Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in England, from London scrambled eggs to Yorkshire Pudding in York.

How Mother's Day Is Celebrated Around the World

Mother’s Day is the mother of all holidays in the U.S. But the celebratory occasion is not unique to the U.S. and is celebrated around the world. In many countries, mom’s special day is observed the...

What to do and where to eat in Brighton England

by epicurious34 17 days ago

Hello. Looking forward to spending a few nights in Brighton and exploring the city. Pescatarian. Attending a concert one night and have reservations at Little Fish Market. Was sad to hear Isaac...

Solo lunch in London today (Friday)

by Blumie 18 days ago

When I have the opportunity for a solo lunch in NYC, I typically look for impossible-to-get-into-at-dinner-time places where one generally can walk in at lunch time and preferably eat at the bar. E...

Vancouverite's first trip to London

by selena03 28 days ago

We are heading to London in late June for the first time and are looking for recommendations on lunches and dinners. We will be there for a week and our hotel, Park Lane Sherlock Holmes is in the ...

London First Time Trip Itinerary

by jcoves73 1 month ago

Hi everyone. I will be in London for 3 nights in a couple of weeks and wanted to know what you thought of my itinerary or If I should change anything. We will be going to the theater the second and...

Best Cocktail Bars to Try

by LarzKe 1 month ago

I will be spending approximately 6 nights in London and am in need of help to choose some cocktail bars. I am a fan of both traditional cocktails and modern interpretations. I was considering check...

Restaurant near Marylebone train station

by rstuart 4 months ago

I will be in London in mid-March to see some friends. I am spending the day with one friend around the V and A, and we will then take the train back to Oxford where she lives via Marylebone station...

Loop could be the major packaging shift we've been waiting for

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

" . . . Durable, reusable packaging also allows companies to make containers that are more functional (like the Haagen Daaz container that keeps ice cream colder, longer). It also allows for way mo...

Two tickets for Lunch at Fat Duck, UK - 19th April

by acgti 3 months ago

Sadly I can't make my lunch reservation at Fat Duck on 19th April in the UK. If there's someone here who'd like them please lmk Details can be found here: https://www.exploretock.com/thefatduck/...

London - Texture Restaurant

by Steve_K 10 years ago

Has anyone been to Texture? The menu looks good and prices aren't extortionate. I'm over for 3 nights in November and want to know if this place is worth spending one of them in!

Lunch near Tate Britain?

by marina13 3 months ago

Looking for a lunch recommendation within a short walk of Tate Britain that is kid and vegetarian friendly. Thanks in advance!

Clove Club vs Ledbury

by Heeney 9 months ago

Planning a special meal and really torn between these two places. Have heard wonderful things about both. Ledbury is actually the slightly cheaper option and has 2 stars vs 1 for Clove Club. ...

So, what was your best restaurant meal of 2018?

by damiano 6 months ago

As the year draws to a close, my mind wanders off to some of my best restaurant experiences in 2018. What was your best restaurant meal of 2018? It doesn't matter whether is was in your home to...

Maltby market?

by rstuart 4 months ago

I will be in London for the first time in several years in mid-March. I will definitely be spending time at Borough Market, but also wondered if Maltby was worth a visit? I was considering a return...

Feedback and Suggestions for Foodie Itinerary London April

by Kalenden 4 months ago

Hi, My companion and I are looking for feedback and suggestions for a restaurant itinerary in London April. We are major foodies and enjoy active city trips with a big gastronomic part. Commonly...

Suriname food in London?

by rdeman 9 years ago

I heard rumors that there should be a Surinamese restaurant in London. There's 1 in NYC and there's a whole lot of them in neighboring Amsterdam. Given the size of London and Suriname's proximity t...

You'll never guess where to find the best sushi in North London

by thakurmatthew 4 months ago

It doesn't look promising. An unremarkable row of shops near a station at the top end of the northern line in High Barnet. A charity shop on one side, a hairdresser on the other. The first thing yo...

CORE vs HIDE vs TheCloveClub

by arturchik 4 months ago

Hello, Please help select 1 dinner in London. I narrowed down the choices to CORE vs HIDE vs TheCloveClub (and maybe Dinner by Heston Blumenthal). To add context - love adventurous and inven...

London Foodie Itinerary for end of April

by Kalenden 4 months ago

My companion and I are major foodies and enjoy active city trips with a big gastronomic part. Commonly, we actively walk around the city the whole day and go for a nice (fine-)dining experience in...

Looking for reasonably upscale, reasonably healthy for dinner in London

by Blumie 5 months ago

Criteria are (1) reasonably upscale, or at least where we won't be out of place if we dress up, (2) reasonably healthy, by which I mean checks as many of the organic, hormone free, grass fed, human...