Ethnic Market

How to Navigate One of Chinatown’s Most Popular Food Markets

“Should we go in?” asked a man, middle-aged with a sort of unknowing hesitation that signaled him to be a tourist. I was loitering outside Deluxe—the hybrid Chinese market/butcher and food court that...

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Tell Me About Reading Terminal Market Please

by Disneyfreak 4 years ago

I've gotten some great tips from this board so thanks for the info. During my visit to Philadelphia I am planning on visiting the Reading Terminal Market. I am planning on getting a sandwich at ...

I need help finding grocery stores and restaurants in Tri-Cities Tennessee

by Foodandgreyhounds 4 years ago

I'm a new resident of Kingsport TN and close to the edge of culinary breakdown. I'm sending this out as a last ditch attempt to find grocery and restaurant suggestions in the Tri-Cities that would...

Fresh Rice Noodle (flat) in DFW

by ingredientsearch 4 years ago

I'm looking to find fresh flat rice noodle (also called ho fun or thai noodles) in the DFW area. I've heard that Asia Market in Plano used to sell, but it looks like the place has since closed. ...

Moving to Boston - starting list of interesting shops for cooking

by honkman 4 years ago

We are moving soon from San Diego to Boston and just went to Boston to find housing and schools and know now that we will live in Watertown. We love to cook and obviously we will go through old po...

Good Food Shopping in (or close to) Southern Ocean County?

by katydid13 4 years ago

I'm moving back to NJ (my home state) after several years in L.A., and would love Chowhound recs for any good and reasonably priced farm markets (or other sources of fresh fruit & veg), butchers, b...

Good Kosher Market in Portland?

by stevewi 4 years ago

We're having chicken tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner (just family and I'm doing the cooking and I DON'T want to hassle with a turkey). That being said, I've been on the hunt today for schmaltz ...

Tacos de Chapulines @ Mi Casita Oaxaqueña in Santa Rosa

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

A couple weekends ago, I spotted signs on Old Redwood Highway pointing toward "Taqueria, Now Open!". I pulled into the parking lot and recognized this as the spot where a taco truck used to offer u...

Palm wine

by SarahJane23 4 years ago

I'm going to a celebration with a Nigerian who loves this stuff. I've had it at Buka in BK, but would love to find a store here in Manhattan where I could pick up a bottle of it. Any ideas where to...

Where to pick up a picnic near Brooklyn Botanic Garden?

by foster 4 years ago

Coming from out of town & planning to spend a members' evening in the garden. Invited to bring a picnic. Where is a good spot to pick up something (relatively) nearby? If it is something war...

Early options Edison area?

by Disneyfreak 4 years ago

I'm going to be in Edison at the convention center. Food option there are not good. I would like to stop and get something that I can eat for lunch. The issue is that I have to be at the conventio...

Recommendations for International Food

by arts4work 4 years ago

I'll be visiting NYC for 10 days starting March 25th. I would appreciate any recommendations for must-eat restaurants, especially International food. We normally live in New Orleans and Mexico....

What do you think of the Italian Market and its neighborhood? Day/night? Reading Terminal Market?

by Michaelspont 5 years ago

Hello to all, I am going to be in Philadelphia for 2 days and I know next to nothing about the city, but I have a curiosity to go to the Italian Market, which I understand is one of the oldest m...

Hondashi and Mirin in Verdun/Lasalle?

by denpanosekai 4 years ago

Are there any Japanese / Korean groceries in the area? I don't really feel like taking a trip downtown today. Thanks!

Tendon/Offcuts In NYC: What's the Best Way to Acquire It?

by nemnemnem 5 years ago

Is it at all possible to get achilles tendon, especially in a larger order, for less than 4 dollars a pound? I've been able to get it from farmers for $1 a pound in other parts of the country, but ...

Crumpets in Park Slope?

by singefumant 4 years ago

Am looking for crumpets in Park Slope. Key Foods on 7th used to stock them but I haven't been able to find them in a while. Any recent sightings?

Coral Gables & Vicinity - Seeking best specialty markets

by fishermb 4 years ago

After growing up in West Kendall, then moving away to NYC for 10 years, I recently returned to Miami and am now living in Coral Gables. I'd love to stay as close to CG as possible, would like to ge...

Morristown food crawl?

by Disneyfreak 5 years ago

I drove through Morristown the other night. Haven't been there in a while. I noticed all the little mom and pop type places. I was wondering if any has been to any of these spots and can make recom...

Best Russian Market/Deli in Los Angeles?

by andyfek 5 years ago

Hi- First time poster- Looking to make my grandmother's blini recipe and want to find the best russian markets/delis in LA- I know a bunch are on Santa Monica Blvd- any recommendations appreciated!

i want to buy enjera

by lilzmebz 5 years ago

i see that this thread was created in 2007 but i would still like to know if there is a place in NY where i can buy enjera. preferably 100% teff enjera. can anyone help me please? can i order onlin...

Ethnic markets

by MIss G 5 years ago

After relocating from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, I miss a great ethnic market. I would advice on a good Latino, Asian and European market. Problem is that I live in Holladay and I don't have ...

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