Heading south? Ask our community for tips on where to eat and drink in Durham.


Outdoor seating, Durham/Chapel Hill?

by LulusMom 28 days ago

We're still not comfortable eating inside, and are looking for options with outdoor seating in Durham and Chapel Hill/Carrboro. Any suggestions? Things I know of: Vin Rouge, Venable Bistro, Akai...

Please help finalize itinerary for Durham (and some time in Raleigh)!

by indiefoodie 2 months ago

Hello, 4 of us will be visiting Durham in a few weeks. This'll be my first visit and the priority is to try stuff that Durham/Raleigh does well and NYC does not! Things like BBQ, southern food, b...

Convivio, in Durham

by jnwall 7 months ago

We had a delicious Easter Day lunch yesterday at Convivio, at 104 City Hall Plaza, in Durham. Our meal included charcuterie, salad with burrata, three different house-made pastas, plus servings of...

In search of taco trucks - Durham/Chapel Hill

by Panski 12 months ago

The pandemic hasn't stopped my taco craving. Unfortuantely our favorite spot is off limits for the duration; much two crowded and way too many customers going in without a mask. Has anyone been...

Chinese and Low Country Boil Restaurn in Durham

by burgeoningfoodie 10 months ago

I can't imagine this place being good or a destination to a lot of people... but it does exist.. https://www.crabsea.com/

Looking for a large amount of Poppy Seeds

by burgeoningfoodie 1 year ago

Does anyone know where I may be able to purchase a large amount of Poppy Seeds? I'm baking a bread that asks for at least a half a pound of Poppy Seed. I think the average size you get in the bak...

Greek Style Pizza

by burgeoningfoodie 1 year ago

I have a few New England (more specifically Massachusetts) relocated folks down here in the Triangle Area who have found memories of Greek Style Pizza(?) and would like to help them possibly locate...

Black Owned Businesses in North Carolina Triangle

by burgeoningfoodie 1 year ago

From the News & Observer...

Knife Sharpening in the Durham/CH

by Remsleep 1 year ago

With Kitchen Works and Southern Season both gone, where can one get one's knives sharpened? I do my own, but I have a bread knife that is no longer up to the task - I've been making a lot of sourdo...

COPA Durham

by ksbee 1 year ago

Just wanted to give a shout out to a local place during this time of pick-up/delivery only. TakeOut Central just added COPA to their Durham delivery zone. It is one of the restaurants I have been m...

Restaurants serving carry-out food in the Triangle during Coronavirus

by LulusMom 1 year ago

Those of us on this board love our restaurants. We can help them out now by getting carry-out, or buying gift certificates. Let's use this thread to let others know which places are open and servin...

Best part of the Triangle for everyday dining

by concordcourtney 1 year ago

Our family is considering moving to the Triangle from Charlotte for various reasons, but we're pretty flexible on where in the Triangle. We just need to be within about 45 minutes of RDU Airport. ...

Meat and Three Sides (but we just want the sides)

by soccermom13 1 year ago

DH and I will be in NC for a little vacation in early April. We especially like the three sides part of the equation in meat + 3 sides options. We are totally fine with holes-in-the wall as long ...

Rye Flour/Meal in the Triangle

by Remsleep 2 years ago

Having received excellent feedback on my first go at sourdough rye bread, I'm looking to branch out. Unfortunately, rye flour is hard to find and rye meal is so far non-extant. WF* and HT have Arro...

What are you looking to try in 2020?

by burgeoningfoodie 2 years ago

A new year and new places to try (even ones that haven't been created). For those that are still standing or imminent, what places in our area are you looking forward to trying? How about in the ...

Looking for Jan Pong--RTP area

by Panski 2 years ago

We were on our way home from Raleigh on a very rainy day and decided to warm up with a bowl of Jan Pong at China Express in Durham. Such horror to find the restaurant was permanently closed. We ...

To kowtow or to not kowtow

by burgeoningfoodie 2 years ago

My birthday is in October and extended family and I are going to be attending a matinee show in Durham during the latter part of the month. I've been told since it is near my birthday I get to cho...

Favorite Restaurants in Downtown Raleigh or Durham

by loves2cook82 2 years ago

Looking for a good place to go for a birthday dinner, just me and my husband. Used to be a fan of Poole's Diner, but I don't want to go somewhere I'll have to stand around waiting an hour for a tab...

Good Pancakes in Chapel Hill or Durham

Tom from Raleigh
by Tom from Raleigh 2 years ago

When I eat breakfast which is rarely, I get something with eggs and meat. My daughter wants to go out for pancakes, which is fine, but I don't know who in the area has good pancakes. Let's cross th...