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Wine Glasses

by ChancesR 3 years ago

Several years ago, I used to be able to get really nice, and not too expensive wine glasses at the Edina Crate and Ba...


ConnieRetek commented 4 months ago

Need Help Identifying this Wine Glass

by golfgal94 4 months ago

Need help identifying this wine glass. It is one of many in my grandmother's set. There are no identifying marks on...


Indy 67 commented 4 months ago

Need help identifying stemware

by alofaiesu 6 months ago

Hi! My aunt bought two crystal stemware from an antique store. She would like more but we don't know who made them. D...

EatFoodGetMoney commented 6 months ago

Removing spots in glassware when hand dishwashing?

by Seitan 7 months ago

I don't have a dishwasher and wash all my dishes by hand. I recently bought some nice wine glasses and wanted to get ...

Jimonthebeach commented 7 months ago

In search of ISO glasses

by dubchild 9 months ago

Does anyone know of a store that sells these, hopefully, near downtown Toronto?


CocoTO commented 9 months ago

Can you buy the Spiegelau Superiore wine glasses in the U.S.?

by malebe 10 months ago

Hi, winelovers. I had some lovely crystal glasses made by Spiegelau, but it seems like maybe Riedel bought them and h...


MikeG commented 9 months ago

Restaurant Stemware - Do You Even Care?

by Bill Hunt 6 years ago

When I review a restaurant, it is very likely that I’ll be having wine(s) with my meal, and will also review the rest...


CTeater commented 10 months ago

Ice cubes made from stone - do these work?

by Sasha 12 years ago

I was looking in a Japanese magazine that featured cups and such made from stone. They were selling small ice-cubed s...


o2cui2i commented 11 months ago

Stemless wine glasses

by munchkin1 1 year ago

I bought 2 boxes and can't remember which is which. Are the short ones for red and the taller ones for white? I got s...

thegforceny commented 1 year ago

Advice on Wine Glasses Please

by Seitan 1 year ago

I don't entertain that often, and currently don't have any wine glasses. But if I were to get just two kinds of wine...


Maximilien commented 1 year ago

Cocktails & Spirits Be the first to comment

Ivy Mix Explains Cocktail Glassware for PBS's Idea Channel

by patsully 1 year ago

I thought they did a nice job explaining the basics of cocktail glassware, and it's always good to de-bunk the belief...

Those dishwasher safe wine glasses

by Monica 1 year ago

I see that there are a lot of dishwasher safe wine glasses these days. Where have i been?? But are they truly dishw...


JeremyEG commented 1 year ago

Wine Be the first to comment

Zalto Wine Glasses

by jon0001 1 year ago

Hi, I'm thinking about buying a set of Zalto wine glasses but I hate to spend so much money without trying them first...

Help identify glassware from around 1970

by JHJH 1 year ago

Can anyone identify the maker and pattern of the etched crystal wineglass in the attached photo - purchased around 1970.

phofiend commented 1 year ago

Any way to use commercial glassware racks in a home dishwasher?

by rheostaticsfan 3 years ago

I occasionally have big parties and have 100 or so wine glasses to wash. I'm thinking about storing them in commeric...


rheostaticsfan commented 2 years ago

Does anyone recognise this wine glass type?

by JohnHyde 2 years ago

A friend of mine has broken some of a set of wine glasses that are of sentimental value to her; Could anyone point me...

sunshine842 commented 2 years ago

Perfect Cocktail Glass

by Candy 2 years ago

My new issue of Palate magazine came the other day and in it was an ad and in it as a prop which was the perfect cock...


CaptCrunch commented 2 years ago

Poll: Favorite everyday glassware?

by BonBon79 2 years ago

So hounds, what are you drinking your water and wine out of on a daily basis? Are you happy with the quality of the ...


laraffinee commented 2 years ago

Need help identifying manufacturer of my crystal wine & water glasses

by MissSabrina 3 years ago

Hi there, I need help identifying the maker of these glasses...I received wine and water glasses for my wedding years...


grammavivi commented 2 years ago

Your fantasy place setting

by law_doc89 2 years ago

Eating is supposed to be fun, unless we live in pure subsistence. My fingers, and a hollowed gourd are enough for s...

DuffyH commented 2 years ago

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