Mother's Day Gifts for Moms Who Love Coffee

Mother's Day in the time of coronavirus is probably not going to be what you're used to, but you can still treat the most important woman in your life to a gift she'll love. Don't forget to Skype her...

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The search for a decent stovetop espresso maker (moka pot)

by brusselssprout14 5 years ago

I have a bialetti aluminum moka pot, which works well, but I'm concerned about the aluminum in it - potential health hazard... I recently bought a bialetti kitty stainless steel pot but it made awf...

Where's the coffee, vancouver ?

by bbulkow 5 years ago

COFFEE, PLEASE ! I thought I'd wait a few days before posting --- but I'm now getting desperate. * Downtown. My office is downtown, I'm staying downtown (west end actually), I need my coffee ...

Best bang for the buck espresso

by blackpointyboots 5 years ago

Any thoughts on what is the best bang for the buck espresso? I had been buying Illy and everyone liked it. More recently I have been buying Pilon. It is a bit of a downgrade but passable and I have...

How do you brew Cafe Bustelo Cafe Espresso? Is it instant?

by germanpotatosoup 8 years ago

I feel a little embarrassed asking this. I never drink coffee, never make coffee, and I never buy coffee unless its a frappy from starbucks. Well my uncle is staying for the week and I had to go ou...

Great coffee in SD..?

by Neekoman 6 years ago

I'm not a big coffee drinker, but lately I've been learning to appreciate it and enjoy it more. And I recently had some coffee (a cappuccino) at G&B in Grand Central Market in downtown L.A., and wa...

Pi Day - best South Bay option?

by araminty 5 years ago

Hi all, just realized I've not made a pie for the big day tomorrow. Can anyone recommend a lovely place where I can have a quality slice? Bonus points if I can also have an espresso.

Espresso powder

by wakondatch 5 years ago

I have a recipe for chocolate crinkle cookies that calls for 1/2 teaspoon of espresso powder. Is that the same as espresso ground coffee?

Sugar and coffee snobbery

fame da lupo
by fame da lupo 7 years ago

Am I the only coffee snob (espresso, specifically) who takes sugar? I'm tired of baristas attitude regarding sugar-users (that they have "undeveloped palates" was today's insult). Why do other sn...

Coffee Gear - Who Has The Best Selection?

by sel 5 years ago

I'm talking about pour over, vacuum, espresso machines, grinders and all the rest. Easy to find a good selection of quality stuff on display in the S.F. Bay Area but aside from Intelly and LA Mill ...

Great Pastries and Macaroons on Magnificent Mile?

by scfinson 5 years ago

Staying downtown at Four Seasons need great espresso coffee and pastries within walking distance. The green evil empire won't cut it. I remember Intelligencia? From last time but seemed like that w...

Expresso beans vs. drip coffee beans

by BDD888 8 years ago

i've been a drip coffee drinker for years. Never got around to trying expresso or latte. What's the difference between "expresso beans' and the roasted (or unroasted) beans we use for drip coffee? ...

Coffee Houses in Lynnwood

by GuinnessGuy 8 years ago

While my wife shops at DSW and Alderwood Mall, I'll be in search of GREAT espresso and pourover coffee nearby. I'd prefer independent coffee houses that feature NW coffee. Any suggestions?

Leftover espresso and rum mixture

by attran99 9 years ago

I made tiramisu and had a lot of leftover espresso and rum mixture from dipping the ladyfingers. It's a high quality espresso and a really nice rum...I feel dumping 2-3 cups down the drain would b...

bellevue/redmond espresso shop?

by gan911 11 years ago

I know vivace and a bunch of great espresso/coffee shops are in downtown seattle. Unfortunately, I've got to study and driving into town and trying to park for many hours will cost more than I'm wi...

Wet vs dry cappucino??

by ziggylu 13 years ago

What the heck?! Admittedly when it comes to modern "coffee drinks" I have my head in the sand. In the morning I drink my coffee hot strong and black. At home it comes from a french press....

Good coffee in Truckee

by jmarek 14 years ago

Is there a place to get good coffee and espresso drinks in Truckee? Used to go to a local joint on the edge of downtown last year, but it seems to have disappeared...

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