How to Make Easy Beer Bread When Sourdough Is Too Intimidating

Baking homemade bread may be the epitome of cozy domesticity (and the hot new quarantine activity), but it can also be intimidating when you're dealing with yeast, multiple rises, and long resting times...

Any Quick Recipes Anyone?

by sarah_b98 1 year ago

Hello everyone! I’m a broke college student looking for easy recipes that I can make in between classes while on a budget. As I’m sure you can tell, I’m a novice at cooking. But any advice or recip...

Amsterdam restaurants for limited mobility food lover

by maya1 2 years ago

I will be staying at Amstersteen for four days in September at a friends house and it's about an hour by bus to Amsterdam. My partner will be coming a day after me to help me. I had two questions....

Share your favorite one pot meal recipes

by Monica 3 years ago

As a full time working mom of 2 young kids, I often search for easy but tasty weekday(and weekend) one pot meals that are relatively easy to prepare. Over the years, I've tried many recipes and...

Fish recipe as good/easy as Miso Black Cod

by highlyunlikely 3 years ago

I am cooking for a friend this weekend and would love to make fish, but am a newbie at it so I in search of a can't-go-wrong recipe as delicious as Miso Black Cod (which I made once and it was to d...

Favorite easy deep fried foods?

by Bonniexx 3 years ago

I'm running a cooking group tomorrow where we'll be practicing best technique for deep frying cheese. Since we'll have the oil going, I was trying to come up with other things to deep fry that are ...

Simple Cookbook for Single Man

by topher83187 3 years ago

I'm a single man looking to expand my cooking horizons, I enjoy cooking but I don't not have a large budget to cook with. I would love to find a simple health conscious cook book with recipes des...

Grown Up Recipes for a Post Grad

by aemcki 4 years ago

I am in desperate need of some "adult" recipes. I recently graduated college and moved back home with my parents. They both work full time and I don't, so I thought I'd help out and start cooking d...

What's your favorite "impressive but easy" recipe?

by adroit_minx 13 years ago

I'm faced with several mid-week entertaining situations in the next month or so, starting this Thursday. I was hoping to get some ideas and/or recipes regarding somewhat impressive bot not time-de...

Easy, portable date dinner

by idc 4 years ago

Hi all, A guy I'm seeing invited me over to see his new home. I'd like to offer to bring a meal over, and am trying to think of a recipe that fits all of these criteria: 1. Fast -- We're meet...

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