Glazed, dipped, filled, and baked, donuts come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. Indulge in the versatile treat on June 2 (National Doughnut Day) or year-round for a delicious dessert and perfect partner to coffee.

Cocktail Doughnuts Should be the Star of Your Next Boozy Brunch

Doughnuts are one of the ultimate morning treats; cocktails one of the best evening rewards (or weekend brunch accompaniments). Why not combine both of these beautiful ideas? Introducing: boozy doughnuts...

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In search of a good donut...

by Melissa 19 years ago

I'm originally from Los Angeles, and now I'm a student at Stanford. There's a donut shop back home that has phenomenal glazed old-fashioned donuts. They're light and fluffy, not too cakey. I've ...

Alpha donuts best on east coast

by Glen 19 years ago

You guys are clueless! Alpha donuts is that precious little anachronism, working class neighborhood coffee shop, so authentic as to be beyond circumspection. For christs sake there aren't even se...

Alpha Donuts -- you gotta be kidding

by Alberts 19 years ago

Tried Alpha Donuts before a $4.00 matinee of Monster's Inc at the Sunnyside Cinema. Tasted like your typical donut cart donuts -- only not as good. Yep, I'm pretty sure I've had better donuts fro...

Best Apple Cider Cinnamon Donuts?

by Kate 19 years ago

I love a good heavy cake donut, especially the apple cider donuts that come out around this year, and of those, especially the ones with cinnamon sugar on top. Where can I find them without going ...

cider doughnuts

by tara 19 years ago

i checked out past threads on the msg board regarding cider doughnuts in nyc, but having not found conclusive answers, i thought i'd raise the issue again. and since they're in season now, i though...

East Boston Donut Treasure

by Heathen & Spells 19 years ago

Anyone else out there know about Betty Ann Food Shop in East boston ? (565 Bennington st., out past airport) Been there since 1931, easy to miss, looks more like a nondescipt store front then a bak...

Alpha Donut Wizard

by HLing 19 years ago

At 2:45 pm, I walked into Alpha Donut on Queens blvd at 46th street for the first time. A blond waitress was holding court as she takes care of the 4 or 5 customers at the counter, and a woman get...

Donuts in Tulsa

by jmc 19 years ago

There are more than a few good local bakeries out there, but my favorite is Charlie's Donuts on 53rd and Peoria. Open 24 hours a day, which is a real novelty here in Tulsa. Donuts are of course g...

Alfa Donuts?

by Jayask 19 years ago

I have seen discussions on this place, but would like the address and phone # if you have it. What type of dounts do they have? Are they the best donuts around? Are tehy open weedends? Thanks. The ...

The Best Jelly Doughnuts - Gone!

by Lila 19 years ago

It is with great sadness that I report that Alcazar French pastry shop on 1st ave at 10th Street is no longer. I had just recently discovered their doughnuts which they made every morning -- soft...

Berkeley donut memories

by Caitlin McGrath 19 years ago

In a wide-ranging donut discussion on the Outer Boroughs (NY) board, Melanie posted: "Caitlin, I bet you're the girl who can help me remember the donut place on Berkeley's northside. We used to g...

Jelly doughnuts

by Elicia Brown 20 years ago

Can anyone suggest a really good place for sufganiot in New York City? I am trying to find the information for an article in the Jewish Week.

Stan's Donuts

by Sweet Tooth 19 years ago

Forbes magazine claims that they're the best donuts in America. Agree?

doughnuts in Orlando/Titusville

by Jim Leff 22 years ago

Hi! Sick aunt of my friend Abigail desperately craves doughnuts in Orlando/Titusville area. Can anyone help? JIM

The Doughnut Plant

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

Anyone notice "The Doughnut Plant", an apparently wholesale/retail operation that recently opened on Grand St next to Kossar's? I saw it late one night (closed)...looked ok. And, being next to Koss...

Great donut shop in the South Bay?

by Julie 20 years ago

My personal favorite is a glazed buttermilk bar. Are there any donut shops that make an exceptional one?

Stardust Donuts-Imperial Beach San Diego

by David Jacobson 20 years ago

Out from NY for a friends wedding, staying in Coronado, we headed down Route 75 into Imperial Beach and discovered Stardust Donuts, a little donut shack on the highway run by an aging surfer/hippie...

Dunkin' Donuts Chocolate Covered Donut

by Lisa Z 20 years ago

Does anyone know what became of the chocolate covered donut? I'm talking about the cakey donut totally covered in dark chocolate, not the yeasty one with a sad ring of pale brown glaze on the top....

Krispy Kreme donuts

by nate647 20 years ago

Is there a krispy kreme in the san fransisco east bay area, specifically the tri-valley

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