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Cleaning With OxiClean (Pyrex/Enameled Cast Iron)

by isadorasmama 9 years ago

I heard that Oxiclean does a great job at getting rid of gunky build-up on the outside of stainless steel pots and pa...


karmalaw commented 9 years ago

Enameled cast iron dutch oven

by mliew 9 years ago

Been thinking about picking up a 5-qt enameled dutch oven from Bed Bath and Beyond since I have a gift card. I'm con...


paraque commented 9 years ago

Technique brand enameled cast iron from QVC

by cookiegirlnyc 9 years ago

Does anyone own any enameled cast iron from the Technique line sold on QVC? If so, what are your opinions? Does any...


mpalmer6c commented 9 years ago

Enameled Cast Iron questions

by cookiegirlnyc 9 years ago

I'm looking to purchase some enameled cast iron pieces in the very near future-I've already decided that Le Creuset i...


Jack_ commented 9 years ago

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Buckingham enameled cast iron cookware?

by frobe 10 years ago

Anyone know anything about the Buckingham brand of enameled cast iron? Here in the UK, TK Maxx (equiv of TJ Maxx in ...

Tip for Boston Area: Enameled Cast Iron Sale

by litchick 10 years ago

Hi All, Just wanted to throw out there that I was at the TJMaxx at Fresh Pond yesterday, and they have a TON of co...


Gio commented 10 years ago

Cast Iron vs. Enameled Cast Iron - Why?

by ExercisetoEat 10 years ago

I'm looking to purchase my first cast iron skillet in the next few months and am trying to learn more about the diffe...


ExercisetoEat commented 10 years ago

Touch-up paint for enameled cast iron cookware?

by CCravey 10 years ago

I have several pieces of enameled cast iron cookware, which I love, but have noticed some small chips in the enamel. ...


Jimmy Buffet commented 10 years ago

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Enameled Cast Iron cookware

by chucklind 10 years ago

I read the reviews of the Chefmate enameled cast iron dutch oven from Target and I cannot locate one. On the Target ...

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

by Ali 10 years ago

With all the talks of Le Cruset, Chefmate and whatnot, I thought I'd throw another name into the ring to see if anyon...


scubadoo97 commented 10 years ago

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Target 5 qt. enameled cast iron pot..Clearance!

by jnk 11 years ago

Just came out of Target and saw them on clearance for $27.00, reduced from $37.00. Clearance is the key word here. ...

Need to replace large enameled cast iron

by ziggylu 11 years ago

I have several pieces of LC which I love. My big enameled cast iron is an off-brand oval however. My mom picked it...


Scrapironchef commented 11 years ago

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Calphlon Enameled Cast Iron

by Candy 11 years ago

Got the weekly or sometimes it seems the bi-weekly flyer from Bed Bath and Beyond and they are offerng Calphalon enam...

Using foil to protect phenolic knobs on enameled cast iron?

by Vexorg 11 years ago

I just got new 3qt and 6qt enameled cast iron dutch ovens for Christmas (Lodge Color) and the first thing I want to t...


Sherri commented 11 years ago

IKEA's Enameled Cast Ironware... any good? [moved from Home Cooking]

by Chowsmurf 12 years ago

I already have a lovely smurf blue Le Creuset dutch oven that my friends got me for my last birthday... And a Lodge c...


Kagemusha commented 12 years ago

Cut-rate enameled cast iron from Home Goods report

by emdb 12 years ago

I bought a sunny yellow 7 quart oval dutch oven from Home Goods a month ago, and last night I put it to the test for ...


emdb commented 12 years ago

Le Creuset-type Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens for <$50

by Norm 12 years ago

While flipping channels, I found QVC selling Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens (similar to Le Creuset) at very attractiv...


Cee Bee commented 12 years ago

Great Enameled Cast Iron Deal

by Caitlin McGrath 13 years ago

I was surfing around a couple of weeks ago, coveting a dutch oven I knew I couldn't afford, when I discovered that QV...


Miss Priss commented 13 years ago

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Lodge enameled cast iron cookware

by membrillo 13 years ago

I was browsing the Lodge website to check out their pre-seasoned cast iron skillets, and came across something I've n...

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