Best Fresh Seafood Restaurant Everett Wa.

by Jambalaya 3 years ago

I will be staying at the Port Gardner Inn and looking for a dinner suggestion for a Friday evening first part of June. I am by myself, have a car and am open to anything as long as the seafood is ...

Breakfast and lunch near/north of Paine Field this Monday?

by grayelf 5 years ago

Greetings Seattle Hounds! You've been so gracious in the past offering me suggestions, here I am again. We're going to be staying in Lynnwood overnight with plans to hit up Fonda La Catrina again f...

Best Chinese food in Seattle area (Chinatown/ID up to Everett)

by calmossimo 11 years ago

I'm a Seattle-ite who's been back and forth between Seattle and the east coast for the last couple of years. I'll be back in Seattle for a few weeks in Dec/Jan and looking for the current best pla...

What to eat in/south of Everett before noon on a Saturday?

by Bada Bing 7 years ago

My son and I plan to go to an air museum in Everett soon and will need to be there at noon on a Saturday. We'll be drying up from Olympia. I wonder who has ideas about a good place to get a lunch...

Large Group Happy Hour (Everett/Sno. County)

by mcmullek 7 years ago

Any Chowhounds aware of any restaurants with a private space available for rent for a happy hour besides Fish Brewing? I'm going to give terracotta red and The Majestic Cafe a call, but I was w...

Hong Kong Dim Sum Everett

by tomputts 7 years ago

I have been enjoying the dim sum at HK in Everett. When I drove up today it was closed. Does anyone know if they plan to reopen. It was nice to have good dim sum in the North End and not to driv...

Asian Market in Everett

by Jane917 8 years ago

I will be in Everett next week on business. I would like to find an Asian food market to pick up supplies. I will be staying at the Holiday Inn. Any recommendations nearby? I will have a car. Thanks.

Mexican and Vietnamese in Everett

by JohnnyT 9 years ago

I occasionally visit doctors at the Everett Clinic and combine my trips with a pilgrimage to Trader joe's. I have noticed a number of Mexican and Vietnamese restaurants just past the Everett Clinic...

Mexican & Vietnamese in Everett

by JohnnyT 9 years ago

I occasionally visit doctors at the Everett CLinic and combine my trips with a pilgrimage to Trader joe's. I have noticed a number of Mexican and Vietnamese restaurants just past the Everett Clini...

Dinner in Everett near Comcast Center?

by yoyo11 9 years ago

Hey all- Headed to a concert at the Comcast Center in Everett in a couple weeks and was hoping for any dinner recommendations you might have. Truly any type of food is fine as long as it's tast...

Everett Lunch...save me!

by seatowner 9 years ago

So, I just started a job in Everett. To be honest, the commute is not that bad and the job is great! However, I feel like I am in a foodie nightmare. I am right downtown and I can't seem to find...

Good Mexican in Everett?

by shazzer65 9 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good Mexican restaurant suitable to take 8 and 6 year old girls? Thanks!

Everett, Washington restaurants

by altavino 9 years ago

Hi, I will be spending a couple of days in Everett in early March, then heading to Seattle. Can anyone recommend some places for casual or higher end lunches and dinners in or not too far from E...

Where to eat North Seattle to Everett, Saturday.

by eighthacre 10 years ago

We are heading northwards on Saturday afternoon to catch some roller derby in Everett. It isn't often that we are in that area during mealtime so I am looking for some recommendations. We will eith...

A Chowhound challenge: autistic family friendly dining near Everett

by gamingwithbaby 10 years ago

It's an understatement to say that taking a four-year-old with Aspergers out to any restaurant is challenging. He's a good kid, my son, but there are moments where dining-out takes on all the appea...

One Dinner - One Breakfast in Everett

by deI 10 years ago

I'm looking for a good place for dinner and breakfast to take my business partner and I. Our tastes are very eclectic.

This just in: Alligator Soul in Everett out of business

by MillCreek 11 years ago

New as of yesterday, the Alligator Soul, a popular Cajun restaurant in Everett, is closed for good, according to a sign on the door and their Facebook page. The economy is cited as the reason. ...

Where to dine in Everett?

by JohnnyT 11 years ago

I will be meeting a finicky friend for dinner in Everett. Her criteria include: no Asian, no seafood, and inexpensive. I have received two recommendations, The Flying Pig and Buck's. Any thought...

Where to eat north of Everett??

by jrwillaz 11 years ago

I visit my sister on Camano Island every year, and every year we travel to downtown Seattle to eat in wonderful restaurants . Are there any restaurants north of Everett you could recommend? Is it...

Pig Roast Caterer for wedding (Mt. Vernon, Everett, Snohomish area?)

by ChowChick 11 years ago

Hi there, I'm having a 4th of July wedding this year and would like to hire a caterer to roast a whole pig with all the fixin's. Anyone know of a catering operation north of Seattle that could a...