Duck Fat


Duck fat from Christmas evening - for how long can I store it ?

by CHSeifert 11 months ago

I made roasted duck on Christmas evening and forgot to use the essential duck fat. It has been stored in the fridge in a little ramekin since Thursday now. For how long can you store duck fat in ...

Buying rendered duck fat?

by aregularjoe 9 years ago

Need to buy some rendered duck fat. I know Dewar's has it but it its way overpriced. Any thoughts?

Duck Confit for four: proportions?

by mixtapepanda 2 years ago

I was feeling inspired specifically by Matty Matheson's "Cowboy Confit" but his recipe only calls for two duck legs, and particularly for my family, that's not going to feed four people. Is one per...

How to cook a duck?

by luisbravoavi76 2 years ago

Hey all, I dont have a lot of experience cooking duck. I have a 5.5 ish pound whole duck and Im not sure what the best way to cook it is. Should I roast it whole or cook it separately? I know whate...

How long will different fats last?

by bloodboy 4 years ago

I bought a pack of fats from Fatworks back in October of 2015. About a month after that purchase I had no choice but to leave the country. I have just returned last week and have a ton of bottles o...

Duck Fat

by Fritz 4 years ago

looking for a midtown store that carries Hudson Valley Fois Gras rendered duck fat.

Why duck fat but not chicken fat?

by CindyJ 9 years ago

It seems that so many recipes I see are singing the praises of duck fat, but, with the exception of some of my Jewish cooking cookbooks, I don't think I've ever seen a recipe that calls for using c...

How long can I leave my confit duck in its own fat for?

by stef75 4 years ago

Hi Please can anyone help me? i know its a old post and im not expecting a rely. I made some confit duck legs, salted then first then cooked in duck fat for a few hours till almost tender. I placed...

Rendered fat - does it last forever? (Storage)

by jen223 8 years ago

I have some jars of rendered fat in my refrigerator from various years: * store-bought duck fat used for confit, strained, stored back in fridge (2010/2011) * rendered duck fat (2012) * rendered...

Duck Fat Spray

by sj89559 5 years ago

First post! Found this forum awhile back and felt greedy because I have been taking o many recipes and tips but haven't been leaving any of my own :) My notable ingredient discovery for this post i...

Duck Fat

by marva40 5 years ago

Just roasted a duck.. low and slow and it came out perfectly crispy, however the duck fat is all brown (probably from the slow long cook time). Is it any good or should I discard it. I was sali...

How long can food be preserved in a cassoulet? Duck fat can't possibly last indefinitely?

by sugarcanejane 5 years ago

I am reading a book called The Matchmaker of Perigord. One of the characters is the custodian of a cassoulet his mother started 31 years before. While this worked as a great metaphor in the book,...

Grass Fed Tallow

by tzanghi 9 years ago

Anyone know where I can find grass-fed beef tallow either in the city or in South Jersey? On a side note, if you know where I can find any of the rarer animal fats(e.g., lamb tallow, duck fat)...

Where do you buy duck fat?

by alkylyou 13 years ago

i'm guessing surfas is one place, but is there anywhere else (westside/south bay adjacent) that carries decent, cheap duck fat? i'm guessing i don't need anything super high grade because i'm just...

Cassoulet recipe from NYTIMES

by Monica 6 years ago

Thanks to all the local ethnic markets, I can get all the ingredients needed for this cassoulet recipe from NY Times. Anyone attempted to make this version or any other versions of cassoulet? Is ...

What is It With All the Duck Fat Hype?

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

For years we have roasted and smoked ducks and i love the meat and the skin (crispy, after the fat is rendered).Ditto with goose. We collect the fat but, unless the duck or goose is smoked, the fat...

Home made potato chips

by sparkareno 6 years ago

I have some duck fat in a jar that is close to expiring...I think it is about 8 oz. I am having a couple friends over for a bbq in a couple weeks and thought I would make home made potato chips fri...


by Fab78 15 years ago

can someone tell me where to find duck in ontario, specifically, duck legs, duck breast(preferabbly magret), and duck fat. Thanks

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