Holiday Glassware Guide: The Essential Wine Glasses for Holiday Entertaining

When it comes to wine, the vessel matters. Consider your glassware when planning your Thanksgiving and winter holiday meals. If you have a set of Riedel stemware for each varietal—bravo. If not, stock...

Any way to use commercial glassware racks in a home dishwasher?

by rheostaticsfan 8 years ago

I occasionally have big parties and have 100 or so wine glasses to wash. I'm thinking about storing them in commerical glassware racks (inside pillowcases) between parties, and am wondering if the...

Help me identify this toasting flute!

by lindsayvh 2 years ago

Hi everyone! I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me identify the toasting flutes my husband and I were gifted at our wedding in 2015. The person who gave these to us I believe received...

Do you know the manufacturer?

by cregnault 3 years ago

We are looking to replace several of these glasses. But there are no markings on it to indicate the company that makes them. Any help would be much appreciated!

Ice cubes made from stone - do these work?

by Sasha 16 years ago

I was looking in a Japanese magazine that featured cups and such made from stone. They were selling small ice-cubed shape stones. A dozen for $30. The picture in the ad featured a cocktail with the...

Dinner and glassware that's unbreakable AND un-ugly

by Googs 3 years ago

I have a friend who, due to health reasons, is in need of plates and especially glasses that cannot be broken. I'd love to get them something that isn't embossed with Disney characters. Something...

More Unidentified Stemware

by ssshkazeg9 4 years ago

Please help me identify this stemware. I don't know what the manufacturer is, and would appreciate your help.

Need To Identify Stemware Manufacturer

by ssshkazeg9 4 years ago

I have a couple different sets of wine glasses, but do not know who the manufacturers are. If you can help me, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Where to find black wine glasses in Toronto?

by CuriousCat 4 years ago

I'm looking for blacked out wine glasses for a blind tasting... has anyone seen these at a brick & mortar store in Toronto? Ideally around $10 a stem, not looking for Riedel Sommelier level stuff. ...

Need help to identify glassware

by darren0307 4 years ago

Anyone know the manufacturer of this glass, it was given as a gift as pair. No markings but definitely seems like crystal? Thanks

Need help identifying manufacturer of my crystal wine & water glasses

by MissSabrina 8 years ago

Hi there, I need help identifying the maker of these glasses...I received wine and water glasses for my wedding years ago and I can not remember who makes them and would like to get other ones...an...

Wine Glasses

by ChancesR 7 years ago

Several years ago, I used to be able to get really nice, and not too expensive wine glasses at the Edina Crate and Barrel. While C&B still has nice Martini glasses, they've really slipped regardi...

Need Help Identifying this Wine Glass

by golfgal94 4 years ago

Need help identifying this wine glass. It is one of many in my grandmother's set. There are no identifying marks on the bottom. If anyone has any thoughts please respond. Thanks.

Need help identifying stemware

by alofaiesu 5 years ago

Hi! My aunt bought two crystal stemware from an antique store. She would like more but we don't know who made them. Does this look familiar to anybody? Sorry I loaded the picture in the comments...

Removing spots in glassware when hand dishwashing?

by Seitan 5 years ago

I don't have a dishwasher and wash all my dishes by hand. I recently bought some nice wine glasses and wanted to get them nice and sparkling clean for guests. But try as I might, I can't get seem t...

In search of ISO glasses

by dubchild 5 years ago

Does anyone know of a store that sells these, hopefully, near downtown Toronto?

Can you buy the Spiegelau Superiore wine glasses in the U.S.?

by malebe 5 years ago

Hi, winelovers. I had some lovely crystal glasses made by Spiegelau, but it seems like maybe Riedel bought them and have been limiting the glassware they sell in the U.S. so they don't compete with...

Restaurant Stemware - Do You Even Care?

Bill Hunt
by Bill Hunt 11 years ago

When I review a restaurant, it is very likely that I’ll be having wine(s) with my meal, and will also review the restaurant’s choice of stemware. In most cases, I feel that the choice of stemware w...

Stemless wine glasses

by munchkin1 5 years ago

I bought 2 boxes and can't remember which is which. Are the short ones for red and the taller ones for white? I got stemless as my parties can sometimes get raucous and they work well for other dri...

Advice on Wine Glasses Please

by Seitan 5 years ago

I don't entertain that often, and currently don't have any wine glasses. But if I were to get just two kinds of wine glasses, which two shapes/sizes would cover most of the reds and whites? I a...

Ivy Mix Explains Cocktail Glassware for PBS's Idea Channel

by patsully 5 years ago

I thought they did a nice job explaining the basics of cocktail glassware, and it's always good to de-bunk the belief that the masculinity of a drink is at all related to how it's served.