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Garage sale find - "lauffer" enameled cast iron

by demographof1 8 years ago

Does anyone know anything about Lauffer cast iron cookware? I picked up a box with 6 pieces in it; 2 pans with lids (probably 2 and 4 quart) and an oval casserole/dutch oven also with a lid. They...

Anyone familiar with Sur La Table enameled cast iron cookware?

by ninrn 5 years ago

I noticed Sur La Table makes its own brand of enameled cast iron pots. Has anyone bought these and are they of good quality? Better than the cheaper kind I can get at Cost Plus World Market or Ta...

Enameled Cast Iron in the UK?

by jennesy 5 years ago

I know that Le Creuset is the standard and best enameled cast iron out there. I'm buying a gift for someone and I'd love to get them LC but it's out of the budget. I live in US and here Lodge Logic...

Le Creuset vs. Le Cuistot [moved from Toronto board]

by Davedigger 6 years ago

I'm torn between coughing up the money for a Le Creuset or saving on Le Cuistot. I scored what appears to be a near flawless seconds 5.3 litre round dutch oven for $200 at Home Sense last night,...

New Staub enameled cast iron grill pan stained and damaged... what now?

by DaveInLA 6 years ago

I got a Staub enameled cast iron pan as a wedding gift, and I used it for the first time last night. I didn't oil or season it, just rinsed it with soapy water, and put it on the stove (electric hi...

Please help identify my vintage enameled cast iron pan

by uber_elena 6 years ago

Just picked up this gorgeous red enameled cast iron pan with lid from an antique store and I'm curious about the make and age of the pan. The only mark on it is a letter R with a crown (located on ...

Best enameled cast iron cookware?

by ahdarah 12 years ago

Le Creuset, Staub, Mario Batali, etc. Does one brand perform better than another? If so, Why?

Le Cruset VS other enameled cast iron pans

by Phogi 7 years ago

I've seen the high price of le cruset, and people I know that have them like them. But in the end they are enameled cast iron, and they are not the only brand. So, are the other brands any good?

Lodge enameled cast iron

by hello2012 7 years ago

Lodge has always made good cast iron products. They decided to go the route of the "fast buck" and import Chinese enameled cast iron. They explain up front in their literature that it is Chinese. L...

Fagor 5 qt. enameled cast iron roaster pan $27.00!

by blondelle 7 years ago

This looks really nice. The same design as LC's but the enamel color placement is a bit different! Comes in 3 colors. $5.00 shipping but you can ship anything else free with it from that site for t...

Brand new enameled cast iron dutch oven - sticking?

by FitMom4Life 7 years ago

I love cooking in a cast iron dutch oven, but mine were camp ovens, with feet. I got tired of manuvering them into the oven, and decided that I'd get a flat-bottomed one, and then said what the he...

Vintage Enameled Cast Iron Cookware (Descoware, Cousances, Etc.)

by cheesemaestro 8 years ago

I've been looking at pots on eBay and other web sites: Descoware, Cousances, Dru Holland, Dansk Kobenstyle (not sure if this one is cast iron or steel) and early LC. Many of the items I've seen ha...

Another enameled cast iron cookware topic and question

Sid Post
by Sid Post 7 years ago

My head is so full of contradictory posts right now, I'm more confused after reading several threads then when I began. I'm not interested at all in the cheap thin cast iron many people rave about...

heating a le creuset enameled cast iron skillet/pot/pan

by meerah 8 years ago

Hello everyone! I wasn't sure if I should put this post in cookware board or home cooking so I apologize in advance if it's in the wrong board! so, I bought a le creuset multi-pan than comes ...

Macy's sale on enameled cast iron

by greygarious 8 years ago

I've been seeing a brief TV ad for Macy's. Among the sale items mentioned are the Martha Stewart enameled cast iron cookware. Mixed reviews for it on this board. I have a Dutch oven from her K-M...

Enameled Cast Iron Safety in LC vs. Staub

by Woonendez 8 years ago

Hi Everyone, I'm new to Chowhound, but I've been reading everyone's posts for a while -- you all have good advice! I've been researching the whole LC vs. Staub debate, and I'm still undecided a...

new enameled cast iron at Walmart

by dixiegal 8 years ago

I think Walmart has a new enameled cast iron. Well, new to me. It is by Better Homes and Gardens. Looks really nice. The colors so far seem to be red(kind of a dark cherry red), blue (cobalt ty...

using enameled cast iron

by Hungry Celeste 9 years ago

After years of reading this cookware message board, I've grown weary of uninformed posts on the durability of enameled cast iron. I read stuff like "can't be used with hot oils", "hard to clean", ...

Enameled Cast Iron Doufeu dutch oven ID? Size 20, marked "ac" *pics inside*

by dost 8 years ago

I very happily picked this up today, and am really looking forward to cooking with it. I've not been able to find out anything about the lower case "ac" inside a circle imprinted on the top of the...

Green Chile and Enameled Cast Iron!

by ziggylu 8 years ago

I made some green chile earlier this week in one of my smaller round LCs. It was super duper hot. Too much so for my husband to eat. It sat in the fridge two days until school schedule allowed m...

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