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Donburi in downtown SF (split from Donburi on the Peninsula thread)

by RichInMV 14 years ago

This has me craving donburi too! But I'm in downtown SF - should we start a new thread, or does anyone have suggestions. I am right near Delica RF1 in the Ferry Building which is my usual "go to" J...

Looking for donburi on the Peninsula

by Chipotle 14 years ago

A recent mention of egg foo yung (in the "Americanized Chinese" post), followed by a mention of donburi, had me think: hey, where's a good place for donburi around here? I work on the Palo Alto/Mou...

Seeking a good, authentic Oyaku-donburi recipe!

by annb 15 years ago

when it's good, it's goooood.... please help me - a website, cookbook or paraphrase a recipe - thanks so much!

Donburi Don Don in Honolulu

by stuart 16 years ago

Has anyone been to Donburi Don Don in Honolulu? Is it any good? Donburi Don Don 1450 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96814

Oyako Donburi

by Carlywood 15 years ago

What's your favorite/best recipe? I'm looking for simple: just eggs, chicken and onions. Which is better: yellow or white onion? Dashi Vs. Chicken stock? Sake or no sake? Tips in general?...


by Brian C 16 years ago

Is there any place around Sawtelle Blvd that is known for having great katsudon or oyakodon? Thanks.

Donburi-Ya...what should I order next time?

by Julie 16 years ago

I've been to this place twice now and while I do not doubt that it has good food--given all the Japanese patrons--I haven't had good luck ordering there. (Full disclosure: I am not at all knowled...

Good Japanese Donburi and Noodle place

by John L. 16 years ago

I'm looking for a good Japanese restaurant that serves good, authentic donuri, soba and udon. The closer to Nolita the better. Honmura An is good, but doesn't do Donburi and I haven't heard good...

Help!Is there a restaurant called Donburi in theUES

by sw 16 years ago

Hi, I remember there's a really cute Japanese restaurant called Donburi on 82nd street between 2nd and 1st avenue. I thought it was called Donburi but I tried to do a search on it and I couldn't f...

ten-don/donburi recs in midtown west

by m00ncakes 18 years ago

I have a Post-It from months ago that says "Don Don Ya" with a note about donburi. But I don't have an address for this place and after searching on the boards, I haven't been able to find a posti...

Donburi in Westchester/Fairfield counties

by Trevor Sutton 18 years ago

California transplant currenlty living in Greenwich. I could really go for some Donburi (Unadon and Katsudon especially) but I don't know if any Japanese restaurants 'round here are down-home enoug...

Goma saba (sesame mackerel) ochazuke at Donburi-Ya

by Eric Eto 18 years ago

Had kind of a revelatory evening tonight. I'd been told by our intrepid hound Aki that Donburi-Ya serves a noteworthy ochazuke with mackerel sashimi. Ochazuke or tea-rice is somewhat of a Japanes...

The Absolute Best Ten-Don Donburi in Manhattan Please!!

by Jason 18 years ago

I went to Japan a few months ago and had a Ten-don (Tempura Shrimp over Rice in special sauce) that was absolutely fantastic. It had eggs in it and the soy sauce seemed to be perfectly sweet and ta...

Uni Donburi

by Lila 19 years ago

Where can I find a really delicate version of sea urchin and roe on rice?

Great donburi in the south bay (or peninsula)?

by Lily Lee 19 years ago

I'm currently on a donburi kick. I found a great place that makes katsu donburi out of chicken (not pork) called Bento Xpress in Milpitas (corner of N. Milpitas Blvd. and Calaveras Blvd., with ano...

Kitsune donburi and ebi donburi? (Seattle/Eastside)

by Phaedra 19 years ago

Does anyone know a Japanese restaurant in Seattle or Redmond/Bellevue that serves kitsune donburi and/or ebi donburi? These are two of my favorite donburi and I don't know where to get them aroun...

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