Enameled Cast Iron

Le Creuset’s New Color 'Cosmos' Is Hauntingly Beautiful

Pretty much everything about 2020 is dark and scary, so why not Le Creuset’s new cookware color, too? The major difference is, unlike most of this cursed year, “Cosmos,” the moody and mysterious new...

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Another enameled cast iron cookware topic and question

Sid Post
by Sid Post 10 years ago

My head is so full of contradictory posts right now, I'm more confused after reading several threads then when I began. I'm not interested at all in the cheap thin cast iron many people rave about...

heating a le creuset enameled cast iron skillet/pot/pan

by meerah 10 years ago

Hello everyone! I wasn't sure if I should put this post in cookware board or home cooking so I apologize in advance if it's in the wrong board! so, I bought a le creuset multi-pan than comes ...

Macy's sale on enameled cast iron

by greygarious 10 years ago

I've been seeing a brief TV ad for Macy's. Among the sale items mentioned are the Martha Stewart enameled cast iron cookware. Mixed reviews for it on this board. I have a Dutch oven from her K-M...

Enameled Cast Iron Safety in LC vs. Staub

by Woonendez 10 years ago

Hi Everyone, I'm new to Chowhound, but I've been reading everyone's posts for a while -- you all have good advice! I've been researching the whole LC vs. Staub debate, and I'm still undecided a...

new enameled cast iron at Walmart

by dixiegal 11 years ago

I think Walmart has a new enameled cast iron. Well, new to me. It is by Better Homes and Gardens. Looks really nice. The colors so far seem to be red(kind of a dark cherry red), blue (cobalt ty...

using enameled cast iron

by Hungry Celeste 12 years ago

After years of reading this cookware message board, I've grown weary of uninformed posts on the durability of enameled cast iron. I read stuff like "can't be used with hot oils", "hard to clean", ...

Enameled Cast Iron Doufeu dutch oven ID? Size 20, marked "ac" *pics inside*

by dost 11 years ago

I very happily picked this up today, and am really looking forward to cooking with it. I've not been able to find out anything about the lower case "ac" inside a circle imprinted on the top of the...

Green Chile and Enameled Cast Iron!

by ziggylu 11 years ago

I made some green chile earlier this week in one of my smaller round LCs. It was super duper hot. Too much so for my husband to eat. It sat in the fridge two days until school schedule allowed m...

Has anyone had experience with Voss enameled cast iron?

by jianji 11 years ago

And, if so, do you have an opinion contrasting it with Descoware, Copco Michael Lax or Cousances?

Emeril Enameled Cast Iron 6 qt Dutch Oven

by topgun2mo 13 years ago

I was shopping at Bed, Bath and beyond yesterday for some pots for my son and came across what must be a new product in the Emerilware line. Has anyone seen these? They were very attractive blue ...

Best size for single all-purpose dutch oven/braiser/enameled cast iron thing?

by Pondering 11 years ago

I've been lurking on Chowhound for a while and have taken advantage of oodles of good advice provided here. I'm wondering if folks might be able to give me their opinion on the single-most usefully...

Sodir Equipex E350F - Enameled Cast Iron Griddle

by arbuz 11 years ago

I'm having a tough time cooking crepes on this griddle. Any ideas on how to prep the griddle so the batter doesn't stick. Thanks.

15-16 qt enameled cast iron

by rqburfr 11 years ago

Been looking at 15-16qt (big) dutch ovens. Other than the LC at $450+ only found one other (China) with a "wire" handle that looks more like a lobster pot. Any other suggestions at more rea...

New Lodge Non-Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven - Any treatment before using?

by kmv37 11 years ago

After cooking with enameled cast iron for a couple year, I am now adventuring in cooking with non-enameled cast iron. I just got a brand new Lodge cast iron dutch oven (I know some would suggest t...

Remy Olivier enameled cast iron

by HalifaxJ 11 years ago

My mom knows how much I love enameled cast iron, and she bought me a Remy Olivier 6.6L Oval DO for Christmas. I already have a 5 quart Staub Cocotte. I'm not sure about Remy Olivier as I've nev...

Enameled Cast Iron - cool down times and refrigeration

by HalifaxJ 12 years ago

Greetings from the East Coast of Canada! Two weeks ago, maybe 3, I bought a 5qt Staub Cocotte. It's absolutely amazing and I've been learning how to use it to its advantage - needless to say the...

Tell me why I need an enameled cast iron Dutch Oven ... or not

by taos 12 years ago

So I've been cooking just fine for many years without an enameled cast iron dutch oven. Or so I thought. But after reading this board for a while, I'm starting to think that not having one is like ...

Stoneware vs enameled cast iron pans

by E_M 12 years ago

When would stoneware be an advantage for a rectangular baking pan? For example, there is this piece of stoneware: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/137943/?cm_src=hero and this piece of ECI: ...

martha stewart enameled cast iron dutch oven

by hyde 12 years ago

i know this 7 qt. dutch oven does not receive a lot of love on this site, but just to let everyone know, i just bought two of these from amazon (shipped from macys) for 40.00 apiece and 9.95 to shi...

Enameled cast iron - leaving rust marks on bottom. Solutions?

by rln 12 years ago

Hello - Another question here, I hope this hasn't been covered before. I couldn't find anything. My husband and I just adopted a set of enameled cast iron pans (dutch oven, casserole) etc. from...

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