Engagement Party

You put a ring on it! Now what? Plan a great engagement party with the help of Chowhounds and their tips for menu planning, cocktails, and gifts.

How to Choose a Live Lobster

When it comes to shellfish, lobster is synonymous with luxury and usually priced to match, but cooking it at home takes a lot of the sting out of the price tag. That said, it can be challenging to prepare...

Engagement Party Locations in Houston

by speirce 12 years ago

My fiance and I are looking for a place in Houston to have an engagement party- we are both not from here and don't really know of too many places that would have a back room/bar, etc that we'd be ...

Los Angeles (Silverlake) Catering

by JMCLAX 6 years ago

I'm having a party for about 30-40 to celebrate my nephew's engagement. Not a formal dinner party, just drinks and heavy hors d'oeuvres. I saw posting from 2008, but need updates. Suggestions, pl...

Engagement party for my son

by leahdenisebritt 6 years ago

I am looking for an awesome venue to host my son's engagement party. it cannot be sit down and formal or he will just not attend :) I can have the party if the is fun and laid back - with GREAT fo...

coconut chiffon cake - any great recipes?

by she_eats_figs 7 years ago

I volunteered to bake a coconut cake for my brother's engagent party. Our family's favorite is the coconut chiffon cake from Deelite Bakery in Honolulu. I'd love to find a recipe for a cake as clos...

Engagement Party

by karmicbacklash 8 years ago

My fiance and I are looking to host our engagement party for about 40 people. We want to keep it casual and fun. We were thinking pubs or breweries with decent food. Just some pitchers and appetize...

Help a girl out! Engagement Party: 20-30 people, romantic and won't break the bank. HELP!

by bostonrenee 8 years ago

Hi Chowwies! I'd like suggestions for an Engagement Party for 20 people, 30 max, for some time this October. While we'd love an outdoor/patio feel, October might be a little chilly. If you have ...

Inexpensive No Fuss Engagement Party location

by Jessattacks 9 years ago

Hi! I am looking for restaurant/bar that would work great as an engagement party venue, preferably with an event room without a hire fee. I am not looking for a full coarse meal, just somewhere gu...

Planning Engagement Party in the GTA...HELP!!!

by Sacco1 9 years ago

My wonderful fiancé and I are slowly planning an engagement party. We're looking to have it at a family friendly restaurant (which also has dancing). Nothing TOO fancy, but something decent. My fia...

Help! How much shrimp for an engagement party for 75-80 people?

by KateMW 9 years ago

I have zero idea how much shrimp to order for an engagement party I'm throwing this weekend. There will be around 80 people there. We're also serving ham biscuits, beef tenderloin sandwiches, devil...

Engagement party venue in Central or Northern NJ

by sanchezay5 9 years ago

My FI and I are throwing our own enagement party and are looking for great food preferebaly Italian. We are on a budget ( 40-50 pp) for 65 people. BYOB would be great. We havent had any luck. noth...

Engagement Party for 30 People-Relaxed and Fun Space?

by AGA1234 9 years ago

Hi. I'm planning an engagement party for a friend of mine and need some help! We are probably about 30 people and looking for something very casual and fun. We're a group in our mid-twenties. I hop...

Please I need help planning an engagement party/diner in NYC for 15-20 people

by fafie33 9 years ago

Hi guys, I need help finding a nice restaurant in NYC with a private room for my engagement party/diner for 15-20 people. my budget is 80-100 before drink, tips, and tax. In addition to food, d...

Inexpensive Engagement Party

by vatl619 9 years ago

Hello hounders, My fiance and I are thinking about throwing a little soiree for our families and close friends to have an opportunity to meet and mingle. We are thinking we will have around 40 p...

Inexpensive Engagement Party

by vatl619 9 years ago

Hello hounders, My fiance and I are thinking about throwing a little soiree for our families and close friends to have an opportunity to meet and mingle. We are thinking we will have around 40 p...

University City (close to Penn) engagement party rec. pretty please!?

by Tonyjlive 10 years ago

Ciao everyone, I'm helping my best friend's Mother plan an engagement party for her son. She is looking for a private room or place to hold about 50 people. BYOB or liquor license doesn't matte...

Engagement party easy ideas please!

by Miri1 10 years ago

I'd like to give my friend and her fiancé an engagement party. Im looking at maybe 15 to 20 people, plus her two voracious-eater teens. I don't necessarily want to do a full dinner, am thinking mo...

Engagement Party

by mercy0606 10 years ago

Hi! Looking for a restaurant or bar to host a 50 person engagement party with open bar and appetizers. Our ideal cost would be $3000.00.

Engagement party venue

by kabelle 10 years ago

hi, a friend of mine would like to host an engagement cocktail party in an affordable venue preferably where you are allowed to bring in your own alcohol, food also if possible but alcohol prefe...

Engagement Party Ideas in NYC

by cebnyc 10 years ago

I recently got engaged and am looking for a place to have an engagement party in the city since we will be getting married in Westchester (but we live in the city, so I want to have the party here!...