Dutch Ovens

Dutch ovens are a cook's best friend, perfect for everything from stews to bread. Discuss the best brands, how to clean them, great Dutch oven recipes, and more with other savvy cooks.

What to Do with Your New Dutch Oven

Did you score a Prime Day deal on a new Dutch oven this year? Congrats! Braise, boil, bake, and fry in the Dutch oven—the options are endless. Here’s what you need to know about your new favorite piece...

Campfire cooking

by saacnmama 14 hours ago

I'm so excited that we are going camping again--it's been a decade since this Thanksgiving weekend trip. We will take the train from our home in Berlin, then a ferry, and then bike the last 10 mile...

Your Best Thrift/Estate/Yard Find?

by kaleokahu 10 days ago

Prompted by tcamp, the joys of stealing a great piece of cookware at junk store prices is had to beat. For me, it's like finding that long-lost Whistler painting. So what was it? Aloha, Kaleo

What appliances, cookware, and tools do you love to use?

by drrayeye 13 days ago

Unlike commercial facilities, home kitchens can be personal as well as practical. Here are some things I love in mine: Small appliances: Vollrath mirage portable induction unit with elabor...

Does Anyone Make Domed Covers for Lodge Cast Iron Frying Pans?

by westes 4 months ago

Lodge has cast iron skillets in 8", 10.25" and 12" diameters. The domes for these are relatively flat, as shown in the photo attached. Does anyone make a domed cover for these skillets that woul...

Unlined copper pans: beneficial or just more cost effective?

by damiano 3 years ago

So, I have recently bought a Falk unlined copper jam pan - to the ridicule of some of my family and friends. :-) It is this one: http://www.falkcoppercookware.com/classical/28cm-copper-jam-pot/C...

All-clad Fusiontec - Made in Germany carbon steel enameled cookware

by ceasar2k6 1 month ago

I got these as a gift and just opened them up and have not used, but my initial impressions is well built, relatively heavy (similar to D5, but actually it's carbon steel, I believe), and have nice...

Claus - What Other Kitchen Appliances Do You Own?

by rei17 6 months ago

Hi Claus, we know you have an amazing array of top notch pots and pans. Also, knives ! What other kitchen appliances and brands do you have? Coffee/Expresso Maker ? Induction Top Cooking ? ...

Best Technique for Cleaning Cast Iron

by westes 2 months ago

Once you have a good seasoning on a cast iron pan - which is not so trivial to do well - what is the best way to get it clean between seasonings? I have been using salt and oil as a light abrasi...

Best Stainless Steel Dutch Ovens?

by westes 3 months ago

I am looking for a stainless steel dutch oven to use in the oven for roasting meats, mostly chicken. What are the characteristics such a dutch oven should have? I am guessing the stainless side...

What cookware is on your want list that is not available?

by ceasar2k6 5 months ago

This is more of a wish list of what cookware you want, and can't have as it's simply either not made or available. Feel free to also rant when a manufacturer discontinued something and you want it ...

What size pot do you choose to make food for your family?

by AlexBen 3 months ago

hi,guys I want to buy a set of stainless steel pots. I like Cristel strate, but I don't know what size pot I should buy to prepare food for a family of 5 people. My list is: 4 casserole, size 16...

Cast Iron Dutch oven for Smoking?

by soyena 2 months ago

Hi, I want to smoke really simple and not too much food, like 2pcs chicken legs or a piece of tofu. I have seen some stovetop smoker and I wonder if I can simply use my Dutch oven instead. If I do,...

Cast Iron Too Pudgy/Kludgy?

by kaleokahu 3 years ago

Is your kitchen sagging under metric tons of pretty cast iron? Are the carefully curated, meticulously color-matched dreadnoughts bowing you shelves and back? Do you rationalize to yourself and y...

ECI alternatives for braising

by Tom54321 4 months ago

Hello all, I've currently got a 24cm Staub ECI cocotte that is used a lot for braising/low and slow cooking on both the hob and in the oven. It's the only kind of pot that I've ever used for thi...

Trying to organize the kitchen, ECI & SS, am I missing essential items?

by newbiecook77 4 months ago

Hi I am minimizing my kitchen to quality, essential items after some years of a break from cooking. Everyone on this forum is so knowledgeable and passionate and I have spent days poring over the f...

All-clad Fusiotec (New - Line)

by ceasar2k6 6 months ago

Seems interesting... Heavy Steel Core: Distributes heat steadily and evenly; ideal for searing, browning, and braising. Convenient: Pouring rim for accurate drip free pouring. Oven and broiler...

Using a Dutch Oven for Bread Recipes That Don't Call For It

by tetraneutron 5 months ago

I've been baking a lot of sourdough and rye bread, and I bought a ceramic dutch oven and I get much better oven spring with it. But a lot of recipes just want you to bake it on a parchment, with we...

How tight should a crock pot lid fit?

by laredo 6 months ago

Yesterday I used my new Crock Pot (gift) for the first time. After I got the ingredients in the crock and had it going for a while, I noticed that the lid didn't seem to fit exactly right: I ...

New! Tall Staub Cocotte

by kaleokahu 6 months ago

For everyone who gets a cast iron thrill down their leg... The NEW! Staub tall cocotte. As low as $199! https://www.zwilling.com/us/staub-la-cocotte-5-qt-round-tall-cocotte-graphite-grey-12...

Lodge Blacklock dutch oven?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 6 months ago

Who has tried this dutch oven from Lodge? How does it compare to their classic dutch oven or other cast iron options? I find it odd they talk about moisture rings in the lid but, there are no pic...