Donut truck, Morris Ave, Hot Dog Truck, North Ave.

by Michele Cindy 19 years ago

Does anyone remember the Donut truck that parked on Morris Ave near the corner of North Ave. in Elizabeth? There was also a hot dog truck that had great chili dogs on North Ave, just East of Rt. 1-...

anyone remember a place in/near Elizabeth NJ called Helecki's (sp?)

by pfarrell 14 years ago

When I was a kid in the early to mid 60's, I had an aunt who took me to a place called Helecki's (that's a pretty phonetic spelling). I remember having a ham sandwich on rye and a mug of rootbeer. ...

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Treasures in Elizabeth, NJ

by goodparmesan 3 years ago

Elizabeth, NJ is generally overlooked when it comes to food. Generally, restaurants around here have a short life-span, except for a rare few. There are over 300 restaurants in Elizabeth spread...

One night in Elizabeth, NJ

by FrenchPeach 6 years ago

Hello fellow chowhounds, My husband and I will be driving down from Montreal to embark on a cruise. We are spending one evening in Elizabeth. What are your recommendations for a great meal. We...

Help me choose birthday resto - Newark/Eliz. Portugeuse, etc.

by lajiaodust 6 years ago

Hi: I've already cross-referenced a few posts to narrow down my choices for an upcoming birthday dinner for 10-12 people. Early @ 6PM, so our littlest guest enjoys. In no particular order is my lis...

Recs for an office dinner in or near Elizabeth

by noya 6 years ago

We're taking our staff of about 35 out for the annual holiday dinner. We'd like a resto in or near Elizabeth, but Newark, Union, or Jersey City would work, too. A nice/fun ambiance is a must. Flexi...

Roasted Suckling Pig done to PERFECTION!!!

by bcmchong 12 years ago

So excited to find and thus share this diamond in the rough. Just drove up to Elizabeth to Casa Do Leitao (http://casadoleitao.com/casadoleitao.... and got me a true suckling pig, not a roasted wh...

Spirito's -- Elizabeth

by geg5150 14 years ago

Wow! Loved it. The atmosphere, the food, the attitude. It's all there and it's all Jersey. We had a two hour wait from the time I picked my brother up and waiting for our parents to arrive at...

Spiritos Elizabeth Ravioli

michele cindy
by michele cindy 7 years ago

I'm going to have to try my hand over the weekend making homemade ravioli. Does anyone know how they made their filling so creamy, and dough so pillowy It's been a few years since I've gone there, ...

new kosher special in elizabeth

by asf78 8 years ago

I'll be picking up a friend from EWR around the dinner hour, and I was wondering what people's thoughts were on New Kosher Special. Is it a decent atmosphere for eat-in dining? How good is the fo...

Ursino's in Union/Elizabeth has exceptionally good food

by barberinibee 8 years ago

Hi, I've needed to travel around the tri-state area for the past weeks, and the two meals I had at Ursino's were easily the best meals I had the entire time, even though my hotel was in Manhatta...

Great Latin American eats (Mexican, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, etc) in Elizabeth?

by italianices 8 years ago

I know that Elizabeth has a huge and diverse immigrant population representing a number of different Latin American countries. And as a result, the city boasts a ton of mom-and-pop Latin eateries. ...

Elizabeth NJ and surrounding area

by Jonathan Sibley 22 years ago

I'm sure there is much more than what I've found, but I have found the following, recently: Mom's BBQ Pit is at 611 St George Ave (corner of Chestnut) in Roselle. The owner (Mom?) is Brazilian. I...

Hamantashen near Elizabeth, NJ

by emacat 9 years ago

I need to pick up about 75 hamantashen within an easy driving distance of Elizabeth. Where would be a good place?

Elizabeth and Hillside meal options

by elinornicole 9 years ago

Hi all, I'll be in Hillside to facilitate a training onTuesday and I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for dinner Monday night and for lunch on Tuesday. I won't be getting into Jersey...

Looking for restaurant in Elizabeth, Newark area

by AfghanFoodie 10 years ago

Friends are visiting the area and staying at a hotel near Newark Airport. They will have already spent 3 days in NYC. I'm looking for a nice restaurant where we can have a relaxed dinner this Frid...

Tacos and Things Elizabeth- What to get?

by seikoloco 10 years ago

Thinking of stopping over there on the way home, do they have anything that is not to be missed, or suggested items? Menu is a bit confusing. Anyone been and liked something?

Tacos N Thing in Elizabeth

by Beaconstreet 11 years ago

Had the grand opening on Wednesday, October 6. Has anyone been? Any reviews?