Enameled Cast Iron

What Is the Difference Between a Dutch Oven and Cast Iron?

If you're asking What is the difference between a Dutch oven and cast iron? you probably really mean: What is the difference between cast iron and enameled cast iron? And that's a good question! Let...

Prime Day 2019 Hauls?

by kaleokahu 12 hours ago

Well, we're halfway through... What have you found, and what's been sold out? Hurry!

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven 3.5(22) vs 5.5 (26) QRT

by starzzz 1 month ago

I already have a 5.5 qrt and have the opportunity to purchase the 3.5 at a discounted rate. Is there any sense in doing so or am I better saving my pennies? What do you typically use the smaller si...

Oven dish - ECI or PLY?

by CHSeifert 1 month ago

I’m looking to get a new oven dish, where I can start on the stove, put it in the oven and then finish on the stove. Would you recommend Staub ECI or Mauviel PLY for this ? I’m using it for ...

Staub with Pin Hole Defect - Interior

by freddyo 2 months ago

Just received a Staub 4 qt Braiser - so excited! The pot looks perfect save for a pinhole pockmark in the interior. Is this blemish cause for concern or is it within an acceptable personality range...

Veggie Steamer

by penrichardson 3 months ago

I am wanting to steam small amounts of veggies. I have a couple of older pots (Revere Ware Copper Bottom 2 and 3 qt. ), that boil water pretty quickly. I found several stainless steel steamer ins...

Finally did it - Fissler Profi 28cm 7.2 liter stewpot purchased

by CHSeifert 3 months ago

I’m closing in now. Getting almost there. Since moving on from using quality ingredients in less than ideal middle of the road cookware, I knew I wanted the best cookware & gear available for...

Received Used Cousances pots

by awkuga 3 months ago

I received two used Cousances enameled CI and a small pan. The pan’s cooking surface appears to be in good shape but I see wear on the pots (pictures below) and want to make sure they’re safe to co...

Copper Pots Tips "En passant par la Lorraine"

by TJFRANCE 3 months ago

My advice for using tinned copper pots (which are also valid for teflon-coated pots). These tips will help you keep your tin for years! For cooking (ref-1 on photo): Use wooden utensils for co...

What is the Best enamel cast iron!?

by justwonder 4 years ago

I Apologize i sure this gets asked All The Time. I'm going buy my First ECI .i used my friends LC to make a beff stew & I'm hooked! It was a 7.25 round. But when i looked online WHOA $$$$! So i sta...

New Staub Dutch oven looks damaged?

by SmokedBrisket 3 months ago

Hello. I purchased a brand new Staub Dutch oven from Dasallas.com and it arrived looking perfect. Just got around to finally cooking in it and it looks like the bottom is damaged or something. I'm ...

Le Creuset--is dulling inevitable?

by pyleg 11 years ago

Brand new Dutch oven comes in as a gift two months ago. I've treated it as nicely as a pot can be short of leaving it boxed. I've done and not done everything Le Creuset told me to do and not do...

Vermicular pots

by bloodboy 1 year ago

Does anyone have any experience with these Japanese made enameled cast iron pots? https://shop.vermicular.com/en/index.php I've seen information on them on Japanese boards but no-one has mentio...

Dutch oven -- if not ECI, then what?

by fallenguru 4 months ago

We've been making a lot of thicker soups / stews recently, like Minestrone, Ribollita; stove-to-oven stuff like Osso buco alla Milanese as well. So I've bought a 26 cm / 5.2 l Staub ECI dutch oven,...

What specific cookware do you prefer for the different dishes you make?

by CHSeifert 4 months ago

I would love to hear what kind of cookware you all use in your home kitchen for the different tasks and dishes you make? I preferably cook a fusion of Italian, French and Danish type of dishes w...

The necessity for using smaller sized pans for stews & soups?

by CHSeifert 4 months ago

I'm a big fan of space in my pots and pans when I make stews and soups. I prefer 6-7 liter cooking vessels for my stews and soups, even if they only use 50% of the volume of the pan. I'm wonder...

Any other Le Creuset Fanatics out there?

by ThriftedTreasure 4 years ago

Hi, this is my first ever post! I am a keen Le Creuset Collector (vintage and new) and love seeing other people's collections too but can't find any collectors groups out there. Thought it might be...

Finally Bought Paderno cookware

by kissmymuscle 4 months ago

Hi, guys. Thanks for helping me in the past a few days. I finally made my decision , bought Paderno cookware. I purchased a Staub cast iron cocotte in the first day I came to this community. I purc...