Dutch Ovens

Dutch ovens are a cook's best friend, perfect for everything from stews to bread. Discuss the best brands, how to clean them, great Dutch oven recipes, and more with other savvy cooks.

Upgrading cookware All-Clad, Calphalon, Le Creuset?

by Briennewitt 5 days ago

I recently got married and am working through what to keep, what to return and what to buy. We originally registered ...


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Spring 2018 Deals & Delights Thread

by kaleokahu 2 months ago

The old thread is getting cumbersome. I'll go first: SLT is having a "Flash Sale" on All-Clad today. https://www...


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Best sellers on eBay/Etsy for copper cookware?

by Politiceaux 21 days ago

It's looking like it may be feasible to run a gas line to my new home, which wasn't the case previously. I'm excited ...


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A bit of copper decoration for the house?

by TJFRANCE 26 days ago

Some copper pots to clean to decorate the house. Are you coming to help me rub? lollllllllllll https://youtu.be/6...


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Your ultimate Rondeau? What would it be?

by CHSeifert 2 months ago

As title says, what would you consider to be the best Rondeau ? A Rondeau for me is a versatile sauté pan like pan...


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Cookware Small Talk - The Spring 2018 'Bird of Paradise' Edition

by damiano 2 months ago

Let's start a new thread. What is on your mind these days cookware people? Is it the Lacor paella pan you've been eye...


damiano commented 27 days ago

Who bakes bread in a saucier?

by Hiracer 1 month ago

Well, as I of tonight, I do. I have the hobby of milling older grains like Kamut, spelt, emmer, rye, farro, etc., ...


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Dutch Oven vs. Stockpot?

by arielleeve 7 years ago

I am currently in the [very gradual] process of replacing all my cheap cookware with high quality, built to last cook...


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US Made Cast Iron/Carbon Steel Company

by cast_iron_fan 1 month ago

Have you heard of Marquette Castings? Their website says they are based out of Michigan and they just launched their...


seefoo commented 1 month ago

How old is my cast iron Dutch oven?

by greygarious 8 years ago

I bought it around 40 yrs ago at a flea market - obviously used. The interior was well-seasoned but there was a litt...


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If you could only use cookware of one design philosophy, what would it be?

by Iluvcooking 2 months ago

It seems that within almost every post the same sub-discussions always happen: "Don't bother with X, Y is better....


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Hazan’s Ragu (Bolognese)—What cookware?

by Iluvcooking 2 months ago

She recommends using earthenware, ECI, or heavy bottomed pots. I don’t own any stove-safe earthenware. I could ha...


Iluvcooking commented 2 months ago

What Piece of Cookware Do You Use for Risotto?

by Iluvcooking 3 months ago

So, it has been proven time and again that you can make Risotto in almost anything from an aluminum skillet to an EC...


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Demeyere 28CM Dutch Oven - Use as Rondeau?

by rev0lving_d0or 2 months ago

Hi all - Assembling a collection of cookware to meet most of my needs with relatively few pieces. Can't rely on g...


damiano commented 2 months ago

Demeyere discontinuing Atlantis sauce pots

by lounytoon 6 months ago

I had my heart set on the Atlantis two handled sauce pots 3.5 and 5 qt for all purpose sauteing/steaming, etc. Sugge...


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Dutch oven gift help

by nararabbit 2 months ago

I currently work for a kitchen company and am leaving soon to go to school full time. I want to wrap up any last minu...


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