Dress Codes

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Holiday Party Dress Codes

Dear Helena, Every December, I throw a fabulous holiday party. And I mean fabulous. I have an eight-foot tree. I make three kinds of cheese balls, and I decorate the entire house with...

Magnolias Valentine's Dress Code

by hannahleppard 3 years ago

Hi! i’m going to Magnolias in Charleston with my boyfriend on Valentine’s day. I would like to dress up with a dress and pretty black heels, i don’t want to look overdressed though... would I be ok...

Dress Code, for servers

by Dagney 3 years ago

Maybe I am being a prude.... We were having lunch today at a local casual diner. It's part of a local chain, but we had not visited this particular location before. One of the servers, who ...

Dress code at Quince?

Non Cognomina
by Non Cognomina 15 years ago

I got a last minute invite to dinner at Quince tomorrow night. I need to know if there is a dress code (ie are gentlemen required to wear jackets?). I live in the North Bay and will be leaving fo...

Dress code in Portland Restaurants

by Texanbychoice 4 years ago

My wife and I are going to be in Portland next month and we know to plan for rain and cooler temps than what we are used to. What my wife wants to know is how dressed up we need to get for places ...

What do I wear when taking my college sweetheart out on the town?

by hychka 5 years ago

Dr Talbot recently made a comment about hoodies and dark glasses on rock stars in 3*; and, my wife got after me just this pm to sharpen up my wardrobe for fifty days in France. I know what to wear ...

Commanders- Dress code

by ellkayem 5 years ago

How strict is the dress code during the day - my group is still deciding if we are going to make reservations for weekday lunch or weekend brunch?

Delicate etiquette

by mbfant 5 years ago

Last night, in a newish and casual restaurant (not a bar, club, dive, etc.) in Manhattan, I found myself in direct line of sight of another patron's rear cleavage. (Does anyone doubt that this was ...

Dress code

by anndillman 5 years ago

Going to Oriole next week. Website states dressy. Does that mean suit & tie or jacket or will dress pants and long sleeve shirt work?


by shoeman 6 years ago

Unsure of where to eat we stumbled into Patsy's as a last minute decision. It was about 8:30 pm during the week and the place was mostly empty. We were denied admission because I was wearing short...

Newport RI: Dress codes/Casual Seafood

by anotherjennifer 5 years ago

My husband and I are headed to Newport for a a couple of days before July 4th weekend (arriving Wednesday, leaving Friday). I'm hoping we miss the worst of the crowds. I'm reading here and Yelp and...

Toque! "dress code"

by gerbera 14 years ago

Hi, Looking to go to Toque! soon and was wondering what kind of clothing I should be wearing. I understand it's one of the top restos in Montreal and I don't want to go dressed looking like a ch...

Venice restaurant (Al Covo) dress code

by dma1250 6 years ago

Not to sound like a boorish American, but what is the dress code at places like Al Covo and alle Testiere? I don't plan on wearing shorts and a USA #1 T-Shirt (it is next week so I'd be very cold),...

Babbo Dress Code?

by gblcsw 6 years ago

Will be in NYC this week after a several year hiatus, so curious about restaurant dress codes. I know Babbo is billed as "smart casual" but not sure what that means...Slacks? Jeans? Advice appre...

Dressy restaurant in Seattle?

by paselkin 6 years ago

My father in law, a New Yorker, is coming to visit next week. His style expectations are very New York, in that he expects to go to dinner one night at a restaurant where a jacket is required. We t...

Annisa Dress Code?

by sw79 6 years ago

We have a Saturday 5:30 pm reservation to Annisa (early dinner before Radio City Christmas Spectacular). For those who have dined there, would I be out of place in nice jeans and a nice sweater/bl...

"Country club casual" dress code. What is it?

by Harters 6 years ago

I'm doing some restaurant research for a forthcoming trip to America and I've come across this dress code phrase. Now, I assume the country club must be an American thing as I've never come acro...

Dinner attire

by mujeresliebres 6 years ago

Hey guys, My fiance claims no restaurant in Portland requires guys to wear a jacket. I'd love to prove him wrong, but am suspecting this might be true. Any suggestions?

Arzak Dress Code?

by UtahGetMe2 6 years ago

We will be going to Arzak at the end of September and my wife and I were wondering what the normal dress code is. Specifically for men, are blazers / jackets the norm there or is a button down a...

Fresh Salt Old Saybrook

by javaandjazz 6 years ago

What's the dress code for Fresh Salt in Old Saybrook? Will nice shorts work for Saturday night or should we wear casual pants? I will probably want to eat inside since this is a birthday celebratio...

Dress Code/Clothes for lunch at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Paris?

by NitWit 6 years ago

We'll be going for lunch in a week as a party of 4: A teenager and 3 adults. For the teen we were thinking button down shirt, khakis, and dress shoes-would that be okay? And what should men and wom...