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2017 Summer Cookware Deals

by Libranflight 21 days ago

It's summertime, yay!!! Starting off the new Summer post for cookware deals, put your deals here and happy cooking!


sr44 commented 4 hours ago

Le Creuset or Staub?

by JennyJenkins 4 days ago

Just renovated our kitchen as a 30th anniversary present to ourselves and now it's time to say goodbye to the Calphal...

drrayeye commented 1 day ago

Cookware for baking a brioche

by damiano 16 days ago

I'm considering buying a brioche pan, and see a few possibilities. Firstly, I see a non-stick brioche pan by the ...


damiano commented 4 days ago

Le Creuset braiser or saute pan/skillet?

by spoonfuloflove 2 months ago

I have a Lodge 10" cast iron skillet and I absolutely love it and started thinking about getting an enameled cast iro...

C. Hamster commented 2 months ago

Cleaning cast iron dutch oven

by skelly084 3 months ago

I put my Giada red cast iron dutch oven in the dishwasher and it the outside shiny finish came off. It is dusty look...

drrayeye commented 3 months ago

Repaint my Le Creuset enameled whistling kettle

by mplimarthur 3 months ago

My kettle has some 'burns' and I wish to repaint the area. Can someone recommend a good enamel spray heat resistant ...


JRC14 commented 3 months ago

tramontina enameled cast iron?

by Hungry Celeste 10 years ago

On the shelves of my local WalMart: nifty-looking dark green enameled cast iron skillets, buffet casseroles, etc. T...

Thymus commented 3 months ago

Le Creuset "Doufeu"

by Tom Meg 15 years ago

Has anyone had any experience with this sort of cooking vessel? I saw it in the recent Williams Sonoma catalogue, an...


TaceCarDriver commented 4 months ago

Resurrect a Le Creuset pan?

by eflake 4 months ago

Hi there - I have a LC pan that has a pretty well bonded scrim of blackened use all over it; in a fit of domesticity ...

kaleokahu commented 4 months ago

Deglazing an ECI pan with what utensil ?

by CHSeifert 4 months ago

What utensil do you use for deglazing your ECI pan ? I currently use a wooden spatula but would like to hear if yo...

CHSeifert commented 4 months ago

Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven 6.75 vs. 8 Quart Dimensions

by monicatotoro 4 months ago

Hello! I'm debating between the oval 6.75 and 8 quarts Dutch oven. Does anyone own these and have the dimensions o...

rasputina commented 4 months ago

help! my le creuset is ruined!

by sogi 11 years ago

I thought it wasn't possible. I have a 5 qt french oven bought back in 2001 and that I absolutely love using. The las...


sjackson commented 4 months ago

Scratched Le Creuset need opinions or advice

by Tina1981 5 years ago

Hey all!! I have a 5-1/2 qt round oven and noticed last week after roasting a chicken in it that there were weird...


pbills commented 4 months ago

New Staub vs Old

by yeldogt 5 months ago

I have quite a few Staub products .. and a lesser amount of the Le Creuset. I can't remember when I bought my first...


rosieblackheart commented 4 months ago

Le Creuset Saucepan ID Help Please!

by ipenned 6 months ago

Does anyone know what year / generation this #16 Le Creuset saucepan is from? I came across this on the 'net and I ca...

drrayeye commented 5 months ago

Questions about Staub

by Sammers510 5 months ago

I am brand new to Staub, got my first 7qt round cocotte in basil this week and plan on using it this weekend. I've al...

mikie commented 5 months ago

Cast iron Le Creuset Braiser 30cm/3.5 qt ideal for braising ?

by CHSeifert 6 months ago

My girlfriend would like the Le Creuset 30cm/3.5 qt braiser, because she was told it's great for risotto, braising la...


Chazzz commented 5 months ago

Le Creuset enamel pots: problems

by erialc 1 year ago

I have several Le Creuset pots which I use for just about everything -- making jam, soup, pasta, etc. I am always car...

paulj commented 6 months ago

Tips & Recipes for cast iron pots/Cocottes/Dutch ovens

by CHSeifert 6 months ago

Hey, This is my first post here. I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe, so please excuse my language, since Engl...

CHSeifert commented 6 months ago

2nd Quality Le Creuset?

by fauchon 9 years ago

Anyone own any of this? Are the flaws really noticeable? Do they cook as well as 1st Quality?

Neo1 commented 6 months ago