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Ambiente Frankfurt 2018--Anyone Going?

by kaleokahu 4 days ago

Hi: I may get a chance to attend this cookware show for the first time. It's difficult to imagine a bigger show tha...

Food for Shore Excursions Florence Rome Naples Venice Ferraro Modena

by glecroy 2 months ago

Sorry for the long post but I could use some help. We are going on a Mediterranean cruise in June 2018 and have very...

jen kalb commented 7 days ago

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Anyone interested in sharing Noma 2 reservation?

by jjh33 8 days ago

Hello! Is any one interested in sharing a table at Noma 2? There are still openings for a table of 4 in March and A...

Need help with Austrian classic dishes in Vienna

by kathrynanne 12 days ago

Hello. My husband and I are so excited to finally head to Vienna. We are staying near the Belvedere and would like to...

monchique commented 8 days ago

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Worthy lunch stops between Lake Constance and Livigno?

by lecker 11 days ago

Can't find any recent recommendations on restaurants in this area of the Alps...Does anyone have any recommendations ...

Some True Dining Gems on the Ring Road

by midtowngirl 1 year ago

In late August, my husband and I enjoyed a spectacular trip around Iceland on the Ring Road. Our focus in planning t...


dustchick commented 11 days ago

Prague Recommendations in Feb

by bobiedobie 1 year ago

Hey all, Heading to Prague for 3 nights in mid- to late-February, looking for some recommendations for good local ...


cavandre commented 18 days ago

Cranberries in Zurich???!!!

by lskohn 2 months ago

Trying to make Thanksgiving in Zurich. I brought canned pumpkin from US, and we're using treacle in place of molasse...


lskohn commented 29 days ago

Christmas in Brussels

by omniphile 3 months ago

My partner and I will be spending late December in Belgium and in looking over relevant CH posts, most are fairly old...


rrems commented 2 months ago

Only Dutch are welcome at Restaurant Huson Rotterdam

by IvorK 3 months ago

In brief, Restaurant Huston in Rotterdam clearly discourages the patronage of anyone who is not a Dutch speaker. At g...


damiano commented 3 months ago

Warsaw Restaurant Recommendations

by dantonuccio1 10 months ago

Hello. I'm looking for recommendations for authentic Polish food restaurants in Warsaw.

lecker commented 3 months ago

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3 Dutch Farmers Crisps / Hoeksche Chips

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Running through Schiphol Airport a couple years ago, I spent some of my euro coins on a bag of 3 Dutch Farmers Crisps...

Fancy-ish Dinner in Copenhagen

by Queequegx 8 months ago

Hi, We'll be spending two nights in Copenhagen in August and want to go to a great restaurant one of the nights. I...


fickle commented 3 months ago

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Raclette - Lucerne/Zurich

by macaraca 3 months ago

Long ago I spent some time with friends in Lucerne who took me to a great local spot for long ago I onl...

Where are the best Danish pastries in Copenhagen?

by glbtrtr 2 years ago

We still talk about the Danish pastries we had on Bornholm Island, Denmark and would love to find something as good i...

Melanie Wong commented 4 months ago

Amsterdam Restaurant Recommendations

by clcorbi 6 months ago

Hi all! I am planning a 9-day trip to Amsterdam in mid-September. My boyfriend and I live in Brooklyn and are adventu...

MmeFleiss commented 4 months ago

Recommendations for Bratislava Restaurants

by masha 5 months ago

We will be in Bratislava for 3 nights the week after next. From a review of past posts, I note that both Zylinder Caf...


masha commented 4 months ago

Help make a special birthday trip to Vienna!

by Docmarcia 4 months ago

We are going to Vienna for the first time in October for a week celebrating one of those big birthdays that end in ze...


Autumm2 commented 4 months ago

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Ukraine Report

by estufarian 4 months ago

First, a warning – or at least some perspective. Service levels in Ukraine are just different from those encountered...

Brussels for 1 Day - 2 meals and best chocolates

by OC Mutt 4 months ago

Going to Brussels for a day in Nov. Will likely need to eat both lunch and dinner but the latest one can depart on t...

babette feasts commented 4 months ago