Your definitive guide to Ethiopian food is here: Chowhounds discuss where to find the best in every city, plus how to make it at home.

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best Ethiopian in vancouver?

by tangentdesign 7 years ago

On a mission to find the best ethiopian food in the city. Been to Nyala recently, which was sub-par, and Addis on com...


À la carte commented 11 months ago

Best ethnic restaurants in San Diego?

by nroot 6 years ago

I'm trying to discover the best of (insert cuisine) within a30-40 minute drive of downtown San Diego. Here's a list o...


stuart954 commented 1 year ago

Ethiopian, Vietnamese and others not readily found in NYC

by mary shaposhnik 1 year ago

Visiting Toronto from NYC, and among other things, want to get recs for foods from nationalities better represented i...

Charles Yu commented 1 year ago

Lalibela Ethiopian on Fairfax

by intuitivelyobvious 1 year ago

Anybody have any comments on this new place? Breathless prose in LA Weekly but they also only gave it two stars? No...


teriyakichi commented 1 year ago

Suggestions for Ethiopian

by babybun 2 years ago

Hello Hounds: I would love some updated suggestions for Ethiopian food. Preferably below 34th Street but anywhere e...


gargupie commented 2 years ago

Ethiopian groceries/markets, etc.?

by pinguinzinho 10 years ago

Are there any markets in Manhattan (or the outer boroughs, for that matter) where I might be able to purchase injera ...


Alan Henderson commented 2 years ago

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Habesha Market in DC - Report

by Steve 2 years ago

This 'former' market on 9th St looks like it has expanded and is now pretty much operating as simply a restaurant. I...

Ethiopian oasis again in South Florida!

by ChowShoe 2 years ago

Finally! Ethiopian food is a reality once again in South Florida. Queen of Sheeba opened in West Palm Beach in beginn...

CFByrne commented 2 years ago

Any Ethiopian restaurants in Halifax

by pippineast 6 years ago

Hi,saw an old post from a year ago indicating Halifax's only Ethipian restautant had closed - wondering if anything h...


mia894 commented 2 years ago

Distinguishing Good Injera

by Jim Leff 2 years ago

I find that if I don't eat a cuisine in a while, I forget a lot of facts. And I've forgotten much of what I used to k...


eatingjoy commented 2 years ago

Niter kebbeh from clarified butter

by carrytheone 2 years ago

Would anybody care to share their experience making Ethiopian food? In particular spiced butter. I was hoping to use ...


MikeG commented 2 years ago

First time in Toronto

by effedg 2 years ago

Hi everyone ! I'm going to Toronto for a few days this week and I'm looking forward to discover all the great food...

estufarian commented 2 years ago

Ethiopan at Borough Market

by howler 2 years ago

The Ethiopan stall is there at the market M-W and sometimes till Saturday. You choose from sauteed beef/chicken and t...

howler commented 2 years ago

Where to find Gesho in the Boston area?

by chocolateteacakes 4 years ago

Attempting to make an Ethiopean feast from scratch, including tej. Anyone know of a place to buy gesho other than Ama...


billyj2010 commented 2 years ago

Ethiopian source for Ethiopian coffee beans?

by equinoise 3 years ago

My favorite coffees tend to be single-origin varieties from Ethiopia. However, those beans offered by local roasters...


equinoise commented 2 years ago

Where to find Ethiopian Spices in Montreal

by RicerRickoni 2 years ago

In particular looking for: Koseret (dried woodsy herb similar to oregano, aka “Lippia Jaavanica”) Besobela ( d...

kpzoo commented 2 years ago

Is there better ethiopian food than Asmara in Boston

by Jayometer 2 years ago

I've been to Asmara several times though primarily gotten the generic combo there. While tasty it's much worse than e...

yarm commented 2 years ago

Ethiopian spices. . .

by lookingforaname 2 years ago

Anyone know where I could find bebere or shira powders in philly, or possibly south jersey (where I actually am). I u...

caga tio commented 2 years ago