Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in England, from London scrambled eggs to Yorkshire Pudding in York.

How to Eat, Drink, and Live Like a Queen in London

It’s our expectation as travelers to be treated like royalty when we’re shelling out time, cash, and effort to plan vacations, business trips, and weekend getaways, especially in Europe where hospitality...

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Please help me w London restaurants in February

by Martin 19 years ago

Will be in London for a week in Feb. Please advise on restaurants. Thanks, Simon, for suggesting Sweetings, which I'll book. My other resources besides this site are "Rough Guide to London Restau...

Fab gingerbread by mail (England)

by magnolia 19 years ago

Someone sent me a box of Billingtons (since 1817( gingerbread from the Atlas Delicatessen in Manchester, and it is so gingery my eyes are practically watering! It's the best I've ever tasted. No...

more London eats...Ransome's Dock and Noura Brasserie

by magnolia 19 years ago

Can't believe I've never been to Ransome's Dock before. Martin Lam (owner & chef) is a charmer - a man who clearly likes his job and goes about it with creativity and cheer. Went there with a party...

Surya - Vegetarian Indian in London NW6

by magnolia 19 years ago

A little gem that looks like it's on its last legs (sorry for the mixed metaphor). Had read about it in The Curry Guide...stickers all over door attest to its being a member of The Curry Club, t...

can't decide where to eat in london

by Danielle Svetcov 19 years ago

I'm going to London on Monday, Dec 18 to Dec 24, (impromptu trip) and have been researching restaurants like a mad woman. I've narrowed the list to the restaurants below, but I can't possibly eat a...

Travel Log - London

by Mike C 19 years ago

Following is my travel log from my trip to London that I took with my wife almost two months ago. Once again there is a lot of sight seeing mentioned, but everyday ends with a nice meal and there ...

London Pizza suggestions ???

by Drew Meany 19 years ago

I am a NY'er living in London. There is nothing I miss more than a good slice of pizza. Can anyone suggest a good place in London for a bonafide slice or pizza pie?

London: Quality Chop House, Durrants, Heathrow Hilton, Tamarind, & Lawson &Slater

by yvonne johnson 19 years ago

Was unexpectedly in London last w/end. Start with the best and keep the poorest till last. The Quality Chop House (Farringdon Road) is terrific. This is an old working men’s tea shop that, from ...

Big Dog's London Report

by Jim Dorsch 19 years ago

I have a few comments -- beer-related, of course -- on Jim's great London report: The White Horse on Parson's Green and its cellarman, Mark Dorber, are sufficiently famous -- at least in beer cir...


by m 19 years ago

Please recommend restaurants for Dover sole in February. Thanx.

any advice about The Cow (London) or other romantic spot w/good food, wine?

by magnolia 19 years ago

Am taking someone who is very picky about food and wine out for their birthday. Made a reservation at The Cow because it's one of the *very few* places he hasn't been! But someone has advised that ...

New Updates: Ethiopian and Big Dog's London Report

by Harrison 19 years ago

Hello, Everyone We've added two reports over the weekend that are of international interest. 1. Jim Dorsch's wonderful Ethiopian report (with insider information on native foods and drinks...p...

Salt House Restaurant (London) - beware of bad Sunday service- my pet peeve

by magnolia 19 years ago

I've been to Salt House on Abbey Road a few times and have really liked it! It's a pretty, friendly gastro pub; the food and wine list are good and decently priced, and the atmosphere is really cas...

Six:13 gourmet kosher restaurant in London

by magnolia 19 years ago

see my post on the International Board for more details...

Two superb places in London

by Simon Majumdar 19 years ago

I would just like to recommend two places to those of you who do not know London and those of you who never venture east a) The Real Greek in Hoxton Market - a modern Greek ( yes you heard right ...

Chowhounding in 'greater London' - i.e. Surbiton & environs

by magnolia 19 years ago

I'm helping a friend paint his house (inside, thank you very much) this weekend and will be rewarded with dinner. Here's my chance to do some chowhounding in what I'd refer to as 'the burbs'. ...

Non Destinational Places in London

by Simon Majumdar 19 years ago

Much like Frasier and Niles, the thought of going to the sort of place where you don't even need a reservation fills me with horror and not a little disgust. This is not snobbery I hasten to add, ...

Big Dog's London Report - Myth or Reality

by Simon Majumdar 19 years ago

we demand the right to see Big Dog's London report If it is a good report, it might finally make Howler accept he is living in God's own land. If it is not a good report, it will give me the ch...

looking for quiet + decent wine list in SW London

by howler 19 years ago

looking for a quiet, shadowy place - but the emphasis is on intrigue, not seduction. plus a good wine list, decent food, unobtrusive service. any thoughts?

Waterloo & South Bank (London)

by Alex 19 years ago

HELP My company has moved its office to York Road, just behind the Eurostar terminal... and my stomach is lost here. I'm looking for GOOD lunch places and have found within lunching distance: ...

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