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6 Tips for Making Perfect Coffee at Home, According to a Barista

There's no time like National Coffee Day to learn how to make good coffee at home (it can be a struggle). [related_content align=left title=Eye-Opening Offers][related_content_data content_type=WpPost...

Interesting espresso interview from 2018/2019

by Eiron 10 months ago

I was looking for info specifically on pre-infusion and came across this article. I was glad to hear his description of the process matches what my Heat Exchange boiler machine provides, but also f...

How "pretty" do you like your espresso?

by Eiron 12 months ago

I think James' comments are missing the correlation between visual (and audible) cues and flavor. Without the computer-regulated controllers (e.g., temperature PIDs) now commonly available on espre...

Photos: I took apart my fully auto-espresso maker Gaggia

by eugenep 1 year ago

My grinder wasn't working. Youtube videos said it's just stuck grinds (but it could be a broken motor?). I bought a new Jura instead and was about to discard my Gaggia but dissected it to see what ...

New (to me) espresso machine

tim irvine
by tim irvine 2 years ago

I just acquired a fairly old Elektra Micro Casa a Leva. I bought a Baratza Sette 270 grinder to go with it. I have to say, it pulls the tastiest shots imaginable. Plus it’s rather attractive. I...

Proud Mary Cafe | Alberta Arts District - NE Portland

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Friday morning was my opportunity to sleep in and catch up from an early flight the day before. I wasn't very hungry the morning after our lavish dinner at Quaintrelle https://www.chowhound.com/pos...

My Bialetti pot is making bad coffee

by shalooney 4 years ago

A few months ago, I got a Bialetti espresso maker and it was making awesome coffee. I didn't realize there was a special way to clean it so I used to hand wash it with (not mild) soap. Nowadays, th...

Looking for somewhere to learn how to make simple barista drinks

by ughusernamealreadytaken 4 years ago

I need to learn [ASAP] how to use an espresso machine for some very basic drinks, learning how to properly froth milk, etc. I won't be working in store so I don't need to learn anything store relat...

Tom Hanks gives White House press corps a new Pasquini espresso machine

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

" . . . The two-time Academy Award winner surprised the reporters . . . with a stainless steel Pasquini coffee maker, which retails for more than $2,200. The lavish gift was accompanied by a sta...

Vev Vigano Vespresso Stovetop Coffee Maker malfunctioning

by AlexNerbs 4 years ago

I bought a fancy 4-cup Vev Vigano Vespresso stovetop espresso maker a few weeks ago. I had to upgrade from a Bialetti-style coffee maker after its handle broke off. Sadly, I have not figured out ho...

Decent combo espresso/coffee maker

by sonoregina 5 years ago

I have searched and searched and can't find a coffee maker that makes a great espresso with real crema and a great cup or pot of "American" coffee. Rather, I should say, there are many out there b...

Fall 2016 Deals Thread

by CenturyLife 5 years ago

Labor Day weekend is imminent, and the Summer 2016 deals thread is an unwieldy 366 posts long. So here's a new thread for Fall 2016! I'll kick things off with the Nespresso Inissia Espresso Make...

Our Favorite Coffee Drinks

by cliffandpebble 5 years ago

Drinking coffee can become repetitive. Most coffee drinkers will stick to the same drink everyday, at the same time, with the same amount of cream & sugar added. And hey, why not? Don’t change s...

Stovetop Espresso Machines, etc

by isadorasmama 14 years ago

This might be a dumb question so sorry in advance. Can I use a stovetop espresso maker with a gas stove? Also, what are some favorite AND affordable home espresso makers - stovetop or other? I'm...

Where can I find reviews of espresso machines?

by orleanslaura 12 years ago

I am looking for reliable reviews that aren't written solely by consumers. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Espresso Paraphenalia in Boston/Cambridge?

by chefMolnar 6 years ago

I will be in Boston this weekend and I'd like to pick a few accessories for my espresso machine (tamper, milk thermometer, etc.). Any independent stores or cafes that have a good selection of thes...

What coffee to use in my Bialetti espresso maker?

by Howard_2 15 years ago

If you have one of those Bialetti espresso makers--the kind that are standard in Italy for making espresso at home--what kind of coffee do you use in it?

Bialetti Mukka Express Electric Cappuccino Maker

by javaandjazz 12 years ago

Anyone have this? Any thoughts on it? Reading on the Williams-Sonoma site and it doesn't seem that great. They either love it or hate it. Thanks.

Older espresso machine leaking- are gaskets hard to replace?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 6 years ago

First, it is about 15 y/o, one of the older Starbucks Barista machines. I love it though! Simple and built like a tank. I just noticed in the past few days when I press the button for the steam wan...

Espresso machine repair

by Nyleve 17 years ago

Anyone know where in Toronto I could get a Saeco espresso machine repaired? Can't figure out what's wrong, but it's definitely not working right now.

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