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Easy Easter Recipe Ideas for a Low-Stress Sunday Dinner

If you're looking for easy Easter Sunday recipe ideas, you're in the right place. From refreshing spring drinks and light side dishes to a non-traditional Easter centerpiece and fresh fruit desserts...

What Are You Baking These Days? April 2021 Edition

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 10 days ago

It may be thawing out and warming up where you are, but I bet your oven's still being cranked up. What goodies are coming out of it this month?

Hot Cross Buns

by JOHNFAGUNDES 9 years ago

Anyone else out there love them? The best I have found are at Schubert's on Clement--any other nominees? Also, I prefer crosses with a lemon gel as opposed to sugar. What is this type of cr...

Easter 2021

by rstuart 15 days ago

What are everyone's Easter plans? I am trying to finalize a menu for a low-key Easter dinner for 2 (especially low key since I am working on Good Friday, and we will be having it on the Saturday!)...

Essential Chocolate Bunny by Volo Chocolate

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 days ago

Well, i've already consumed my Easter bunny. Bean-to-bar producer, Volo Chocolate unveiled the Essential Chocolate Bunny complete with masks and injection site bandaid for the COVID-19 Easter s...

Easter bread or paska in TO?

by prima 8 years ago

Anyone have any recs for good Easter breads (paska, etc) available tomorrow? I realize Orthodox Easter is in May, so the Greek, Russian and Ukrainian Easter breads aren't going to be for sale t...

Your Covid Easter

by ZoeyCovey 1 year ago

How are you handling Easter this year? Mom is doing the ham, and making boxed foods and things for the kids for family that can be picked up. We are trying to it figure out. what are your thoug...

Making Special Easter-Passover Foods

by Savorytart 1 year ago

Ritual and tradition can be so helpfully grounding. I think I might try the recipe for Paska that I saw on the Lakin's Gorges Cheese FB page. (I don't use FB. I do eat that cheese). What are yo...

Spiral ham advice needed

by sophia519 1 year ago

i really want a spiral ham for Easter, but there’s only 2 of us, so I’ll try to get 1/4 ham and plan to freeze leftovers. I’m limited to grocery store hams (Kroger, HyVee, Woodman’s) and I’m lookin...

What Pot for Boiling Eggs?

by walker 1 year ago

I want to boil eggs for Easter Eggs and I'm never certain which pot to use. My Berndes non-stick pot never seems to come to a full rolling boil. Should I use my Stainless Steel pot or the Aluminu...

Easter Sunday dinner

by Arago 1 year ago

I'm looking to the Paris CHs for help.  A couple of friends want to meet up for dinner when they stop over in Paris on Easter Sunday.  With all the closures on Sundays I'd normally do dinner at our...

Easter Sunday and Monday in Rome

by AWG 1 year ago

I am arriving in Rome on Easter Sunday and spending 5 nights there. We are staying near the Jewish Ghetto. Prefer dinners close to our home base. For Tuesday through Thursday I have decided on Pipe...

Advice needed for cooking both ham and lamb

by chowgirl3 2 years ago

Hi Hounds, I need some advice/help. I’m cooking both a small ham 6 lb half) and boneless leg of lamb (4 lb) for Easter with one oven. My recipe for the lamb (which I’ve made before and love) call...

Eating in Paris Easter Sunday and Monday

by eighthour 2 years ago

Will be in Paris Easter Sun. and Mon., and just realized that many places will be closed. Looking for recommendations as to restaurants/bakeries/shops that may be open. Any cuisine, any price range...

Easter Brunch Spring Hill/ Port Richey

by wino1982 2 years ago

I’m looking for a restroom with a good Easter Brunch to take my wife, her mother, and grandmother. Anywhere in the spring Hill or Port Richey areas is fine. They live in Weeki Wachee

Easter Dinner 2018

by MidwesternerTT 3 years ago

Are you planning an Easter Dinner or Brunch this year? What's on the menu?

Best Bone in Leg of Lamb Recipe?

by Katep64 3 years ago

I know there are a million recipes out there but I'm looking for your favorite! This will be for Easter dinner. I have two semi-boneless legs of lamb and there are no restrictions on flavor profile...

Looking for Advice for Easter Dinner (Prime Rib Roast and Leg of Lamb)

by ladeda 3 years ago

Hi all, Just wanted a bit of advice for a game plan for Easter dinner. I'm serving a group of 12 to 14 people, and we're aiming to eat at around 6:00 p.m. Menu isn't huge; I have people bringing...

Do you remember the BEST EASTER CANDY EGGS EVER? [moved from Manhattan board]

by wietog 11 years ago

When I was a kid in NY (upstate) during the '70's, one of my aunts would give each child who visited her home during Easter one of the BEST things I've ever eaten: Life-sized candy eggs that wer...

Charity Easter Dinner

by lsnmcg 3 years ago

So, my family and I have volunteered to provide Easter Dinner to Ronald McDonald House (30-40 people). We have picked up 20lb of chicken leg quarters to smoke but are needing recommendations for s...

Any place to get Fazer chocolate eggs (real eggshell) in Toronto?

by willhamiltonw 3 years ago

I bought these many years ago--real eggshells with chocolate nut filling. Would love to buy again this Easter but can't find it anywhere in Toronto. Any tips? (Also I have seen the same thing from ...