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Dungeness Crab - mail order?

by crab 15 years ago

Does anyone know a good mail order source for Dungeness Crab (prefer uncooked)? Thanks!

Where to buy good dungeness crab in SF this weekend?

by jimimarley 15 years ago

Planning a late-season crabfest for this weekend and was wondering opinions on the best place to purchase dungeness crab in SF. Any and all opinions welcome.

Dungeness crab: Downtown: West Side

by Charlie 15 years ago

After reading about Dungeness crab in today's LA Times, I'm eager to know which restaurants serve them in Los Angeles. We'll eat anywhere between downtown and Santa Monica (north of the 10, south ...

Chinese-style Dungeness

by lqf 15 years ago

There's a recent post on restaurants serving western-style crab dishes. Where can the best Chinese preparations be had, and which are the dishes to order? Extra points for the East Bay.

Best Place for Dungeness? And any other recs for two days in SF

by claire 15 years ago

We're really excited to eat Dungeness crabs and will just as happily go to some hole in the wall wharfside if that's the best thing. No need to eat at the fanciest spot in town. Further, we're...

Live Dungeness Crab - $2.99/lb at 99 Ranch in Irvine

by elmomonster 15 years ago

Went to the 99 Ranch in Irvine at Jeffrey and Walnut and saw this special. If anyone is interested.

PPQ Dungeness Island or Thanh Long

by Malik 15 years ago

I have friends coming to visit from out of town, and was thinking of taking them to PPQ Dungeness Island or Thanh Long for dinner. Which of the two do you recommend? How do they compare on food, ...

dinner for 2 at PPQ Dungeness Island

by Windy 15 years ago

Last week I devoured my first real crab of the season, dragging a willing companion along to PPQ Dungeness Island for their dinner for 2 special. Although the crab was huge and juicy and succulent,...

Dungeness crab shopping in SF Chinatown

by Melanie Wong 15 years ago

Yesterday morning I did a quick tour of the handful of fish markets on Stockton St. to choose a couple live crabs to take to my parents. They ranged from $2.79 to $2.99 per pound, and as Gary So...

Dungeness Price Fluctuations in Monterey Bay

by Carb Lover 15 years ago

Well, I jumped on the Dungeness bandwagon on Fri. Purchased a couple of 2-pounders from a crabber at the Santa Cruz yacht harbor for $4/lb. A nearby business was selling them for $4.25/lb., while t...

Dungeness in Monterey?

by PolarBear 15 years ago

Heading over on Sunday for a few days. See several posts on the SF board, wondering if anyone knows if and where in the Monterey Bay area we might indulge?

dungeness crab?

by mtyf 15 years ago

Last year, being in San Francisco, Thanksgiving time marked the beginning of the wondrous dungeness crab season up there - at times they could be found at 99 ranch market for less than $2/lb. Is i...

Dungeness crabs in Oakland Chinatown

by anli 15 years ago

I was lucky enough to find a decent parking spot right on 9th Street, so had an hour to wander at noon today. I went to my favorite place for takeout fried stuffed tofu (Sun Hing on 8th and Webste...

Restaurants in Oakland with Dungeness on the menu?

by susancinsf 15 years ago

There is a post below about Oakland Chinatown, but it is really about buying to cook at home. Indeed, I often cook my crab at home, but I owe my daughter a dinner out and she would love to have cra...

dungeness crab recipes?

by thejulia 15 years ago

dungeness crab season has arrived on the west coast. does anyone have good recipes?

First dungeness sighting -- Chinatown

by Gary Soup 15 years ago

At 7:30 this AM, a big bin of pugnacious dungeness crabs was being off-loaded from a pickup truck for Sun Duck Market (Stockton & Jackson). At casual glance, they seemed not the biggest (perhaps 1...

Fresh Dungeness Crab in SF Restos?

by VivreManger 15 years ago

I believe that local Dungeness crab is now in season in the Bay Area. Would Harbor Village for instance offer any fresh Dungeness crab dishes at lunch? Any other spots likely to feature it and pr...

Best fish market in SF for buying live dungeness crab

by Jennifer 16 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good fish market for live Dungeness crab in the city of San Francisco?

Dungeness Crab - Boiled or Steamed?

by TomSwift 16 years ago

I'll be serving cracked Dungeness on ice this weekend and for this dish I've always steamed the crabs, never boiled. Should I boil them instead, will they be moister? Or does it not make a differ...

best Dungeness lunch in Seattle's ID?

by cynbad 16 years ago

Have a friend coming to town who's interested in trying our great Dungeness crab, schedule permits only a lunchtime experience. I was thinking the ID would be a treat, just wondering about recommen...

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