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Suzanne’s Cake & Pastry in Millbrae

by Sophie 4 months ago

Had heard that the Portuguese tarts were worth trying and picked up a few for a Chowhound get together. Didn't have ...

Melanie Wong commented 3 months ago

Portuguese egg tarts in Calgary

by Office Broccoli 8 years ago

Does anyone know where to find portuguese egg tarts in Calgary? I just got back from Macau and need a fix...


Linze commented 4 months ago

Portuguese Custard Tart (SF Sunset)

by Malcolm Ruthven 1 year ago

Mr. Bread (new Jan 2016) is at 1018 Taraval in the Sunset in SF, near 19th Ave. The bakery is owned by a family from ...


gordon wing commented 5 months ago

Best egg tarts in Hong Kong?

by K K 9 years ago

I see many gourmet authors and bloggers who claim the best egg tarts in Hong Kong are either Tai Cheong (Central) ...


smfan commented 6 months ago

Pasteis de Belem or Nata in or near Washington Dc?

by WorldNeedsMoreNata 7 months ago

Ive just returned from Portugal and am in search of this wonderful egg tart pastry. Please help find a bakery or rest...


Jason1 commented 7 months ago

Golden Gate Bakery egg custard tart shell changes...

by gordon wing 10 months ago

it's been a few years since I had an egg custard from Golden Gate Bakery ....... the other night someone brought a bo...

ChowFun_derek commented 10 months ago

Best Egg tarts [蛋撻 dàn tà] in Toronto

by p0ison1vy 1 year ago

I know it's been asked before on here years ago, but many bakeries have closed, and new ones opened up since this que...

T Long commented 1 year ago

Best FLAKY Chinese egg tart (dan ta)

by yimay 1 year ago

Where in Seattle has delicious flaky egg tarts? We've found ones where the pastry shell is more like a shortbread. We...


chococat commented 1 year ago

Pre-order egg custard tarts in SF?

by domokun 1 year ago

I am co-hosting a baby shower for 40 people and we would like to get egg custard tarts. Does anyone know if any place...


sugartoof commented 1 year ago

Best DanTat in SF Chinatown

by little big al 2 years ago

Foolishly posted as q&a. (Thanks Melanie). Try again. Golden Gate Bakery doesn't count.

moto commented 2 years ago

Suggestions for egg custard tarts in Chinatown (or anyplace else in Manhattan)?

by rachelnyc1 2 years ago

Hi. I have been craving an egg custard tart and I figured I'd use a visit to Chinatown tomorrow to satisfy the urge. ...

Motosport commented 2 years ago

Flaky Egg Custard Tarts at Wa Li Bakery/SF Chinatown

by gordon wing 2 years ago

the other day I was in Chinatown and looking for some baked pork buns ..... they were all sold out of them at You's s...


gordon wing commented 2 years ago

Macau - Egg tarts from Lord Stow's, Coloane Village

by klyeoh 2 years ago

This creamy, delicious Macanese take on the Portuguese pastéis de nata is a must-have when one visits Macau. And the ...


Uncle Yabai commented 2 years ago

Egg Custard Tarts from Alex Bakery on Clement (SF)

by Civil Bear 2 years ago

I'm not a particularly big egg custard tart fan, but after seeing them on display at Alex Bakery during my morning st...

Melanie Wong commented 2 years ago

Decent egg tarts (dan tat) in Seattle?

by chococat 3 years ago

Anyone have a favorite, or one to avoid? Most of the ones I've tried in the greater Seattle use short crust pastry (R...


HungWeiLo commented 3 years ago

Portuguese egg tarts: where do you get yours?

by grayelf 4 years ago

I was intrigued to read on that Café Bica by GIsle does pasteis de nata. A good one of these is hard to...

grayelf commented 3 years ago

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Egg tarts in Chinatown, London

by limster 3 years ago

• Kowloon Bakery Pretty good - the custard is is fairly nice and basic, and the crust has a nice crispness to it, al...

Best Portuguese-style egg tarts in the SGV?

by raytamsgv 3 years ago

I've recently eaten some fresh out of the oven from Jim's Bakery in Monterey Park. They were amazing. But I don't h...

liu commented 3 years ago

Portuguese/Macanese style egg tarts in Orange County?

by set0312 3 years ago

Hey all, any Portuguese egg tarts in Orange County? A quick chowhound search revealed Natas in Sherman Oaks but that ...


set0312 commented 3 years ago