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whole dried persimmons in Eugene or Roseburg?

by oregoncook 9 years ago

I've looked for whole dried persimmons in Sunrise Market but they don't have them now. Anyone know of a source? Any kind will work. I've only found sliced ones online. Thanks.

Best Food Carts in Eugene/Springfield

by calendar 12 years ago

What are the best food carts in Eugene/Springfield area? I'm specifically looking for the ones that are lesser known.. the "hidden gems." I'm tired of lunch at the regular cafe/burger joints.

Asian food in Eugene, OR

by thirtyeyes 9 years ago

Moving to Eugene for work. I'm a big fan of Asian cuisine can any Chowhounds suggest the best of Eugene for the following: Dim Sum. I like the carts but anything would do. Sushi. I am part...

Where can I dine out for Thanksgiving in Eugene?

by PatriceM 9 years ago

There's gotta be something nicer than Hometown Buffet and not as expensive at King Estate. Somewhere where two friends can dress nicely and go enjoy a festive, yummy meal.

Best Mexican in Eugene

by thirtyeyes 9 years ago

Or please append title to read "or other cuisine south of the United States border" Any thoughts on this one? Taco trucks, pupusas, cemitas? Cuban, Salvadoran, Peruvian? Any place that has a ...

Looking for a baking/cooking class in Eugene, OR

by iloveyou 10 years ago

Looking for a really good cooking class on the weekends. I am dying to do an artisan bread baking class. Would love to do sour dough bread.

The last meal (a good steak) in Eugene?

by MSK 9 years ago

My son, who likes simply prepared but good quality cuisine, is requesting a fine steak as his last meal before we say goodbye and leave him for his freshman year at U of O. Any input as to wha...

Eugene - Good Vietnamese restaurants?

by georgecancook 9 years ago

I am a temporary transplant to the Eugene area while attending school and would love to find a source for cheap but good Vietnamese food. I am on a student's budget, so Ideally I am looking for a p...

Eugene, OR - Cart de Frisco chicken sandwich

by the barking dog 9 years ago

I'm a Eugene expatriate living in Texas. Been here for five years, only been back to Eugene once in that time. I hit most of my old lunch haunts - Pita Pit, Burrito Boy, Newmans Fish. Sadly, it was...

Calf's Foot in Eugene, OR?

by mashedbeef 9 years ago

I'm working on a recipe for rabbit rillettes from Reynaud's Terrine, and I can't find a calf's foot from any of the butchers I normally use, Long's and Custom Meats. I know I can substitute oxtail...

BEST JERKY ALERT: Custom Meat Co in Eugene

by spiffae 9 years ago

I'm not a eugene native, but I do visit, and EVERY TIME I go I stop by custom meat co and pick up some jerky. This is seriously some of the best slow-smoked jerky I have ever had, and I've gone on ...

Great dinner & brunch in Eugene

by roxie 10 years ago

We're headed to Eugene in early March to visit two nieces at U of O. We want to take them out to dinner and to brunch. We'll be @ The Best Western adjacent to campus but will have a car. There are ...

Dinner and drink recommendations in Eugene, OR

by designjb 10 years ago

I know that Eugene is a bit away from Portland, but I thought this board might have to recommendations for some great eats in Eugene. My husband and I will be visiting there in a couple of weeks. ...

EUGENE: 10 lunches in 10 weeks (need rec's)

by stuck_in_ohio 10 years ago

Hello, I have escaped from Ohio for 10 weeks (and 10 weeks only) and am living in Eugene. My plan is to eat out for lunch once per week at a different restaurant (too bad you guys don't have a c...

Road Trip from New Orleans, through Eugene, Corvallis, and to Portland

by cwedgie 10 years ago

Hello all, I am a New Orleanian trying to plan a road trip with my boyfriend and two insane dogs this winter. We are interested in moving to the Portland area for graduate school and want to do s...

Road trip Portland to Eugene

by Candyk10 10 years ago

We will be driving from Portland to Eugene and back in October. As major foodies and winos we want to have a great lunch each day and visit the best wineries. I have noticed many of the best plac...

Need Eugene rec, only here today!

by Isabella 10 years ago

Hi gang, I just blew into town for one day & have a lunch date in 2 hrs. Taking my hosts to dinner tonight. They go to chains. Meeting a biz associate for lunch who says her fav place is Cafe Y...

Road trip questions - Maryhill, WA to Eugene, OR

by kjpabl56 10 years ago

Hi everyone, My mom and I will be traveling from Royal City, to Maryhill and then on to Eugene/Springfield for the upcoming Relay4Life. We have no specific plans on wether to drive the WA side or ...

Wineries in Eugene Area--any recommendations?

by fudjunkie 10 years ago

I'll be visiting family in Eugene at the end of the month. They'll be making most of the food decisions, so I don't really need restaurant recs. But we'd like to visit some wineries in the area, ...