Enameled Cast Iron

Le Creuset’s New Color 'Cosmos' Is Hauntingly Beautiful

Pretty much everything about 2020 is dark and scary, so why not Le Creuset’s new cookware color, too? The major difference is, unlike most of this cursed year, “Cosmos,” the moody and mysterious new...


by penrichardson 2 years ago

I am still looking at bakeware, and as when I asked before several suggested Pillivuyt and Apilco. For those who have used both these and the Le Creuset (not the CIE, just the ceramic), can you te...

ECI alternatives for braising

by Tom54321 17 days ago

Hello all, I've currently got a 24cm Staub ECI cocotte that is used a lot for braising/low and slow cooking on both the hob and in the oven. It's the only kind of pot that I've ever used for thi...

Trying to organize the kitchen, ECI & SS, am I missing essential items?

by newbiecook77 24 days ago

Hi I am minimizing my kitchen to quality, essential items after some years of a break from cooking. Everyone on this forum is so knowledgeable and passionate and I have spent days poring over the f...

Uneven searing in overpriced ECI pans from Staub & Le Creuset - show us examples

by CHSeifert 3 months ago

I would like to hear your experiences with uneven heating and searing using your overpriced garbage ECI pans from Staub & Le Creuset. I’m not a huge fan of ECI vessels, in fact I prefer stainle...

Another Staub disappointment

by recklessgardener 1 month ago

Just received another Staub ECI oval cocotte, from a different retailer. The item was not marked as second or with visual imperfection, but there are multiple obvious defects/imperfection. It i...

Staub and Deyemere Quality Slipped?

by recklessgardener 1 month ago

Just received the Staub BOUILLABAISSE POT and deyemere Atlantis Stock Pot from Zwilling website, and they suppose to be first choice, not second or imperfection item, but the quality seems not very...

What cookware is on your want list that is not available?

by ceasar2k6 2 months ago

This is more of a wish list of what cookware you want, and can't have as it's simply either not made or available. Feel free to also rant when a manufacturer discontinued something and you want it ...

New! Tall Staub Cocotte

by kaleokahu 3 months ago

For everyone who gets a cast iron thrill down their leg... The NEW! Staub tall cocotte. As low as $199! https://www.zwilling.com/us/staub-la-cocotte-5-qt-round-tall-cocotte-graphite-grey-12...

Staub Frying Pan Convex On The Inside?

by KevPang 3 months ago

Hi Guys, Got this 28cm Staub Frying Pan about 2 months ago. Cooked with it a few times, but I realized something: 1) Base is not completely flat, if I tap on the edge of the pan with some pr...

Winter Clearance Sale @ Cooks' Junction, Los Altos

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Passing along the flyer for the winter clearance sale at Cooks' Junction in Los Altos, CA. Cooks' Junction 261 Main Street Los Altos CA 94022 650-941-6530 https://www.instagram.com/cooksjun...

Cast Iron or Enameled grill pan for fish

by starzzz 3 months ago

I caught an episode of Gino D’Acampo on YouTube where he grills a fish, similar to a Sardine, in what appears to be an cast iron enameled pan e.g Le Creuset/Staub or similar. The general consens...

Advise: Staub Chistera/Nike Braiser or Staub Hexagon/Honeycomb Braiser?

by KevPang 3 months ago

Hi Guys! I am looking to buy a 28cm Staub ECI Braiser, but I have realized that there are 2 version of Staub Braiser available for me to choose. 1) Staub Chistera/Nike Braiser 2) Staub Hexagon...

My experience with Lodge Enameled Cast Iron

by Jillsee 4 months ago

I have a Lodge 7 quart EC Dutch Oven since 2011.It started chipping in several places(I posted my experience on here)Well,the chipping got really bad so I contacted Lodge about it.They asked for pi...

Let's celebrate autumn: take out your enameled cast iron cookware!

by damiano 6 months ago

So, after a hiatus of 6 months, today I took out my Le Creuset cast iron dutch oven and made a wonderful lamb stew. Recipe by Penelope Casas. Boy, have I missed my Le Creuset! Who else has been...

Le Creuset braiser or saute pan/skillet?

by spoonfuloflove 4 years ago

I have a Lodge 10" cast iron skillet and I absolutely love it and started thinking about getting an enameled cast iron for tomato sauces and de-glazing. ATK recommended Le Creuset 12" fry pan but I...

Vermicular pots

by bloodboy 3 years ago

Does anyone have any experience with these Japanese made enameled cast iron pots? https://shop.vermicular.com/en/index.php I've seen information on them on Japanese boards but no-one has mentio...

5 qt Le Creuset Braiser/shallow casserole

by starzzz 7 months ago

Hi There The Le Creuset 5qt or 32cm braiser/shallow casserole appears to be hard to find and/or limited to only certain countries. Appreciate any suggestions online retailers who may have them, ...

Summer 2020 Cookware Deals

by jankdc 10 months ago

Since it is officially summer, I thought to start a new thread. There are still active deals in the Spring 2020 thread.

Which pans do you keep around but rarely use?

by CHSeifert 9 months ago

Lee inspired me to make this thread. I wonder what pans you still keep in your arsenal, but never or very rarely actually use for cooking? I have a heck of a lot of pans, so for those of us ...

Jacques Pepin’s cookware

by damiano 7 months ago

So, with all the attention being given to Jacques Pepin’s knives, here is what I’ve just encountered on my fb wall. Who can identify what pans he has?