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Best donair in Edmonton?

by cdoobiest 9 years ago

Coming back home for vacation. Have never found good donairs in Philly. Anyone know of a good place in Edmonton. I...


burge commented 2 months ago

Where Can I Get Good Samosas In Edmonton?

by Bob Mac 9 years ago

Have a hankering for some samosas...preferably vegetable rather than chicken or beef... and tangy, spicey chutney. ...


digitalsierra commented 3 months ago

Horsemeat in Edmonton?

by itwillmakeaturd 8 years ago

Where can I get it, if anywhere. I'd prefer never frozen, which might be possible as it's processed in the province, ...


sherbear8 commented 4 months ago

Fresh lobster in EDMONTON

by PyariA 6 years ago

Where is the best place to buy good fresh whole lobster in Edmonton?? A good price would be nice to but I'm more con...


steveoo76 commented 5 months ago

Company Christmas Party Suggestions for 70 people (Restaurants or other venues)

by KristinaE 6 months ago

I am trying to find venues or restaurants that can accommodate at least 70 people for my Company's Christmas Party th...

cwant commented 6 months ago

Best Pho in Edmonton?

by canabe 9 years ago

I am a Pho crazy person. I'm addicted to it. I have tried almost every single vietnamese restaurants in Edmonton (and...


KristinaE commented 6 months ago

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Ramen Noodles in Edmonton

by Jazz_Yeg 8 months ago

Hi, Anyone know where I can buy ramen noodles in Edmonton? Or, where the best store to buy Japanese ingredients is...

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Online Seafood Delivery to Edmonton

by albertamann 8 months ago

Is there a company anybody would recommend that flies in fresh seafood. Do they have reasonable costs? Want to hear f...

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Fresh Seafood in Edmonton

by albertamann 8 months ago

Havent seen an updated post but wondering if any can recommend the best places to buy fresh seafood in edmonton. Live...

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"American Style" Chinese food in Edmonton AB

by nicole25 1 year ago

Hey! Does anyone know of a great Chinese restaurant in Edmonton AB? Some of my favorite menu items are Crispy Ginger ...

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Sumo Sumo

by thekidtjp 1 year ago

“Sumo Sumo” is a great place for sushi, sashimi and Japanese cuisine in general. Located on the northern end of Sher...

Bovril in Edmonton

by jnorton 7 years ago

Does anyone know where to get Bovril (the spread for toast) in Edmonton?


nanashirls21 commented 1 year ago

Where to Find Store Bought Butternut Squash Ravioli?

by marfloors 1 year ago

Does anyone if prepackaged Butternut Squash Ravioli is available in Canada? Particularly Edmonton?


tibbles commented 1 year ago

Edmonton - Where can I find a good bottle of sake?

by Garnetgirl 7 years ago

I have seen a few kinds of sake at Sherwood Liquor but most places barely carry anything other than gekkeikan. Does ...


aloominat commented 1 year ago

Ice cream/gelato in Edmonton

by karela 1 year ago

I am in Edmonton for a few weeks and hot weather seems to be in the forecast (although admittedly none has materializ...


milobloom_yxd commented 1 year ago

Edmonton: Claws for pulling pork?

by milobloom_yxd 5 years ago

Hey all, The subject sounds a bit painful, but I am looking for a local source of "claws" for shredding pork (aka ...


milobloom_yxd commented 1 year ago

Trying to find good beef in Edmonton

by aja1 7 years ago

Hi, I have been living in Edmonton for 3 years now and I am sorry to say I have not managed to find one decent bit...


Kloid commented 1 year ago