The Perfect Peking Duck Takes Days to Make

There’s more than one way to roast a duck. That's not an expression, but it is true. And of the many ways to roast a duck, there must then be a best way. There is. It’s technical, it’s complicated...

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chinese duck in vsl

by remdog99 5 years ago

Anyone know where I can get a decent chinese roasted duck in or near ville st-laurent?

Looking for Photo Essay on Peking Duck Meal

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 6 years ago

Very strange. I've been googling and googling, but I can't find a single quality photo essay covering the steps of an authentic Peking Duck meal. I even tried "Beijing Duck". There's got to be o...

duck with flambe bing cherry sauce long island

by steve631 6 years ago

I am looking for a French restaurant that serves this retro dish, preferably on long island or NYC, for a birthday for an old friend.

Who will slaughter and prep a live duck?

by pauliface 6 years ago

So... we have been raising ducks and two of them have become problem ducks. Noise throughout the night that is bothering our neighbors. We are trying to decide between finding them a new home a...

What dish is this called that I vaguely remember from a movie?

by stratford 6 years ago

It was featured in the movie Tampopo. In it, there was an elderly man at what looked like a Chinese restaurant. It shows him assembling what looked like pork pieces and strips of veggie in what ...

Crispy Duck (UK style)

by RebeccaSoBe 6 years ago

Can anyone recommend a restaurant that serves Chinese Crispy Shredded Duck in the same manner that we get it in Chinese restaurants in the UK? Description from another post in another city: Cri...

Beijing Duck House (Cupertino)

by FattyDumplin 7 years ago

Oh God, I love this place. I'm always sceptical of Peking Duck and am very picky... thin fat layer, crispy fragrant skin, thin pancakes, and a good soup. I finally tried this place and I will de...

Duck legs dry-brined, now what?

by dordogne 7 years ago

I'm preparing Fergus Henderson's simple, sublime preparation of duck legs on a bed of carrots but decided to brine the legs first (which the recipe does not require) to ensure crispy skin. Four ta...

cooking frozen duck breasts rare

by borisabrams 6 years ago

Hi, I found two duck breasts (of the bone, skin on), in my freezer, that I think I brought around March time (2015). I have no idea what type of duck it is (is there a way to tell?). Does d...

Tea-smoked duck in SGV?

by jimverbose 12 years ago

As a backup to smoking ducks on my own, I'm wondering about tea-smoked ducks in the SGV area. I used to buy ducks at asian markets in Minneapolis, but I'm not well-versed in the asian markets ...

Crispy Aromatic Duck - Montreal

by LeeRocks 6 years ago

Hi guys, I'm a Brit living in the West Island of Montreal and have a bugger of a craving for what we call in the UK as 'Crispy Aromatic Duck'. It's shredded crispy duck accompanied by thin panca...

Chinatown cheap eats [San Francisco]

by Melanie Wong 21 years ago

Here's my list of favorites for a quick and inexpensive meal in San Francisco Chinatown. "Downhill" and close to the Financial District for a fast lunch: Golden Star Vietnamese Restaurant -...

Recipe for Salted Duck Eggs

by rinkatink888 6 years ago

Some of you had posted about finding salted duck eggs but was unable to find any raw ones, so I thought I shared this with you. Before they were banned, I had purchased many raw duck eggs in the...

Quack for it - Best Peking/Beijing Duck in MoCo

by Super_Salad 6 years ago

Meeting friends for peking duck on Thursday night in Montgomery County. Obvi the BEST duck in the area is to be found in Northern Virginia but that's a no-go for some of us on a weeknight. Any re...

Duck legs

by herbrick 9 years ago

Hanging out in Vancouver for a few days and so far my search for duck legs has come up emtpy. Lots of whole ducks but I just want the legs. Tried T&T and a few other chinese markets but no luck. An...

Duck Bacon

by andy deridge 6 years ago

Looking for duck bacon. I am looking for a pastured duck and duck bacon. Preferably in the North Bay but I will travel within the Bay Area.


by Fab78 14 years ago

can someone tell me where to find duck in ontario, specifically, duck legs, duck breast(preferabbly magret), and duck fat. Thanks

Can you really use up duck fat?

by chowhormones 6 years ago

I live in France and I eat canned duck confit every 2-3 months. I love duck confit and to be honest I like the canned-version over restaurant-version, mainly because half the time restaurants don't...

What is *that* flavor in Chinese duck.

Yaqo Homo
by Yaqo Homo 6 years ago

90% of the time I order traditional duck (like the ducks they hang in windows or "Peking Duck") in a Chinese restaurant in NYC, I notice a very distinctive flavor or seasoning with a strong afterta...

Duck price?

by j8715 11 years ago

What is a fair price for a whole duck at a super market? Just plain ol' duck, not organic free range kosher rubbed with exotic oils by 70 virgins duck. I've never cooked one so I don't really w...

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