Dutch Ovens

Dutch ovens are a cook's best friend, perfect for everything from stews to bread. Discuss the best brands, how to clean them, great Dutch oven recipes, and more with other savvy cooks.

What to Do with Your New Dutch Oven

Did you score a Prime Day deal on a new Dutch oven this year? Congrats! Braise, boil, bake, and fry in the Dutch oven—the options are endless. Here’s what you need to know about your new favorite piece...

Let's celebrate autumn: take out your enameled cast iron cookware!

by damiano 10 days ago

So, after a hiatus of 6 months, today I took out my Le Creuset cast iron dutch oven and made a wonderful lamb stew. Recipe by Penelope Casas. Boy, have I missed my Le Creuset! Who else has been...

Summer 2020 Cookware Deals

by jankdc 4 months ago

Since it is officially summer, I thought to start a new thread. There are still active deals in the Spring 2020 thread.

Which pans do you keep around but rarely use?

by CHSeifert 3 months ago

Lee inspired me to make this thread. I wonder what pans you still keep in your arsenal, but never or very rarely actually use for cooking? I have a heck of a lot of pans, so for those of us ...

Fun with the 40cm Rondeau

by ceasar2k6 18 days ago

About 6 weeks ago, I finally grabbed the rondeau from E.Dihellerin. Finally, today, I found the time to use it. I made a large batch of bolognese, so hopefully last over the next few month :). I...

Jacques Pepin’s cookware

by damiano 1 month ago

So, with all the attention being given to Jacques Pepin’s knives, here is what I’ve just encountered on my fb wall. Who can identify what pans he has?

Tri-ply Soup / Stew Pot with 8.5+ QT Size

by ceasar2k6 21 days ago

I sold bunch of my 8qt soup pots... 4 total...mostly because they are a bit small. Don't worry, I still have 3-4 others 6-8qt's... But, I wanted one that's larger...ideally 10-12 quarts, 3 ply or ...

5 qt Le Creuset Braiser/shallow casserole

by starzzz 20 days ago

Hi There The Le Creuset 5qt or 32cm braiser/shallow casserole appears to be hard to find and/or limited to only certain countries. Appreciate any suggestions online retailers who may have them, ...

Can a metal 3-Ply Clad Dutch oven withstand high oven temps?

by soccermom13 1 month ago

My daughter's husband is in the military and was transferred to a new location. It has taken them much longer to find a home to purchase than they expected and they are currently living in an Airb...

Le Creuset Quality--Going Downhill?

by droolingdoggie 2 months ago

Hello: I bought a saute pan during the Le Creuset Factory-to-Table sale in mid-August, directly from the company's website. The outside of the pan looks fine, but there are plenty of needle-poi...

Barkeeper's Friend Left Streaks on Le Creuset

by mrspock 2 months ago

Hello. I took some advice to clean my Le Creuset pan with Barkeeper's Friend and not only did it not really work, it left unsightly streak marks which so far are not removable. Has this happened to...

20+ years Dutch oven 6-7 qt made in France 31 - No name

by mollymac9 2 months ago

I am trying to determine the maker of this dutch oven. I've owned it about 20 years. The only writing on the lid and bottom is Made in France 31. I've done an image search, but NONE have the same c...

Copper pot lining - tin, nickel or stainless?

by Konuku 2 months ago

I know people have asked about their pot's lining on this forum so I hope you can help. I am a copper pot novice. This is literally my first copper pot! I bought it from a flea market in France yes...

Help finding a big (32-36cm) rondeau

by SheikYabouti 2 months ago

I’ve spent many hours reading this forum over the last couple of weeks and have purchased some Demeyere and Mauviel pieces based on what I learnt. Next I’m looking for a big rondeau but I can’t see...

Ever bought a pan / cookware product and regretted it?

by ceasar2k6 2 months ago

To me, various extra thick turners, If I can't get under a piece of fish and turn it, the turner is useless. I went through 8-10+ of them before finding one I like. I also had negative experienc...

What’s your most used pan?

by CHSeifert 3 months ago

My most used pan has always been a sauter pan in non stick. Why ? Because I use it for frittatta/egg cake every other week and use it at least once a week for reheating leftovers from the da...

This... has arrived...

by ceasar2k6 2 months ago

I was checking dehillerin website and they suddenly have fedex shipping for 55 euro from 208 euro for some other service. I quickly went and grabbed 36cm rondeau. I then get email next day saying t...

Where do you buy your cookware?

by ceasar2k6 3 months ago

Besides many amazon sites, where else do you typically shop? I bought few pieces from Sur La Table before, and few from restaurant supply stores. However, when it comes to used cookware (vintage). ...

Cost, search for the right Rondeau and other musings

by ceasar2k6 3 months ago

This post maybe a bit jumpy in topics, but I wanted to share my journey in the last month. Much of it was reading and research, other part was guessing, doubting, and asking questions. I hoped t...

Induction capable Wok and Rondaeu/OR/Dutch Oven

by powersquad 3 months ago

Hello everyone. We are moving into our new home in New Zealand very shortly and we went with a 5 zone Electrolux induction hob that outputs a lot of power in at least 3 zones without using any boos...

Replacing my cookware

by PRF79 3 months ago

Hello. I'm doing a much needed upgrade on my cookware, and I was hoping for some advice. Mostly I cook for two, though we occasionally entertain some guests (2, 4 at most). When entertaining I alwa...