El Monte


Oh, oh, Ho Ho Kitchen: "Under New Management"

by JThur01 7 years ago

In news that might have caused ipsedixit to be so heartbroken that it's simply too much for him to post, Ho Ho Kitchen on Valley in El Monte has signage up proclaiming "under new management" Ho ...

Clarissa Wei's Revelatory Article On El Monte Dim Sum Factory

by Chandavkl 6 years ago

So the factory churns out dim sum, dumplings, skewers and other items including whole roast duck for "for hotels, grocery stores, airlines and restaurants". Restaurants? Well actually no surprise...

Farewell To The AYCE Hot Pot Conveyor Belt--Golden Dumpling House Replaces Hot Pot Buffet in El Monte

by Chandavkl 6 years ago

Well if there was a one of the kind Chinese eating place in the SGV, it might have been Hot Pot Buffet with its conveyor belt that wended its way in and out of the kitchen past hungry diners seated...

Not A Record But Pho Ga Hai Nam In El Monte Is Gone

by Chandavkl 6 years ago

Lasted a little under four months, which is longer than Singapore Leaf's recent run. (And historically I think the record is a couple of weeks.) In the old days you could wait for a new restauran...

Ming Yuen (Peruvian Chinese) Is Gone--Replaced by Pho Ga Hai Nam in El Monte

by Chandavkl 6 years ago

Ming Yuen, the only dedicated Peruvian Chinese restaurant in the area is gone. Pho Ga has a fairly limited menu, though the chicken broth is quite rich. But this is certainly a blow to diversity ...

Ichiban Buffet in El Monte is a paradise for senior citizens

by Chandavkl 7 years ago

Somehow I missed this opening last year, right by the Longo dealerships on Peck Road. Yes, another Chinese buffet with a Japanese name. (I'm guessing they do that to emphasize the sushi choices t...

Hot Pot Buffet Replaces Kai Xin Kitchen in El Monte

by Chandavkl 7 years ago

A new restaurant called Hot Pot Buffet has replaced Kai Xin Kitchen at 9961 E. Valley Bl., that odd Chinese and Hawaiian food mashup. Hot Pot Buffet is the antithesis of Chinese restaurants with l...

Just a heads up in El Monte

by A5 KOBE 7 years ago

Little hole in the wall place that serves great family style Mexican food. Really good pozole and menudo, chilaquiles, and wet burritos. To note, I am usually the only non Hispanic in there. Pri...

Man Bites Dog--We Chat Cafe replaces Oh! Village in El Monte

by Chandavkl 7 years ago

If you've read my article on the dwindling representation of Cantonese restaurants around the country, you'll know what I mean as We Chat Cafe, a Hong Kong style cafe, has replaced Oh! Village, a s...

Surface streets from North Hollywood to El Monte, with dogs.

by ns1 8 years ago

I'm taking a trek from NoHo to El Monte; can't hop on the freeway, and I'll have dogs so dog friendly places would be a ++ So, what 'houndish stops are there along the way? I was thinking abo...

What's good in El Monte (or surrounding)?

by anvali 8 years ago

Meeting friends in El Monte for dinner. Is there anywhere notably good? Need family friendly and vegetarian friendly. No preferred cuisine, just something good. Thanks!

Kai Xin Kitchen Replaces Hot Space In El Monte--Something New Under The SGV Sun

by Chandavkl 8 years ago

So who would have thought that a new restaurant called Kai Xin Kitchen in El Monte would be bringing something new to the San Gabriel Valley culinary table? Specifically, a combination of Hawaiian...

Sunny Restaurant - El Monte

by dreamcast18 8 years ago

Second time we visited the place. Neighborhood is definitely depressed with empty shop fronts. Lunch specials are definitely worth it. Sizes are excellent IMO for lunch....not the crazy Claim...

Ruby B.B.Q Food (S. El Monte)

by dreamcast18 8 years ago

Went to pick up some BBQ to go and was shocked that it replaced Curry BBQ. Ordered half a pound each of char siew and roast pork. Cliff notes: 1. Roast pork was really good...and he thin slic...

Curry and BBQ Plu$ (El Monte)

by dreamcast18 9 years ago

great service. didn't care for the hainan chicken rice...but the beef stew is EXCELLENT (highly recommended). Roast duck is good too. We went right before closing, so a bunch of stuff were gone....

Lolita (?), South El Monte off 60 Fwy. (in gas station)

cant talk...eating
by cant talk...eating 9 years ago

Just wanted to give a heads-up about a newish taqueria located inside a gas station at the southwest corner of Rosemead and Rush St. in South El Monte. I believe it's a Shell station (I phoned to c...

Cafe Fusion Spinoff in El Monte

by Chandavkl 9 years ago

Just stumbled across Sunny Restaurant in El Monte, which is some kind of spinoff of Cafe Fusion in Arcadia. Apparently run by the original chef at Cafe Fusion. Serves the same Taiwanese menu, nat...

Bamboo Wok Replaces Tasty Express in El Monte

by Chandavkl 9 years ago

Actually this occurred quite a few months ago but I haven't been around here for a while. Neither Bamboo Wok or Tasty Express is an Americanized steam table place, but rather includes an element o...

Cha Cafe ( El Monte)

by ipsedixit 9 years ago

When it's a chilly 101 outside the body yearns for Hawaiian shave ice, even the faux kind. And Cha Cafe has pretty decent fake Hawaiian shave ice. It also has a pretty good plate of pastrami c...

Dumpling 10053 Update? El Monte

Dave MP
by Dave MP 9 years ago

Back in 2007, I ate at Dumpling 10053 and had awesome shrimp and leek dumplings. I thought they were the best i'd ever had. See: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/406527 I am heading back to LA t...