Dutch Ovens

Dutch ovens are a cook's best friend, perfect for everything from stews to bread. Discuss the best brands, how to clean them, great Dutch oven recipes, and more with other savvy cooks.

What to Do with Your New Dutch Oven

Did you score a Prime Day deal on a new Dutch oven this year? Congrats! Braise, boil, bake, and fry in the Dutch oven—the options are endless. Here’s what you need to know about your new favorite piece...

Convince me to keep my 28cm Le Creuset Dutch Oven

by mkqq 3 days ago

Ok I'm going to keep it no matter what, but after some objective and scientific consideration, I no longer see a practical need for it. I made Beef Bourguigon in my new 24cm 5.2L Atlantis, and i...

Fall and Winter Sales, Specials

by drrayeye 4 months ago

Here ae some opportunities to get us started: All Clad VIP seconds sale is going on right now. Looks interesting--but no spexcial bargains I noticed. Zwilling/Hencles has a Fall sale for Staub, ...

Fissler Pure Profi is now Fissler Original Profi

by am47 17 days ago

I'm not sure there's much more to say, apart from pointing out that there appears to be a fundamental change to the bases of the pans, as well. Specifically, they now appear to be chamfered alo...

Which rondeau to keep? De Buyer 28cm Affinity, or Fissler Original-Profi 28cm

by mkqq 27 days ago

I bought a De Buyer 28cm Affinity SS Rondeau off BOL.com. Only paid 100 EUR for it as I had a 100 EUR Giftcard. Has not arrived yet. Then what do you know.... The next day I picked up an used Fi...

New Santoku Knife

by olunia 3 months ago

Hello Everyone, Looking at purchasing a new Santoku kitchen knife and really like the Wüsthof knives and most of the knives that I own are from the Classic line. I'm ready to upgrade and am l...

Anyone from New Zealand here by any chance?

by mkqq 19 days ago

I'm wondering where to buy good quality stainless cookware in New Zealand for reasonable prices? Brands like Demeyere & AllClad cost more than double of European/American prices, I guess because of...

Falk 32cm Stew Pan

by lisinka1 25 days ago

I'm in the process of completing my Falk collection. Does anyone have the 32 cm stew pan? What are your thoughts about it (such as what creative ways do you use it)? I've found that with Falk co...

Hazan’s Ragu (Bolognese)—What cookware?

by Iluvcooking 4 years ago

She recommends using earthenware, ECI, or heavy bottomed pots. I don’t own any stove-safe earthenware. I could have used my ECI, but I just got my new m250 24cm sauté pan, so it is an excuse to...

Is Browning At Bottom of Enameled Cast Iron Permanent Damage?

by westes 1 month ago

When an enameled cast iron pot is overheated, and when the interior uses a white or light-colored enamel color, a brown stain forms. Is this permanent damage, due to the burning of the paint pigm...

Why does this inexpensive IKEA Stainless Pan not develop fond?

by mkqq 1 month ago

Hello all, I have this inexpensive (30 EUR) 28cm stainless steel Saute Pan (or Rondeau) from IKEA. It is fairly light weight with a disc bottom. https://www.ikea.com/nl/nl/p/ikea-365-hapjespa...

Would you pay $1000 for 1 piece of cookware?

by ceasar2k6 1 month ago

Assuming that it does everything you want/need and made out of perfect material to your exact requirements. I am not talking about a bespoke piece, but more a specific product in a size or color or...

What Are Reasons Enameled Cast Iron Cracks or Chips in Heat?

by westes 1 month ago

Most enameled cast iron pots come with warnings to not heat in the oven above 400F to 450F. Above that temperature, the paint will crack or chip. What is the basis for this limitation? One po...

Is Le Creuset Sauteuse Oven Being Discontinued?

by westes 1 month ago

I noticed that the Le Creuset Sauteuse Oven is being "discounted" online to about half the original price. Is the product being discontinued? Is the $180 price I am seeing for this considered a...

Why is enamel cast iron marketed as "non-stick"?

by mkqq 2 months ago

I don't understand why some manufacturers/websites say that enamelled cast iron is "non-stick", because to my understanding it is clearly not non-stick? I never have trouble with sticking with m...

10mm+ thick copper

by ceasar2k6 2 months ago

This is for sale on eBay. Looks delicious. seems to be 10mm or something... Hand made. Seller says it was bought at Neiman Marcus years ago.. I am not associated with the seller, just a fellow d...

Do professional chefs actually use Non-stick pans?

by mkqq 2 months ago

Just wondering if professional chefs actually use non-stick pans (Telfon, Ceramic) etc....? On Youtube I see chefs like Jamie Oliver using Tefal Pans, Gordon Ramsay using other non-stick pans, a...

Which is Better?

by olunia 2 months ago

Hello everyone, I want to try eggs in my stuffing for Christmas this year. The three recipes below all have eggs yet are a little different. I have used water chestnuts yet never nuts or f...

Williams Sonoma Oven Mitts

by cookingofjoy 2 months ago

My favorite oven mitts and potholders are from Williams Sonoma from maybe twelve years ago. The reviews for the current oven mitts and potholders are not so favorable (shrinking, thinner, falling a...

Cast aluminum cookware

by ar1338 2 months ago

I am wondering the properties of cast aluminum cookware. Particularly, you seem to see these pieces as an alternative to cast iron dutch ovens, though they also come in other shapes. Often, they ...

ECI max temp?

by ar1338 2 months ago

Anyone know the safe max temp to pre-heat an ECI pan? I wonder if ECI can substitute for CI for searing steak, or the enamel will craze or chip with repeated exposure to high heat. I found one on...