Edmonton Eats?

by Paris92 8 years ago

Anything, help... have to stay overnight in Edmonton. Staying near the airport but will need to be over near Southgat...


Paris92 commented 11 months ago

Devonshire Cream in Edmonton?

by jibberjabberwocky 6 years ago

Does anyone know of a place where they regularly carry Devonshire (aka Clotted or Double Devon) Cream in Edmonton? ...


jibberjabberwocky commented 11 months ago

Food Network

by chefearl 1 year ago

I am upset with how they never clean hands between tasks and they have no control over there hair. Young cooks get...


paulj commented 1 year ago

Best donair in Edmonton?

by cdoobiest 10 years ago

Coming back home for vacation. Have never found good donairs in Philly. Anyone know of a good place in Edmonton. I...


burge commented 1 year ago

Where Can I Get Good Samosas In Edmonton?

by Bob Mac 11 years ago

Have a hankering for some samosas...preferably vegetable rather than chicken or beef... and tangy, spicey chutney. ...


digitalsierra commented 1 year ago

Horsemeat in Edmonton?

by itwillmakeaturd 9 years ago

Where can I get it, if anywhere. I'd prefer never frozen, which might be possible as it's processed in the province, ...


sherbear8 commented 1 year ago

Fresh lobster in EDMONTON

by PyariA 7 years ago

Where is the best place to buy good fresh whole lobster in Edmonton?? A good price would be nice to but I'm more con...


steveoo76 commented 1 year ago

Company Christmas Party Suggestions for 70 people (Restaurants or other venues)

by KristinaE 1 year ago

I am trying to find venues or restaurants that can accommodate at least 70 people for my Company's Christmas Party th...


cwant commented 1 year ago

Best Pho in Edmonton?

by canabe 10 years ago

I am a Pho crazy person. I'm addicted to it. I have tried almost every single vietnamese restaurants in Edmonton (and...


KristinaE commented 1 year ago

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Ramen Noodles in Edmonton

by Jazz_Yeg 1 year ago

Hi, Anyone know where I can buy ramen noodles in Edmonton? Or, where the best store to buy Japanese ingredients is...

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Online Seafood Delivery to Edmonton

by albertamann 2 years ago

Is there a company anybody would recommend that flies in fresh seafood. Do they have reasonable costs? Want to hear f...

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Fresh Seafood in Edmonton

by albertamann 2 years ago

Havent seen an updated post but wondering if any can recommend the best places to buy fresh seafood in edmonton. Live...

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"American Style" Chinese food in Edmonton AB

by nicole25 2 years ago

Hey! Does anyone know of a great Chinese restaurant in Edmonton AB? Some of my favorite menu items are Crispy Ginger ...

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Sumo Sumo

by thekidtjp 2 years ago

“Sumo Sumo” is a great place for sushi, sashimi and Japanese cuisine in general. Located on the northern end of Sher...

Bovril in Edmonton

by jnorton 9 years ago

Does anyone know where to get Bovril (the spread for toast) in Edmonton?


nanashirls21 commented 2 years ago

Where to Find Store Bought Butternut Squash Ravioli?

by marfloors 2 years ago

Does anyone if prepackaged Butternut Squash Ravioli is available in Canada? Particularly Edmonton?


tibbles commented 2 years ago

Edmonton - Where can I find a good bottle of sake?

by Garnetgirl 8 years ago

I have seen a few kinds of sake at Sherwood Liquor but most places barely carry anything other than gekkeikan. Does ...


aloominat commented 2 years ago

Ice cream/gelato in Edmonton

by karela 2 years ago

I am in Edmonton for a few weeks and hot weather seems to be in the forecast (although admittedly none has materializ...


milobloom_yxd commented 2 years ago