Duck Egg


Precooked Salty Duck Eggs

by Carrera4 2 years ago

I recently purchased a dozen cooked salty duck eggs. Upon receipt, they were not packed in any dry ice. They were in a plastic carton and each egg was wrapped in a sealed red wrap. After opening...

Where to buy duck eggs in the SGV?

by Michelle 2 years ago

Hello hounds, While not allergic to them, I am extremely sensitive to chicken eggs and have removed them from my diet. It was suggested that I try duck eggs instead. Does anyone know where to ...

Winter duck eggs

by nycguy20011 4 years ago

Where in Manhattan can I buy duck eggs during the winter? My usual source at the farmer's market are gone for the season.

Where to buy good quality duck eggs?

by johndunn2 7 years ago

Does anyone have recommendations for a good spot to buy free range, organic duck eggs aside from farmer's markets? I am thinking about making the switch.

Can I use these preserved duck eggs? (need answer fast)

by essvee 5 years ago

They are over a year old, less than two years. Hoping one of the resident Chinese food experts can help me out. Thanks.

Duck Eggs in Vancouver ??

by intelguy 9 years ago

Hi fellows May I know where I can order or get fresh duck eggs for non commercial use ? I am just an amateur gourmet chef.

Zongzi with Salted Duck Egg

by chowchau 5 years ago

One of my favorite things to eat is Chinese zongzi with sticky rice, pork, peanut and salted duck egg. Does anyone know the Chinese characters that describe this? When I'm in Chinatown (usually ...

Home made mayonnaise

by bamasuz 5 years ago

I make a perfectly delicious pint of mayo about once a week....using a whole egg...not just the yolk. Should I adjust my recipe in any way if I use a duck egg .

Looking for duck eggs south florida

by oaklane1375 11 years ago

I recently moved to coral springs area and am looking for duck eggs for personal cooking. I used to get them at WholeFoods in NY. My online searching for farms and markets is at a loss. Any ideas!?

Favorite type of egg?

by jaylyn3907 6 years ago

I just made a 6 minute duck egg...It tastes amazing. What is your favorite type of egg to use?

So, I was given a couple dozen duck eggs . . . any ideas?

by RhonelyInsanediego 6 years ago

My go to has always been duck egg pasta. Very silky and creamy pasta noodles. Made it again last night. Best ever. But I'm looking for additional recipes/preparations to high light the "duck eg...

Can duck eggs be cracked and refrigerated?

by krissyafite 6 years ago

I cracked too many duck eggs and I put them in a container in tge frige. Ive done that before with chicken eggs. I plan to eat tgem tomorow, Is that safe?

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