Dried Fruit

The Secrets to Fruitcake That Actually Tastes Good

Fruitcakes have become a holiday horror and a stale yuletide punchline, but they can actually be delicious! Ideally, you would have started yours back in August, but if you make one right now, it will...

Hoshigaki by Otow Orchard in Granite Bay

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

In January, I stayed an extra night after my meetings in Sacramento to have the chance to visit Otow Orchard. Driving east into a fierce rainstorm was not the smartest decision, yet I was still thr...

Pork tenderloin recipe from Bon Appetit October 1993

by RobinFeuer 3 years ago

Desperately in search of a recipe from Bon Appetit October 1993 on page 66 called Roast Pork Tenderloins with Fall Fruit Stuffing. Thanks! ... Robin

Dried Cherries Soaked in Grand Marnier

by poplife38 3 years ago

I soaked some left over sweetened dried cherries in Grand Marnier and don't know what to do with them! How can I use the cherries? How can I use the liquor? I'd prefer to cook/bake with them rather...

Dried Pomegranate Seeds: What to do with it?

by Caralien 10 years ago

We stopped at a local halal grocer to pick up some lamb and came across dried pomegranate seeds (100g/$1.99). What do I do with them? Grind them up and sprinkle them on _____? Rehydrate and ad...

what do you do with dried strawberries?

by silvergirl 11 years ago

I'm head over heels in love with dried strawberries. (I'm sure my husband doesn't mind as I'm certain he loves cheese more than me anyway). I love Ina Garten's dried strawberry scones, but would ...

ISO: Whole dried bananas

by thegl 4 years ago

Has anyone come across whole dried bananas? I've bought them many many years ago in a Vietnamese grocery store in Hamiltion. Haven't found any in Toronto though. Attaching a picture of what a...

More about hoshigaki (Japanese dried persimmons)

by rworange 13 years ago

In the SF Chronicle there was an article about these massaged dried persimmons ... massaging them while they dry to - break up and give uniformity to the persimmon flesh - smooth the exterior so...

unsweetened dried cranberries?

by PhillyHorn 9 years ago

Hi Everyone! I really love dried cranberries, but they all seem so sweet to me. Have any of you ever encountered unsweetened (or even less-sweetened) dried cranberries? I realize they would be ...

brown dried apricots - can I do anything with them?

by AmyH 13 years ago

So I asked my husband to buy some dried apricots for my passover compote. Instead of bringing me the pretty orange packaged ones, he got some from the bins in the natural foods section of our groce...

Wherefore salted plums?

by tatamagouche 11 years ago

Holy crap. I bought a bag (dried). Ate one. I love salt. I lick salt. This was spittingly AWFUL. Not to mention hard. Are you supposed to rinse or macerate 'em first?

Brown, really dried fruit

by hudsonvlley 4 years ago

hi, I have some good dried fruit that has really aged. Last time, I made a compote with similar, it was brown. Folks left it at the potluck! What can I do with this perfectly good but for ...

ISO dried, pit-free sour cherries

by grayelf 4 years ago

Friend needs 'em and hasn't had any luck in N Van where she lives. We checked one of the big Persian marts this evening and no dice as well. I'm seeing her Monday so if there's a place near Kits or...

Is my taste weird?

by munchkin1 4 years ago

Craisins taste no different than raisins to me; and sun-dried tomatoes taste like prunes. Am I not getting something?

Apricot King, Hollister CA

Bob W
by Bob W 9 years ago

Has anyone ordered from this "wild" bunch of apricot growers? Their wares look outstanding. I am a sucker for chocolate-dipped dried fruit. http://www.apricotking.com./index.php

Favorite recipes with dried cherries

by OhioHound 6 years ago

Hi Hounds, I've accumulated a few too many bags of dried cherries after several trips to "that state up North" this summer. I've been using them in chicken salad and granola.. Any other favori...

Uses for unsweetened dried cranberries

by actrombone 4 years ago

I don't like how much sugar is added to dried cranberries so I bought a package whole unsweetened dried cranberries from WF. Turns out those things are SO BITTER...and not particularly appealing. ...

Dried apricot allergy?

by IndyGirl 5 years ago

My SO has a noticeable reaction to dried apricots. Not fresh ones, and not other dried fruit (which makes me think it's not the sulfur dioxide). He just had some the other day and right away his fa...

Can I adapt this pork roast with dried fruit to sous vide?

by allipalli 4 years ago

For an Oktoberfest potluck I plan to make Himmelreich from The Essential New York Times cookbook - a pork roast with dried apples, dried apricots, dried prunes and brown sugar that is roasted in a ...

What to do with delicious dried cherries?

by Babette 13 years ago

I have a large bage of exceptionally good dried cherries from Purcell Mountain Farms. These are moist with a deep rich flavor--great for eating straight, but there are a lot. Some dessert ideas...