English Muffins

These Homemade Sourdough English Muffins Will Make You Nostalgic for Your Youth

Sourdough bread king Bryan Ford actually started his baking pursuits far away from the world of fermentation. At the time, he was stationed in New Orleans shaping rainbow king cakes and other traditional...

Product Idea

by thatkitchenguy 10 months ago

hello everyone, i was planning on making a product that saves you from burning your fingers when you have to spread butter or cream cheese onto bagels or english muffins, thoughts? would yo...

Thomas English Muffins--is it me...?

by noodlepoodle 11 years ago

Is it me or do Thomas English Muffins have a sour off taste? I've eaten these since I was a kid, but seems in the last few years they're tasting funny. They're also a little raggy and don't toast...

Other English muffin brands besides Thomas?

by ebchower 7 years ago

Perhaps more than any other product I can think of, supermarkets have a knack for making sure their Thomas' English muffins are conspicuously displayed, especially when they are on sale. I know th...

Dos Hermanos Bakery | Boise - NE Portland

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

My housemate Cynsa snuck out early Saturday morning to the closest bakery, Dos Hermanos, to pick up breakfast treats..

Spread butter evenly on English muffin

by TracyPark 4 years ago

How do I spread butter (not cream cheese, not preserves) evenly on the nooks and crannies of an English muffin? I have tried softened butter, melted butter drizzled or with a pastry brush. I’ve ...

English Muffins - Recipe, Technique and Preferred Supplies

by Libranflight 4 years ago

For those wanting to make English muffins, I have found that the easy-to-find stainless steel rings stick to my muffins, even after trying 3 different mediums for greasing them. I tried nonstick s...

English Muffins

by HBGigi 6 years ago

Can someone please explain to me why we can't have English muffins that are cut all the way through? No matter how careful I am I can't seem to split them so that the two halves are equal. One ha...

English muffin splitter

by randyjl 14 years ago

Anyone know where an english muffin splitter? I am tired of Googling for it!

Breakfast eggs cooked the night before?

by walkie74 6 years ago

So my husband loves English muffin breakfast sandwiches with eggs over hard. If I get up early enough, I can make them for the two of us in about five minutes. Lately, though, we've needed more sle...

English Muffins

by oldunc 10 years ago

Driven half mad by the escalating price of English muffins, I recently decided to start making my own. My cookbooks are mostly in storage, so I was left to wander around the internet; I found t...

Thomas's English Muffins

by Annief123 8 years ago

I can't be the only one that has noticed they ARE NOT THE SAME. They fall apart when I use a fork to split them. The taste is different and they don't toast up with the same crunchy 'nook and crann...

Dairy and Yeast free English Muffins?

by kvsocks 6 years ago

My husband is allergic to milk, and I want to find an english muffin recipe that does not require any milk or yeast. I don't want to substitute with a non-dairy alternative as well, as we are on a ...

What's the difference between a crumpet and an English muffin?

by ipsedixit 12 years ago

I'm not English, nor British, nor pretend to be ... But I'd like to be enlightened as to the difference between a crumpet and an English muffin, assuming there is one.

English Muffin Crouton Recipes?

by abiebaby47 6 years ago

I'd like to make some croutons (using Bay's English Muffins) for tonight's Caesar salad - any recipes/suggestions? Thank you.

Simple Good Things

by mistiven 7 years ago

I have been thinking about really simple good foods lately. Things like English muffins with butter and honey or tomato’s & mozzarella with basil. Things that take almost no effort to make but ar...

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