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Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . We’re at a moment in time where it’s become so obvious we really need to work together. If the pandemic has made anything clear, it’s how truly interdependent we are, how we need to join to...

Kroger offers ‘thank you’ bonus after employees protest end of hazard pay

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . The United Food and Commercial Workers union Local 21, which organized Friday’s protests, responded in a statement that 'Kroger’s decision today shows that we can have an impact.' But they ...

Dim Sum?

by norad 5 years ago

I'm heading south from Salem Sunday and am looking for a dim sum place; or at least a Chinese restaurant that might have the basics; siu mai, har gow, baos, etc. Anyone know of a place? Thanks.

Eugene, Oregon

by flowergirl 13 years ago

Going to see the university - any suggestions for great breakfast and great dinner - we like 'normal, fresh, non-fussy food' Thanks!

Roseburg, Sutherlin, Eugene -- reviews

by Michaelspont 6 years ago

Thought I would pass along these tips for anybody who heads to the Umpqua wine country but ends up spending time or nights in the nearby towns. Can't say I made an exhaustive sampling of restauran...

Anyone tried new-ish Asian in Eugene?

by oregoncook 7 years ago

Hasn't anyone tried any of these?? Kung Fu Sichuan Bistro Tasty Chongqing 221 B.C.E. Teriyaki Boy's made to order menu only (posted on the hood?) Tokyo Ramen Maynila Filipino Cuisine (Sprin...

Eugene Hilton Polenta Berry Bread Pudding..yummy

by energy 12 years ago

Recently returned from a business trip to Eugene and stayed at the Hilton. On the banquet and dinners menus was a yummy Polenta Berry Bread Pudding (not sure of the exact name). I called the Chef, ...

Eugene Redux

by kaleokahu 7 years ago

OK, so Eugene Country Fair 2014 is rapidly approaching... I posted last year about eats in Eugene and the recommendations for food there were few and not exactly glowing. In fact, some said bas...

Please help - need to find the "best of the worst" in Eugene or near by!

by cometraveler 7 years ago

Trying to change the focus of earlier posts - would really appreciate any suggestions regarding restaurants for dinner in Eugene (or near by - have a car so up to an hour would be ok)??? Sinc...

Ideas/Updates for Eugene, Oregon

by cometraveler 7 years ago

Hi, we are going to be in Eugene for several days and was much hoping for restaurant ideas and recommendations. We were here last year and enjoyed Marche and learned to avoid McMenamins North Bank....

Eats At/Near Country Fair in Eugene?

by kaleokahu 8 years ago

Hi, All: Wahine and I will be going to the Country Fair this year--my first time, and her first time with time/interest to seek out really good food. Any secrets/suggestions at or near th...

Any ideas for restaurants in Eugene would be much appreciated....

by cometraveler 8 years ago

Hi, We will be spending a few days in Eugene and would really appreciate any recommendations for restaurants in the area. The only place that I know is for a "nice" restaurant - Marche in Eugene, w...

Food near Lane Events Center in Eugene

by 2roadsdiverge 8 years ago

In May I will be attending a weekend-long sports tournament held at the Lane Events Center in Eugene, OR. This will be my first time in Oregon and I already have a list of suggested places from oth...

Looking for British golden syrup in Eugene

by iloveyou 10 years ago

Where can I buy golden syrup? I saw a recipe for British flapjacks that I want to make.

Pho in Eugene

by thirtyeyes 9 years ago

I was driving home and noticed something new in Crescent Village. Where the French/Thai restaurant used to be there are now signs that read "Asian Bistro Pho The Good TImes". This is in the same ...

Lunch In Eugene?

by cody321 9 years ago

I'll be in Eugene on Sunday, any suggestions for lunch?

Breakfast in Eugene

by HughN 9 years ago

In Eugene for the next three days and looking for a great breakfast experience, with great coffee. All price ranges welcome.

Cafe Soriah in Eugene - what dishes are a must try?!

by LexiS 9 years ago

Would love any recommendations. Thank you!

Where is the best place in Eugene for seafood/Steak?

by LexiS 9 years ago

Looking for somewhere consistent with nice ambiance. Thanks!

Good cheap eats in Eugene OR?

by mizducky 10 years ago

I'm going to be relocating to Eugene by the end of February. By preference as well as budget, I have a thing for good cheap eats -- little unpretentious diners, mom 'n' pop joints, ethnic eateries,...