Dungeness Crab

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Dungeness in PDX

by Justine 16 years ago

Where would you buy Dungeness crab in Portland (retail)? I have found there is quite a difference in taste from place to place and sometimes crab to crab but am seeking a place with consistently g...

Dungeness crab

by Expatriate Brit yearning for real flavour 16 years ago

Where can I buy Dungeness crab in Toronto? Preferably fresh dressed crab but, failing that, frozen, as long as I can get the dark and light meat separated. I'm tired of flavourless snowcrab! Thanks,

Outstanding Dungeness Crab Dip Recipes?

by Chowderhead 16 years ago

Just bought a pound of beautiful fresh dungeness crab meat for a dip, but the crab is so good (and pricey) that I feel my original epicurious.com recipe (includes cream cheese, sour cream and chedd...

Male vs. Female Dungeness Crab?

by I_Love_Oysters 16 years ago

Was in Chinatown buying live Dungeness for $2.60 per pound yesterday and noticed three people searching for female crabs. Is this a replenishment effort or are female crabs sweeter (as some che...

Dungeness Crab, Oysters, Clams

by Jambalaya 16 years ago

This is definitely a food related item and it applies only to the BC coast so I suspect this is the appropriate place to post. I will be boating on the sunshine coast next week for about 10 days a...

Live Dungeness Crabs

by jt 16 years ago

Anyone know where to get good live dungeness crabs and new zealand green lip mussels in DC metro area? Thanks.

Dungeness Crab at Golden Turtle Vietnamese Restaurant?

by Ann Chantal 16 years ago

I am an ex-SFer currently living in NYC and planning a visit in about two weeks to SF. I am bringing my significant other to SF (his first visit ever) and he has expressed an interest in tasting Du...

Dungeness crabs - flavor intensity varies?

by Jonathan King 17 years ago

I bought three live (and very frisky, but pretty small) Dungeness crabs from my nearby Ranch 99 market last night, steamed them in the usual way, and when they'd cooled down, ate 'em. (With some he...

Dungeness crab in the East Bay?

by Christine 17 years ago

Where is the best place to buy fresh live dungeness crab in the East Bay? Thanks!!

Dungeness crab dinner in SF

by pburton 17 years ago

I will be in SF for one night in January. Would love to over indulge in Dungeness crab that night. I would appreciate restaurant suggestions and your preference of preparation. Thnaks in advance.

Dungeness in Sacramento

by Karolyn 17 years ago

It's official, the crab season of 2002 has arrived. And it's a bountiful harvest - a buyers' market. The Asian Markets are over flowing with live crabs at prices starting at $2.99 a pound. I bou...

Dungeness Crab--Whither?

by mc michael 17 years ago

Read on a wine calendar that now is the time to have this on a crusty baguette with chardonnay. Say where?

Dungeness crab

by cancerMagister 17 years ago

Recommendations in Queens & Brooklyn. Thanks in advance.

dungeness crab in NYC??

by 2 slices 17 years ago

Anyone know where to find this, and how much it costs? Had it at Ping's on Mott, wasn't good at all. Thx

Dungeness crab

by Delphine 17 years ago

We will be in town celebrating my husbands birthday from October 15 to October 18. Will we be there for Dungeness crab season? In case we are, where is the bet place to get some?

Dungeness Crab with Ginger and Scallion?

by df 17 years ago

Anyone know where you can get good Dungeness Crab in Chinatown? There used to be a place at 11 Mott that had spectacular "Barebuce Dungeness Crab" made with ginger and scallion. Unfortunately the...

Dungeness crab innards

by Tony Roder 18 years ago

The yellow innards of the boiled Dungeness crab (tomal?) are quite tasty by themselves -- although unappealing to many -- but I wonder whether anyone knows whether (and how) they are prepared for p...

Dungeness crab sushi?

by Leslie Brenner 18 years ago

Has anyone come across Dungeness crab served as sushi anywhere in the Bay Area? If so, I'd love to hear about it! Thanks in advance...

dungeness crabs $2.99/lb

by damon 18 years ago

i noticed that ranch 99 supermarket on the edge of albany and richmond has dungeness crab for $2.99 a pound.

dungeness crab this year?

by Wendy Lai 18 years ago

I think it's the season now and every year a few friends and I like to play tourist and go to Pier 39 and get ourselves some delicious dungeness crab. But I heard there is a strike going on for th...

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