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Turn to food-loving Chowhounds for advice on where to eat all over Europe. We also have Location tags for each of the European countries, which you can browse here.

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An outstanding new restaurant in Amsterdam

by princetonchowhound 11 months ago

Graham's Kitchen opened about eight weeks ago in Amsterdam. My husband and I were looking for the restaurant that ha...


IPcook commented 24 hours ago

Restaurants Brussels

by IPcook 4 months ago

looking for good cooking in brussels, prefer to not be served "tweezer food" ; suggestion for best moules and frites ...


IPcook commented 1 day ago

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Bruges lodging

by sned 1 day ago

I'm in search of lodging recs for an upcoming trip to Bruges. This is a rare trip for my wife and me without the kids...

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Bruges Beer

by sned 1 day ago

I'll be in Bruges with my better half later this year. I'm a big fan of Belgian beers and would love input on brewery...

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Seeking Bruges dining recs

by sned 1 day ago

I'm hoping for some dining guidance for an upcoming 3-night trip to Bruges. I've perused the Bruges boards, but there...

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Steirereck - have reservations in May - should we still go?

by Seige 2 days ago

We have never been to Vienna and unfortunately, we'll only be there 2 days. I have reservations at Steirereck, but I...

Hertog Jan, Den Dyver or Aneth? (BRUGES)

by nicolafrow 5 years ago

Hi there, We will be in Bruges for a few days in April, and are trying to decide on a special place for a 'date n...


nicolafrow commented 2 days ago

Cuts of Beef in Greek

by doughgirl 9 years ago

I have here a diagram for different cuts of beef in Greek that I got from one of the supermarkets and still not canno...


channi commented 3 days ago

Szczecin, Poland -- what to eat?

by blackradish 1 month ago

Planning to spend about 2 days in Szczecin in June. Any restaurant or food tips? Probably will stay near the main tra...


Dario36 commented 6 days ago

Where to dine if only 2 days in Copenhagen?

by Anuta77 1 month ago

Hello, We will be in Copenhagen for 2 days, May 27th-May 29th. Would like to sample the best of Danish/Nordic cuisi...

lecker commented 6 days ago

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Need Dalmatian Islands, Croatia advice

by nyperr 7 days ago

We will be cruising the Croatian coast and stopping at the following ports and looking for the best of the best resta...

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Restaurant recs

by jpgood 9 days ago

Planning on a 4 day visit to Stockholm. What are some must do restaurants for dinner and lunch?

Amsterdam picks (3 days)

by alantz21 2 months ago

Hi all! Wanted a little information about my potential picks for Amsterdam. I'll be staying in de Pijp with a gro...

MisterBill2 commented 15 days ago

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Dutch or modern dutch restaurant (including rijsttafel)

by weezy1074 16 days ago

I will be in Amsterdam after Easter and am looking for a few recommendations. I have a dinner booked for Blauu, beyo...

Brussels/Ghent picks

by alantz21 2 months ago

Hi all! I've noticed that the Belgian boards on Chowhound haven't gotten a ton of love recently. I'm going to Bel...


alantz21 commented 20 days ago

Looking For Seat(s) For Dinner At Noma - Any Remaining Date!

by mpepino 2 months ago

Currently spending the month of February traveling around Europe, and it would be the most unbelievable cherry on top...

estufarian commented 21 days ago

6 Nights in Prague - Trip Report

by sarahbeths 1 month ago

I just have to say this…. we were coming from Rome and some of the best meals we had eaten a long time. Transitioni...

vanderb commented 27 days ago

Warsaw Restaurant Recommendations

by dantonuccio1 2 months ago

Hello. I'm looking for recommendations for authentic Polish food restaurants in Warsaw.

estufarian commented 1 month ago

Help me in Helsinki!

by kristainlondon 2 years ago

Friends of Chowhound... Someone must have been to Helsinki before??!! I can barely find any posts. Where have you ea...


cbell167 commented 2 months ago