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What is Toronto's most expensive restaurant?

by chefhound 3 years ago

Can anyone name Toronto's most expensive meal these days? I'm having dinner at Momofuku Shoto in a few weeks and I...

The Chowhound Team commented 2 months ago

Toronto's Most Expensive Restaurants

by SaiyanQueenLily 2 months ago

The Top 50 most expensive restaurants in Toronto are as follows 50. La Cascina 49. Quinn's Steakhouse & Irish Bar...

Charles Yu commented 2 months ago

Rec for a splurge dinner for visitors from NYC

by prima 2 months ago

In addition to Edulis, Alo, Scaramouche and Canoe, and perhaps Actinolite (rustic farm to table fine dining ;) ) ,...

KhaoSanRoad commented 2 months ago

Buca Yorkville - overhyped

by MichelinHound 1 year ago

So, we went to Buca after all the hoopla and raves we heard. It was a lunch. Hit and miss throughout. The good: ...

Dr. John commented 9 months ago

Virginia's, New upscale restaurant on Ave C

by gabandgobble 2 years ago

I wanted to report back on my meal at Virginia's, the new restaurant on Ave C and 11th run by two former alums of Cha...


deepfry7 commented 12 months ago

T.W. Food: An Expensive Adventure Pays Off

by opinionatedchef 2 years ago

This was our first visit to T.W.Food and we were very excited to be taking part in their annual 6 course Mushroom Tas...

GreyFloors commented 1 year ago

Expansive (and Expensive?) Views: Wolfgang Puck forays into Downtown L.A. with WP24 [LONG REVIEW]

by J.L. 7 years ago

Hi gang, We got a chance to finally try Wolfgang Puck’s WP24 at the newly-opened Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Downtown L.A....


Marigold33 commented 1 year ago

Why is the raw frozen shrimp at Trader Joe's so expensive?

by nycguy20011 2 years ago

I went to Trader Joe's to get raw frozen shrimp called "Wild Blue Shrimp", but noticed that it's $16 for each bag whi...


sogalitno commented 1 year ago

Townsman - Was Ok but not great, too expensive for what you get

by chefboyardee 1 year ago

Went recently and was underwhelmed given some of the better reviews out there. Some of the better dishes for us were ...

digga commented 1 year ago

Is Holy Cow BBQ in CC expensive?

by PaulF 1 year ago

I haven't tried Holy Cow BBQ in Culver City yet. As far as I can tell, it's pretty new (I drive by that shopping cent...


Jase commented 1 year ago

Bazaar at the SLS - underrated, yes; overpriced, probably so.

by Ciao Bob 1 year ago

Friday night dinner - Bazaar at SLS. So good but so pricey. Not an everyday place but a great option for a splurg...


manku commented 1 year ago

Exorbitant cocktail pricing?

by josephnl 1 year ago

We recently had a very nice dinner at the new Oak Grill at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach. This is a very pretty ...


Bookwich commented 1 year ago

Dinner for Two, $500

by Rapini 1 year ago

Suppose two people wanted to treat themselves to dinner. Their budget is $500, all inclusive--i.e., food, wine, tax, ...


calumin commented 1 year ago

Dirty French Report

by loratliff 2 years ago

Hadn't seen any reports on Dirty French, so alas, here's mine. We went on Friday on the relative earlier side, but...


sam1 commented 1 year ago

Paris Restaurants

by heartfood_yvr 2 years ago

Hey just wondering what everyones favourites are for 3 star michelin restaurants did research but there to many! I'm ...


heartfood_yvr commented 2 years ago

Rustic Canyon - good, but way too expensive!

by josephnl 2 years ago

Finally made it to Rustic Canyon this past weekend, and although the food and service were quite good we felt that it...


maccrogenoff commented 2 years ago

Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare remains an uncelebrated gem with seafood worth celebrating.

by uhockey 2 years ago

Although admittedly pricey, one would be hard pressed to name a better seafood program so far from water anywhere in ...

uhockey commented 2 years ago

Armand de Brignac launches its most expensive Champagne ever

by zin1953 2 years ago

"Jay-Z’s Champagne brand Armand de Brignac has launched its most expensive fizz ever: a Blanc de Noirs. "Although ...


Sam B commented 2 years ago

B&G Lobster Rolls = Pricey

by CambridgeFoodie 2 years ago

"Market Price" last night for the Bacon, Lobster, and Tomato roll with fries was $38...pricey.


pamlet commented 2 years ago

How to word invitation to restaurant party where I can't pay for super-expensive meals?

by AngelsFan8888 2 years ago

Kind of an awkward situation and I'm not sure how to handle it. My wife is having a big birthday coming up and I wan...

foodieX2 commented 2 years ago