El Cerrito


Katana-Ya in El Cerrito overcharging

by ltsering 4 years ago

They've tried to do it to me TWICE (the pic shows where I asked them to correct it last night). They've done it to my neighbors as well. Has it happened to you?

Off the Grid El Cerrito

by Ridge 5 years ago

Last Wednesday we went to Off the Grid Food truck event in El Cerrito. It was really good overall. Here is what we ate: Ceviche of the day (red snapper) from Ceviche & Co. Really excellent! Refr...

Noodles Fresh (El Cerrito)

by UglyPlate 6 years ago

Space is really roomy and well done. We got two noodle dishes. Sichuan Dan-Dan and Jiangxi Stir Fry (House Special). I didn't like the Dan-Dan noodles. Specifically, the noodles were a little...

El Cerrito Thai grocery with prepared food on weekends

by ...tm... 6 years ago

Acting on a tip from a stranger at a party, I stopped by Roong Jing Jing, a Thai store in the same mini-mall as Banh Mi Ba Le in El Cerrito. They have homemade-style Thai dishes for sale on the wee...

Mac's Wok, El Cerrito.

by wolfe 11 years ago

The sign is up and there is work going on in the small mall at the foot of Moesser Lane. Is this the new incarnation of Jac's Asian Bistro we were lead to expect ofr something new?

El Cerrito pub crawl

by hyperbowler 6 years ago

I'm helping plan a full-day pub crawl starting from central El Cerrito Plaza, and going south to the Missouri Lounge and back. This will be pared down. What do you think? Any specialty drinks that ...

El Mono Fresh in El Cerrito

by UglyPlate 6 years ago

After one visit this is my new (non-fried) chicken spot in El Cerrito. I can't speak to the rest of the food, but they had a large menu of Peruvian dishes. http://www.elmonofresh.com/ It's a...

in search of Romesco sauce in El Cerrito/Albany/Berkeley

by ltsering 6 years ago

I don't have the wherewithal to make it myself, what with grinding the almonds and hazelnuts or whatever. Is there anywhere around Berkeley/EC/Albany that sells fresh Romesco sauce? Or is there a ...

chowdown at Ancient Szechuan in El Cerrito 1/25/15

by Ridge 6 years ago

On Sunday 7 of us gathered for a lunchtime (ended up being more like "Linner") chowdown at Ancient Szechuan in El Cerrito. We ordered mostly their new menu which has several Hunan dishes on it. I...

Happy Golden Bowl in El Cerrito - Good Sichuan Eats

by theSauce 9 years ago

Went to Happy Golden Bowl AKA Old Sichuan (in Chinese) in El Cerrito across the street from Safeway and Marshall's last night. Was quite surprised with the food there and it's pretty darn good not ...

Sushi Sho El Cerrito October 2014

by Ridge 7 years ago

We went to dinner last night at Sushi Sho in El Cerrito. Sushi Sho was located on Solano in Albany for many years but moved to San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito a couple of years ago. Chef Aki is a se...

BBQ Teriyaki chicken in El Cerrito

by bunnysitter 7 years ago

Among the local Japanese church bazaars the BBQ teriyaki chicken at this one is outstanding. Chicken is basted with a secret sauce and fired on huge grills all day today. Manju and sushi rolls all...

El Cerrito: Oralia's Kitchen

by Mola 8 years ago

I noticed a "Grand Opening" sign on this place on my way to Home Depot today, so I stopped in: they've been open since September. I tried papusas: one pork/cheese and one loroco/cheese. Both were g...

BBQ in El Cerrito finally

by ThaDu 7 years ago

decent bbq in el cerrito: Chef Rene bbq on cart at Giovanni market (former Rick's Meat)in liberty street, el cerrito in the parking lot. friday, saturday and sunday. Might become permanent if thin...

Off The Grid -- El Cerrito

by UglyPlate 7 years ago

I've been underwhelmed, but maybe I'm choosing the wrong stuff. Smokey's Old School BBQ is a joke. The pulled pork is overcooked and flavorless with an absurd amount of store-bought-quality sauc...

Tashi Delek: Tibetan, Nepalese, Indian & Bhutanese in El Cerrito

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

Has anyone tried this spot? The menu has several dishes I've not noticed elsewhere. Tashi Delek Restaurant 11224 San Pablo Ave El Cerrito, CA 94530 (510) 232 - 9316 http://tashidelekrestaura...

Organic Thai grocery/takeout at El Cerrito Ranch 99 Center [Richmond]

by Columba 10 years ago

Sorry to be so vague, but there's some wonderful food being prepared at this tiny shop across from the Pho place. We tried the cutest little steamed desserts for $1 and less - sticky rice, cocon...

Elevation 66 - El Cerrito

by nicedragonboy 9 years ago

I'm surprised there hasn't been more about E66 on Chowhound. I'd been hearing about it for months from friends and locals in the area and finally got the chance to stop by there before a couple rou...

Pasta Pomodoro, El Cerrito Plaza today - delicious fresh ciopinno (no crab yet but calamari, clams, cod, mussels, and shrimp) and good service.

by sydthekyd 8 years ago

Pasta Pomodoro in El Cerrito Plaza today - delicious, fresh ciopinno (no crab yet but had calamari, clams, cod, mussels and shrimp), good broth and service, too.