reservation for the dining room area, not the lounge area. Our init...

Why is the raw frozen shrimp at Trader Joe's so expensive?

by nycguy20011 6 years ago

I went to Trader Joe's to get raw frozen shrimp called "Wild Blue Shrimp", but noticed that it's $16 for each bag which contains about 12 pealed and de-vained shrimp. Is there something special abo...

Townsman - Was Ok but not great, too expensive for what you get

by chefboyardee 5 years ago

Went recently and was underwhelmed given some of the better reviews out there. Some of the better dishes for us were the mussels, dumplings (I think maybe they marketed them as perogies), lamb, pig...

Is Holy Cow BBQ in CC expensive?

by PaulF 5 years ago

I haven't tried Holy Cow BBQ in Culver City yet. As far as I can tell, it's pretty new (I drive by that shopping center all the time and only recently noticed it). I guess there is one in Santa Mon...

Bazaar at the SLS - underrated, yes; overpriced, probably so.

Ciao Bob
by Ciao Bob 5 years ago

Friday night dinner - Bazaar at SLS. So good but so pricey. Not an everyday place but a great option for a splurge. Totally underrated as far as best restaurant lists in LA. It is certainly a ...

Exorbitant cocktail pricing?

by josephnl 5 years ago

We recently had a very nice dinner at the new Oak Grill at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach. This is a very pretty and comfortable restaurant with good food and service. Everything was fine with...

Dinner for Two, $500

by Rapini 5 years ago

Suppose two people wanted to treat themselves to dinner. Their budget is $500, all inclusive--i.e., food, wine, tax, gratuity. What/where would you recommend? Your thoughts on the recommendation...

Dirty French Report

by loratliff 6 years ago

Hadn't seen any reports on Dirty French, so alas, here's mine. We went on Friday on the relative earlier side, but I was still surprised at how quiet it was. The dining room was only 90% full wh...

Paris Restaurants

by heartfood_yvr 5 years ago

Hey just wondering what everyones favourites are for 3 star michelin restaurants did research but there to many! I'm only gonna have 1 3 star meal btw since their so expensive ahaha thank you!

Rustic Canyon - good, but way too expensive!

by josephnl 5 years ago

Finally made it to Rustic Canyon this past weekend, and although the food and service were quite good we felt that it was way too expensive for what you get. The menu prices are not too bad, but t...

Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare remains an uncelebrated gem with seafood worth celebrating.

by uhockey 5 years ago

Although admittedly pricey, one would be hard pressed to name a better seafood program so far from water anywhere in the United States, and for those willing to spend the money I'd suggest there ma...