Easter brunch, Greek Easter dinner menu, Easter candy? Discuss it all here with Chowhounds. Find advice, tips, and recipes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks, as well as all the fun candy and decadent desserts you can stuff into your spring holiday in between your savory dishes. Learn to make the most perfect hardboiled eggs for decorating and hiding for your family Easter egg hunt escapades, and garner great ideas for eggy breakfast and brunch casseroles. And let there be chocolate: truffles, pound cake, fudge, and candy beyond the bunny-shaped variety. You'll also want to look into fabulous pastries for the holiday. Need help? Ask your fellow Chowhounds.

Easy Easter Recipe Ideas for a Low-Stress Sunday Dinner

Easter may be synonymous with ham (or lamb, though usually not rabbit, at least when it comes to the dinner table), but you don't have to cook low and slow to produce a heavy, meaty main for Easter...

Advice needed for cooking both ham and lamb

by chowgirl3 3 months ago

Hi Hounds, I need some advice/help. I’m cooking both a small ham 6 lb half) and boneless leg of lamb (4 lb) for Easter with one oven. My recipe for the lamb (which I’ve made before and love) call...

Eating in Paris Easter Sunday and Monday

by eighthour 4 months ago

Will be in Paris Easter Sun. and Mon., and just realized that many places will be closed. Looking for recommendations as to restaurants/bakeries/shops that may be open. Any cuisine, any price range...

Easter Brunch Spring Hill/ Port Richey

by wino1982 5 months ago

I’m looking for a restroom with a good Easter Brunch to take my wife, her mother, and grandmother. Anywhere in the spring Hill or Port Richey areas is fine. They live in Weeki Wachee

Easter Dinner 2018

by MidwesternerTT 1 year ago

Are you planning an Easter Dinner or Brunch this year? What's on the menu?

Best Bone in Leg of Lamb Recipe?

by Katep64 1 year ago

I know there are a million recipes out there but I'm looking for your favorite! This will be for Easter dinner. I have two semi-boneless legs of lamb and there are no restrictions on flavor profile...

Looking for Advice for Easter Dinner (Prime Rib Roast and Leg of Lamb)

by ladeda 1 year ago

Hi all, Just wanted a bit of advice for a game plan for Easter dinner. I'm serving a group of 12 to 14 people, and we're aiming to eat at around 6:00 p.m. Menu isn't huge; I have people bringing...

Do you remember the BEST EASTER CANDY EGGS EVER? [moved from Manhattan board]

by wietog 9 years ago

When I was a kid in NY (upstate) during the '70's, one of my aunts would give each child who visited her home during Easter one of the BEST things I've ever eaten: Life-sized candy eggs that wer...

Charity Easter Dinner

by lsnmcg 1 year ago

So, my family and I have volunteered to provide Easter Dinner to Ronald McDonald House (30-40 people). We have picked up 20lb of chicken leg quarters to smoke but are needing recommendations for s...

Any place to get Fazer chocolate eggs (real eggshell) in Toronto?

by willhamiltonw 1 year ago

I bought these many years ago--real eggshells with chocolate nut filling. Would love to buy again this Easter but can't find it anywhere in Toronto. Any tips? (Also I have seen the same thing from ...

Easter cake?

by Ckonkos 1 year ago

Hi, anyone have an idea for a cake recipe that would work well in this mold? Thanks

Easter Treats to Ship

by hotoynoodle 1 year ago

I have a few friends with little kids and i'd like to ship some Easter goodies. Am not great with free-handing royal icing decorating so not keen on messing with that. Will make "marbled" coo...

Easter Buffet in Central Mass

by cloudship 2 years ago

Looking for suggestions on a decent Easter Buffet for 7 in Central Mass. Normally we do the Old Mill, but everyone is tired of that. But along that vein.

'Portable' Easter Dinner

by thawes 2 years ago

Hi, I live in Washington state, and have been making meals for our homeless each week. With Easter coming up, I feelmlike I should do a lunch or dinner, we do not have a homeless shelter where we a...

Your top pick for a Dallas Easter Sunday Brunch, please plus not to be missed spots that are iconic

by ZenFoodist 1 year ago

My husband, 14 year old and 22 month old will be at the Fairmont in Dallas from Holy Thursday through Tuesday. We are meeting up with cousins who moved there from NY a few years ago and would love ...

Easter Dinner 2017

by MidwesternerTT 2 years ago

What are you serving this year? Trying a new preparation of a family favorite, or staying with the tested and approved recipes? Cooking for a few or for a crowd? And will your chocolate bunny s...

Easter Lunch Recommendations

by Slugmurs 1 year ago

Hello! My family and I (me, husband, 4 year old girl, 7 year old boy) will be in London the last week of March through Easter. I've been looking around for a nice lunch for Easter Sunday, but haven...

Good place for Easter Dinner in Toronto

by KitchenVoodoo 2 years ago

Looking for a place that does really good slow cooked lamb and great lemon and oregano roast potatoes. Old school is fine. Noisy is not.

Limited Edition for Lent: El Charrito Market’s Friday Fish Tacos [Salinas]

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Located across the street from the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, El Charrito Market becomes fish taco central on Fridays during Lent. I’ve managed to miss this Salinas tradition but vowed this ...

Hot Cross Buns at Peninsula Pastries in Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 years ago

A quick note to mention that I picked up some very nice hot cross buns from Peninsula Pastries in Salinas this week. Only 50¢ each, about the size of a biscuit and packed with candied fruit and cu...