Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in England, from London scrambled eggs to Yorkshire Pudding in York.

How Mother's Day Is Celebrated Around the World

Mother’s Day is the mother of all holidays in the U.S. But the celebratory occasion is not unique to the U.S. and is celebrated around the world. In many countries, mom’s special day is observed the...

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Only in London... neighborhood restaurants you would head back to first

by kayreed 10 months ago

DH and I will be visiting London (staying in Belgravia) and traveling throughout the central core in late November. We like to find restaurants using the Calvin Trillin method (i.e. asking a local ...

Wilton's @ St. James or Simpson's @ the Strand?

by lukewarm 5 months ago

Traveling to London in February and wondering which of these someone with experience might choose. Alternative "traditional British food in an upscale setting" restaurant recommendations welcome an...

Chelsea buns in Chelsea [London]

by deelite 14 years ago

Are there any great bakeries in Central London selling traditional English buns or cakes? It seems every google search I've made turns up patisseries or bakeries focusing on artisanal breads. Shoul...

A bouquet of odd requests

by buhnard 2 years ago

Hi Chowhounds. Newly in town and would love to hear your recommendations on any of the following: 1. Favorite restaurants in a converted space? Ex. warehouse, tramshed, churches, etc. 2. Seati...

Haitian in London?

by JFores 11 years ago

Hello there, I was wondering if anyone knew any good Haitian restaurants, particularly low-priced ones catering exclusively to immigrants. I've been going to one in New York now and it's so good...

Scott's or Savoy Grill

by Hart50 6 months ago

I'm going to be in London over the Christmas season and I'm looking for a special occasion restaurant. Based on their menu and a number of other factors, I have narrowed my choice down to Scott's a...

Three days in London

by foodell 6 months ago

We will be in London for three days in London. Need three dinners. I am thinking ------1 night of classical British cooking. Is Roots a good choice? Night 2- Pub food-fish and chips, etc. Nigh...

££ Christmas Day Dinner in London

by kathy768 8 months ago

Hi All, Any reasonably-priced recos for Christmas Day dinner in London? Some more info: * reasonably-priced = max £80 for two * not interested in hotel dining since for sure it'll be £££. W...

1st Time in London - Help!

by nycAttorney 9 months ago

Hey guys, I am taking my wife here for our anniversary at the beginning of November for about a week. We are foodies, and love just about any kind of food. We need help with some suggestions for lu...

London, Florence & Rome

by Multifoiled 2 years ago

Hello all. My husband and I are leaving for a two week trip this Sunday. The following is our itinerary gleaned mostly from CH with the help of Eater 38 and Elizabeth Minchilli for a few places. ...

Eating in London

by KAUAI GIRL 9 months ago

If you're best friend visited, where would you insist they go for a breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner in London if you wanted them to leave with a huge, satisfied smile on their face? Whether it ...

London Restaurant Recs, and Fish and Chips, Please

by therealdoctorlew 10 months ago

My wife and I are going to London in the Fall. We eat everything, er, I mean I do, but Mrs. T doesn't eat gamey foods, raw meats or fish, or offal. We like traditional and ethnic, as long as it i...

Enlighten Me About Dover Sole

by therealdoctorlew 9 months ago

Enlighten Me About Dover Sole I'll be in London in a while. I know true Dover sole is uncommon here in the US, often faked with lesser fish, but how about in the restaurants of London? I find it...

Pizza Article in the Financial Times

by DavidT 9 months ago

This weekend's Financial Times has an article about pizza ('from Naples to New York"). Several pizza places in London are mentioned, including Pizza Pilgrims, NY Fold, Franco Manca and Farina. h...

Specific questions re: London (researched!)

by saticoy 4 years ago

Hello, I will be visiting London for a week in winter (Dec 27-Jan3) with my husband and son (10). Researching the board has provided me with an enormous list, and I have some specific questions ...

Anniversary Meal - Thinking Prix Fix Lunch

by gerrythegreat 10 months ago

Hi there, 2 couples coming from Canada and would like to celebrate 2 of us turning 50. If that is reason to celebrate lol. With the money exchange bitting us I was thinking of many going for a p...

48 Hours In London

by DavidT 11 months ago

On the way home from a month in the Scottish Highlands, we had a very nice weekend in London earlier this month. Got to see the Queen in the "Trooping of the Colours" procession, two plays and a co...

Trip Report England (long)

by turbowine 11 months ago

Just got back from a 23 day trip to England. Here are my restaurant thoughts! A little explanation. Everything went into Trip Advisor along the way, an easy way to keep notes, just post it ther...

London's best afternoon teas

by josephml1 1 year ago

Please let me know your personal list of best afternoon tea in London. Thank You all