This Australian Riff on a Full English Breakfast Boasts an Unexpected Star

For some, there’s something awfully intimidating about cooking fish. How do I know when it’s fully cooked? Doesn’t it smell funky (and won’t that smell linger in my house?)? Are those eyeballs I see...



Frozen or Fresh Eel

by Cemota 1 year ago

My Mom is looking to fry up some eel. We live in Suffolk County, Long Island. Hmart and Food Bazaar are convenient but I could travel to Flushing or Little Italy if necessary, Arthur Avenue or the ...

Unagi/eel without kabayaki?

by rocklocksock 4 years ago

I had a special unagi/fresh water eel dish prepared years ago at the Thousand Cranes sushi bar at New Otani. The sushi chef had a live eel prepared and served as sushi but the unagi's flesh was whi...

Recommendations for anago (saltwater eel / sea eel) in NYC?

by frazs 5 years ago

I've only had this as part of a sushi omakase at Tanoshi and at Dojo, and it blew me away both times. Is there anywhere in the city I could have a whole dish of anago? I'm open to try any prepa...

Do You Love (Japanese)Unagi/Eel?

by opinionatedchef 5 years ago

I have a major passion for Japanese fresh water eel, unagi, which the Japanese typically glaze with a ~ bbq sauce and grill. I have had this idea for awhile and finally tested it out tonight with g...

Where to buy genuine Japanese cooked eel (not from China or Korea)?

by scherz0 5 years ago

Where can I buy genuine Japanesely cooked 1. unagi (freshwater eel) or anago (saltwater eel), 2. NOT from China or Korea which are the only ones that I have found (even in genuine Japanese ...


by cambridgedoctpr 6 years ago

One of my favorite dishes is/was the eel at Multan. Is there any place in the Cambridge/Boston area that serves a similar dish or will I have to wait for Mulan to reopen?

Eel in Asakusa - which of these restaurants?

by ManhattanLawyer 6 years ago

Thanks for all your help so far. I originally posted here - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/1004355 - and have since secured our Tokyo reservations, which include my top choices of Sawada and Den ...

Is eel shellfish?

by rkn 15 years ago

and while I am asking, what is calamari and octopus? Are they considered shellfish? Are any of the 3 highly allergenic? Thanks

Noresore (baby eel) at Kyo Ya!

by sgordon 6 years ago

Just a head's up for those into it: Noresore are now on the menu at Kyo Ya. The season sometimes only lasts a couple weeks, so those who are fans should get on 'em while the gettin's good. It might...

Looking for smoked eel

by karenb 14 years ago

Hi! I've been searching for smoked eel for my 85 year old Lithuanian father for a few years now and have had no success. I've had him try Asian style eel, but it is far too sweet for his tastes (th...

eel and peapod leaves

by Psmith 18 years ago

Hi all, I spent part of last week in Philadelphia and wanted to share a discovery I made there in chinatown on the off chance you guys didn't already know about it. I was walking down Race St. ...

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