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BBQ Rub Supply in Toronto?

by BeeRich 2 years ago

Hi folks. I'm looking for retail stores in the Toronto area that sells proper BBQ dry rubs. I know of David's, and ...

ChefWill2 commented 5 months ago

Uses for tomato stock and garlic stock

by Eris1 6 months ago

Confession time: I don't make my own stock. I would go broke if I bought the number of chickens it would require to ...

The_Libster commented 6 months ago

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Help with Rootbeer Pulled Pork/Seasoning

by BuffaloWing91 1 year ago

Happy Holidays all, So I'm doing pulled pork in a crock pot. I love preparing pork this way and always use a dry r...

Basic marinades and dry rubs for chicken breasts

by francescaNYC 9 years ago

So what are your basic, weeknight marinades and/or dry rubs for chicken breasts? I'm looking for simple and tasty fav...

alex9179 commented 2 years ago

What type of coffee to use for dry rub for tritip?

by geetergrim 3 years ago

I don't drink coffee regularly. I will be trying a coffee dry rub for a tritip this week. So when I go to the cof...


jjjrfoodie commented 3 years ago

your thoughts on this dry rub for shell steaks?

by smilingal 3 years ago

I plan on drying off the subprimal. Cutting into 1-11/2" steaks and laying them out on baking trays in fridge for abo...


fourunder commented 3 years ago

I need a dry rub recipe for wings I'm making tomorrow. Other ideas welcome.

by BurgerFriesAndCoke 3 years ago

Hubby is coming back into town from work tomorrow. He missed Father's Day so I want to celebrate it with him tomorrow...

girloftheworld commented 3 years ago

Ribs: Dry Rub vs Marinade...What say you?

by BurgerFriesAndCoke 4 years ago

What are the pros and cons of each for baby backs? Do you have a preference? Care to share experiences? Any feedba...


jpc8015 commented 4 years ago

Barbecue Sauce Recipes: Aunty likes Dry Rubs

by jennyjo 4 years ago

I am teaching my nephew how to cook. He is eighteen and I don't want him to starve to death. His mom doesn't like to ...


smtucker commented 4 years ago

Barbecue Sauce Recipe - Aunty JJ likes dry rub [reposted on Home Cooking]

by jennyjo 4 years ago

I am teaching my nephew how to cook. He is eighteen and I don't want him to starve to death. His mom doesn't like t...


jennyjo commented 4 years ago

I got a great deal on ribs...What else can I do with them besides regular old grilling,BBQ, and Dry Rub??

by SJ502 5 years ago

My local Kroger Had 2 HUGE packs of ribs marked down to $1.00 a pound due to a pricing error, so I bought them! So no...


fourunder commented 5 years ago

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Pork roast- looking for a great dry rub.

by dianne0712 5 years ago

I'm in the mood to make something more interest than just my usual roast. Restrictions are no sugar because I'm diabe...

Dry rubs for chicken/beef

by EmpireState 5 years ago

There are so many good recipes for dry rubs for grilling. My question is this: when you are making these to be used...

gotcholent commented 5 years ago

Fried Turkey - Brine? Dry rub? Injection? Or none of the above?

by cjogrady 6 years ago

I fried my turkeys for the first time last year, and they turned out amazing. We're getting ready to do it again, an...


Monch commented 6 years ago

Dry rub on a chicken

by bulkfull 6 years ago

I have a chicken in a brine right now that I will be cooking on a rotissary. My brine had sugar, maple syrup, spices...

flylice2x commented 6 years ago

Dry Rub Help

by mattwarner 6 years ago

Hello, I have a half-rack of ribs. I would like to have a dry rub recipe. I don't know what to combine. Ack. I ...


cocktailhour commented 6 years ago

Ribs: Can I put a dry rub on them and then freeze them?

by tearingmonkey 6 years ago

Pork ribs are on sale (more than half off) this weekend but I want them for next week and its a very busy weekend. Wi...

srsone commented 6 years ago

Dry rub -- screwed up. Too spicy

by Superbadcook 7 years ago

Please help. Made dry rub for pork tenderloin and put in way too much pepper. Added more brown sugar and white to no ...

Uncle Bob commented 7 years ago

Dry Rub Recipe

by Val55 10 years ago

Hi, I am looking for a dry rub I can put together now to take me through the summer. Something I can put on beer can...

Bryan Pepperseed commented 7 years ago

ISO Dry Rub for Pork Ribs

by mrs bacon 7 years ago

Does anyone have a good, basic Texas-style dry rub recipe for pork ribs? Thanks!

BobB commented 7 years ago