How to Use Your Instant Pot for Foolproof Pizza Dough

Have you even quarantined properly if you haven't embarked on a homemade bread project? It seems everyone I know has baked up banana bread, started a sourdough starter, or tackled the irresistible world...

Whats wrong with my tart crust?

by cgxy96 22 days ago

I followed the below recipe but my tart came out like that. The only difference was that I was impatient for the ice cube to melt to water so I folded it into my tart dough until it melted. Does my...

Shrinking pizza dough... help!

by davisesq212 5 months ago

Every single time I use store bought pizza dough (from anywhere) my dough shrinks. I have tried leaving it out at room temp for various amounts of time but NOTHING helps. I like the dough for conv...

Butternut squash ravioli problems

by mushroomaffairs 11 months ago

I made this ravioli last night with browned butter sage sauce but I had a lot of problems with the pasta. I followed the video below because it seemed to me the most simple and basic whereas other...

Pepperoni Balls in Erie PA - Recipe?

by kevincox 7 years ago

The amazing thing about the internet is that a question asked 12 years ago on the Chowhound board is still a point of discussion today. As such, the question of How to Make Pepperoni Balls the way ...

Kitchenaid dough hook not reaching bottom of bowl

by somervilleoldtimer 4 years ago

I am generally happy with my Kitchenaide mixer. But today I mixed up a batch of sweet roll dough using the dough hook and 10 cups of flour. I added the milk/butter/egg mixture to the flour/sugar ...

Wheat Starch?

by Candy 13 years ago

I am trying to make a dough for a Chinese dumpling and the dough calls for wheat starch. I cannot find anything with that label. Seems like everything but. Bloomington is pretty diverse and I am s...

Gummy and dense bread

by SNJ17 1 year ago

Hi Everyone This is my first post here. Although, I've been baking breads for quite some time now, but I face a constant issue of bread coming out as dense. I tried changing flours, moving between...

what to do with dough that didn't rise?

by smartstart 13 years ago

Do I really need to trash the dough? I hate to waste food, but I have two unbaked loaves of bread that I clearly made with dud yeast (I didn't proof it beforehand; lesson learned.); they're cold l...

Looking for Ledos PIzza dough recipe

by MDicecreamguy 9 years ago

Would anyone have access to Ledo's Pizza dough recipe...or any ideas how to improvise a regular pizza dough recipe to make it more "pastry like" ?

Please help me re-purpose some not-great ricotta dumpling dough

by small h 2 years ago

I made a New York Times recipe for ricotta dumplings - 1 egg, 1 c ricotta, 1/3 c flour - that turned out less than stellar. I've got about half the un-boiled dough left (I decided to cut my losses)...

What if bread-roll doughs are baked at high temp like no knead country bread?

by fougasse 2 years ago

I haven't experimented it yet, but came here before I do ;-). Usually one makes bread rolls by mixing flour with yeast, butter/oil, egg, milk, sugar/honey, etc. and bake them in 350-375F, whereas ...

Bread w/ big holes... punch down the dough or not?

by fougasse 2 years ago

I see people punching down the dough that had risen which removes the air bubbles. I thought that's undesirable and makes the bread too dense and without the nice big holes? I was always very caref...

Has anyone you know ever actually gotten sick from eating raw cookie dough? [moved from Home Cooking]

by rhumphrey205 9 years ago

I'm just curious because multiple friends & I have had this discussion. Now, it can't be "oh, I ate the entire thing and got sick" or "yeah, but I ate chicken salad that sat out earlier" or somethi...

Fresh Semolina Pasta (Orichette, etc.): Dry Before Cooking?

by twothumbswayup 3 years ago

Hello! For semolina & water-based pasta doughs for shapes like orichette and cavatelli, can I cook immediately after making? Should I dry it out for 30mins or so first? Should I dry it out longe...

Quickly Pizza

by TimIgor88 4 years ago

This is my go-to pizza crust and pizza sauce recipe for whenever I want a homemade pizza quick! It never fails me and works out great on busy weeknights. I try different homemade pizza crusts al...

bread -- long rise, but how long is too long?

by lafarrell 9 years ago

I've been making (and experimenting a bit) with the Bittman/Sullivan St bakery no knead bread recipe. I made a batch of dough two days ago, which I intended to let rise at room temperature for 18 h...

Homemade spring roll wrappers drying out after filling

by vjtaylor 4 years ago

I made these Shanghai spring roll wrappers (which were SO much fun to make - video at the link!) yesterday, wrapping the stack in a damp dish towel and plastic wrap, then into fridge. I filled them...

Bought a Hobart Kitchen Aid 4C Stand Mixer on eBay - was it a mistake?

by greygarious 11 years ago

My fault if it was, since I did not do any research before bidding on eBay. It came to just over $100 including shipping, and should arrive this week. It is a tilt-head model (harvest gold, which...

How to adjust dough measurement for larger pie pan?

by imanewbie 4 years ago

I am making a fruit tart. I've found the a crust recipe I like but it calls for a 9inch pan but my pan is 9.5 inches. I'm a total newbie at baking How can I adjust this recipe appropriately?...

Bread inprover and dough enhancer

by cesar27 4 years ago

Hello everyone I'm new to the site I'm trying to make some bread rolls and I mix bread improver and dough enhancer is it ok to mix and what ratio should be