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Dutch ovens are a cook's best friend, perfect for everything from stews to bread. Discuss the best brands, how to clean them, great Dutch oven recipes, and more with other savvy cooks.

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Le Creuset or Staub?

by JennyJenkins 3 days ago

Just renovated our kitchen as a 30th anniversary present to ourselves and now it's time to say goodbye to the Calphal...

drrayeye commented 7 hours ago

What colour to get - Le Creuset dutch ovens :-)

by CHSeifert 2 days ago

Yes, I know, not the most necessary thread in the world - what colour Le Creuset Dutch oven to get, What a bland qu...

kaleokahu commented 7 hours ago

Handblender recommendation for use in Le Creuset Dutch Oven?

by CHSeifert 2 days ago

Need recommendations for a hand blender with a protective plastic head. I will use the blender for my soups made ...

drrayeye commented 1 day ago

Le Creuset Lid in Oven at 450 degrees??

by megmosa 9 years ago

I bought Elizabeth Yarnell's Miraculous One-Pot Meals and a Le Creuset dutch oven. She sells my model--which has a p...

mikie commented 4 days ago

2017 Spring Cookware Deals

by Libranflight 4 months ago

Did someone already start a new 2017 thread? I could not locate one, please let me know if this is a double........ ...


Libranflight commented 19 days ago

What's the right size & shape Staub Dutch Oven for me?

by philly888 7 years ago

What's a good first Staub, and when's the best time to buy (i.e., do they go on sale? If so, when?) Here's what I wa...

drrayeye commented 1 month ago

Used/Vintage Le Creuset--Downside?

by HalliePM 4 years ago

I am poised to purchase two used Le Creuset dutch ovens (enamel over cast iron). They appear in good condition. One h...

DuffyH commented 2 months ago

Emile Henry stewpot/dutch oven black spots

by oldscoot68 2 months ago

I just started using my Emile Henry dutch oven and washed it. Ugly black spots came out, similar to grease, but not....

mikie commented 2 months ago

Dutch oven ID

by gbischoff3 2 months ago

I need help identifying this heat ring, no other identifying info besides an 8 on the bottom.


gbischoff3 commented 2 months ago

Strange Black Ash from Cast Iron Dutch Oven Pot

by lisaleira 3 months ago

Hello! I was excited to start doing some meat cooking in a cast iron dutch oven. I bought a Lodge cast iron dutch ...


lisaleira commented 2 months ago

Cast iron dutch oven spots!

by taryn_09 3 months ago

I just bought a brand new dutch oven. I properly washed, dried instantly, and seasoned it with crisco. Used it one ti...

rasputina commented 3 months ago

Copper Pots Tinning and Spots Inside

by TJFRANCE 10 months ago

You see a copper pot that was tinned 2 years ago. I used it for quite long in general cooking about 50 times. Alwa...

TJFRANCE commented 3 months ago

Can't get my Le Creuset interior clean

by krystinamarie 3 years ago

Hey there, Hoping that one of you lovely people can help me out! I have a 7.25 quart enameled Le Creuset Dutch oven....


jounipesonen commented 3 months ago

Baking Bread with Minimal Cookware for a Small Living Space

by weldlove 3 months ago

Hi everyone! I live in a very small apartment and I'm not able to have a ton of cookware if I want some organization ...

DuffyH commented 3 months ago

Origin and Form of "Dutch Oven"--Colonial Cookware

by kaleokahu 2 years ago

Since our previous thread that strayed into this fascinating topic is at risk of being pruned away and lost, I though...

paulj commented 3 months ago

How to clean Le Crueset dutch oven?

by shopwinedinefine 8 years ago

Looking for some tips on how to clean my dutch oven. I know that the cream coloured interior is supposed to acquire a...


weldlove commented 3 months ago

7-hour roast leg of lamb: need advice

by damiano 3 months ago

I've recently bought an old cook book by Patricia Wells - Bistro Cooking (1989). I've been pleasantly surprised by th...

hotoynoodle commented 3 months ago

Dutch Oven vs. Stockpot?

by arielleeve 6 years ago

I am currently in the [very gradual] process of replacing all my cheap cookware with high quality, built to last cook...

drrayeye commented 3 months ago

Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven 6.75 vs. 8 Quart Dimensions

by monicatotoro 4 months ago

Hello! I'm debating between the oval 6.75 and 8 quarts Dutch oven. Does anyone own these and have the dimensions o...

rasputina commented 4 months ago